Rebekah S.

Rebekah S.


Well, not how I would have ended but life got in the way a bit in this short program. I am proud of accomplishing the distances I was able to complete. I never thought I would have been able to run that far. I plan to continue running and hope to get my husband back into the jump rope soon. Thanks for the words of encouragement along the way. I only wish I could have finished stronger than I did!


I am finally done with the fundraiser I have been working on for months. What a rewarding experience. We had a 5k as part of our event Friday so I ran it. I felt exhausted after a week of planning and setting up but my time was 4 minutes faster than when I normally run! I will get back on track this week and try to finish this program strong.


I have been busy planning a fundraiser that will kick-off Saturday. I have not had time to to my running since Friday. I am running in a 5k Friday for the event so at least I will have that done! I will be in London next week so I will do my best to run when possible and eat as compliant as possible. Will get back on track and be perfect after that to finish strong!


I've been behind in ticking off my exercise. I'm caught up after the big run.....Pushing though a gloomy, cloudy day...makes it hard to get motivated! Happy week to everyone!

Distance Run

I finally got to my 6.5k distance run today....I think running will never be easy for me but I pushed through until the end....I'm hoping by the end of this, I do feel more comfortable running longer distances. I've managed to run outdoors the last two runs and am more comfortable with that now. Anyone else feeling challenged??

A little bumpy

I've been cramming in my workouts again because Tuesday and Wednesday were holidays for my family. I am a day behind now but will try to catch up on an easy run day. Feel overall great and more alert since eating better. I look forward not feeling tired because I'm eating the wrong combinations of things. Hope everyone is having a great week. On to push through the rest of the week!

Feeling sore

I am happy to catch up so I don't have to do any more double workouts! My knees are pretty sore but hoping it will get easier. I am due for some new shoes, I think....Will look into those and see how I feel. Happy weekend!

Day 1/2

I'm back and glad for it!! I had to do day 1 and 2 together...I know not ideal but I didn't want to get behind everyone. I have been running on the treadmill until today. Running outside is much harder but I'm sure after a few more runs, I will be ok! Looking forward to a great few weeks!

We finally made it! 

I can't believe I am writing this, my final post!  I am soo proud of myself and all of us who made it to this point.  The way I eat, the way I exercise, everything has changed.  I coudn't be happier to continue my journey towards great health and fitness.  I'm looking forward to THIS summer.  I always felt pretty good but now I know that I look good and even more, that I'm healthy. :)  Thank you to all of you and the trainers at PCP.  I know we will always be connected by the amazing experience! 

Final days...

They final days are here and think we all pretty much feel close to the same as we did when we started....Workouts are tough, food is easy and manageable, feeling overall-ok!
So glad that this has become part of our lives.  Things do get busy and it makes it hard to fit everything in but, in the end, we keep going because it makes us feel good! (look good too!)  Enjoy these last few days everyone!


Feeling rather unmotivated! My weight is stuck and I'm finding it hard to get my exercise going today.... I know that day 90 is coming and I'm not close to where I want to be. My husband and I have discussed that we are not done after day 90 but I think I'm afraid I'm going to lose momentum and end up back where I started! :(


Well, all I have to say is I'm glad it's over!  I sent with a group of friends to stay the night at a lovely resort for 40th birthday celebration.  We went to a delicious place for dinner and enjoyed a beautiful dinner.  My stomach has been in pain ever since!  I feel sick, fat and nauseous, all at once!!!  I'm still feeling bad and on top of it...GRUMPY today!  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel back to normal.  UGH! 

Finally home!

The kids and I made it safely back to Jacksonville!  yay!  We have been home for 2 days and starting to feel better.  I have all my food that I've been  missing and feeling great!  It wasn't too hard to eat relatively well while away but nothing like we can do at home.  I am happy to be back!  I will get a new picture hopefully today! Hope everyone is feelng good! 

Where to begin...

We flew to Hk Friday morning to arrive there midnight Saturday night.  We checked into the airport hotel to get up at 4 am to fly to Shanghai....While still in the US, we received a phone call that our son was positive for Strep throat!  We were in NYC by that time so we decided to get some fever reducers and start antibiotics that we had gotten the day before...just in case!  Good thing!  Anyway, we have been in Shanghai since Sunday and I've been tending to my son ever since.  Jet lag, fever and throwing up is not the way I thought I would be spending my holiday.

 Today, we are leaving to go back to HK where both of my children will see their old pediatrician.  My daughter is now sick and I hoping she does not have strep as well!  I forgot to mention that while in HK before our flight to Shanghai, I sliced open my toe on the hotel room door and every time, until today, that I walked around it opened up again.

Needless to say, I have been 99 percent on the diet but not one minute of exercise between the last puke episode and fever!!! 

Tomorrow, my plan is to jump back onto the exercise bandwagon....I've got to get my children well so I can start enjoying my time here!! 

We have had intermittent internet service here so thankful we were able to get on today!  Maybe a picture will get up tonight or tomorrow.  

Hungry and tired

Ever since I got my protein and veg back for dinner...I've been hungry and tired!  Why is it that when I was eating an apple, egg white and milk, this wasn't an issue?  Am I just working harder so I'm feeling hungry?  GRRRR! :)  Anyone else feel this way?  On the other hand, I had a great workout today and manged to run for 30 minutes without stopping and felt strong!  I haven't run in probably 8 months to a year and it was easy.  What a great feeling!  So I'll stop now....ending on a positive note! Good night!

End of Week 4





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