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Had me a weekend

It started Friday, with some heavy barbell work. I went to the gym in Ryogoku where all the sumo wrestlers live and train and I was not disappointed.
Impressed myself with a 131kg squat 3x5 only to realize the dude next to me was BENCH PRESSING more than that.
Managed 65kg overhead press 3x5 nearly passed out doing three 150kg deadlifts.
Good way to be in peak shape Saturday morning for the GORUCK Christmas Light event. A silly sweater and several hundred kilos of rice to donate, a nice trip through Ginza being thronged by photo snappers, and then a pizza party followed by the Kenzai pizza throw down!
Sunday was a 15k Star Course race and yes my team won in 2:31.
Then there was...more eating and drinking.
A good start to the end of the year.


I am totally not creepy and just giving a shout out to Patricia S. aka IRON SISTER.

Three days to go girl GIT IT DONE!

Meanwhile I got me a fresh pair of Adidias Powerlift 3.1 kicks and they are so yellow I have to turn up the volume when listening to Spotify because my shoes are so loud they drown out the music.

My go-to protein has been SUSHI and STEAKS as we head into the year-end holiday party season.
Body weight is stabilizing up at 78kg after spending a long time in the low 70s; nice to rock that 8 handle and though I have lost the six-pack I am gaining on all my lifts, currently working:
squat 129kg
bench 69kg
press 65kg
deadlift 147kg

Loud shoes CLEARLY help.

Iron sister!

I had my suspicions when I saw you warm up with a jump rope. Then I oh-so-casually peaked at your phone When you were in the other squat rack loading up the barbell and saw that you are doing Iron.
Getting it done, sister!
I haven't gotten creepy enough to troll through the blogs and find you...yet. 😁
Anyway keep up the good work!

As for me, it was a high-intensity low-volume day, capped off with a nice single deadlift at 140kg:

Body weight is steadily going up. I'm at 77kg now and though the six-pack is hiding I'm keeping bodyfat under control...despite the obscene lunch I had today which started with Ocean Party, detoured into meat-n-carb with a side of Fry Yo Veggie, and crashed into a giant hot fudge sundae because DEADLIFTS.

Yes kids, you too can live the Kenzai Dream. Al you gotta do is DO THE WORK.

Thick McLarge Huge

Been diligently hitting the barbell, the pool, and the Halloween candy!

Today I weighed in at 77 kilos, and though the six-pack is shy, I'm clearly doing a good job in adding minimal fat as I put on muscle.

Started a new lifting cycle which I'll run until new years and then well figure out what to do in the new year after stuffing myself silly over the holidays.

Next spring and summer I have some hellacious events calendared including a 50miler in Kyoto...not entirely clear how to get ready for that other than choosing the best anti-inflammatory pain killer...

not drowned yet

Took a week off to go "work" in Singapore on some personal awesomeness (invested in this: and finally got back in the pool after a while off.
Coach was in A Mood and we did:
12x25 kick drills
4x25 freestyle drills and swim
4x25 breast stroke drills and swim
4x25 back stroke drills and swim
(1x50 freestyle breathing practice
2x50 freestyle SPRINTS
1x50 freestyle cool down) x 2

As always, no concept of pacing so I go all out on the sprints and cannot catch my breath in the 20 seconds before the next set, so I was utterly dying. I have a great strategy though:
* Curse repeatedly whilst fixing the goggles between sets; helps with breathing
* Swim FASTER every set; I get more and more tired so the faster I swim the sooner the set ENDS
To wit: did the next-to-last sprint in 48 seconds, and the final sprint in 45 seconds, giving myself an extra three seconds to curse and fix my goggles. WIN!

Also massive failure under the barbell; just got too heavy on everything (140kg squat, 70kg overhead press) so I am gonna deload from next week and work my way back up.
Maybe work on diet, too? What's this Kenzai Meal thing...?

the best laid plans...

Well, this WOULD have been the hesitant posting before a monster weekend of crushing back-to-back events; struggling under weight and pressure...but thanks to Typhoon #19, everything this weekend is cancelled.
So, instead I will eat pizza and then go to Singapore next week and eat lots of chicken rice.
When we are back in mid-October I will begin in ernst my I-hate-waking-up-early-when-it's-cold-and-dark whining, as I continue to attempt to get my presses (overhead and bench) up to my bodyweight, which is stabilized at a nicely meaty and still kinda four-packed-abs 75kg.
Thinking I can up the protein intake and try to push lean muscle up another kilo or two, try to keep carbs in check so I don't add to much bodyfat...but honestly going into winter it's never about the six-pack, it's about just keeping the routine of waking up and hitting the gym and surviving until y'all doing as we wallow into fall and winter?


Coach ran us through some standard warm-ups and drills in the pool, as usual: bunch of 50s* stroke drills (Fish you love it) and kick practice...then he decided we would learn butterfly.
I am calling it a moth since what I did was the ugly step-child of the beautiful buttterfly.
Amazingly, I sort of get it and coach actually had me stop mid-pool and start again so others could watch my "good form". Lol.
Here's my trick: don't even THINK about kicking, just try to keep elbows straight and not drown because bloody hell that is a tiring way to swim, especially when I suck at it. Coach was super happy though declaring "we have found your stroke!" Oh boy...

* From one end of the pool to the other is a "length", and in a 50m pool that is also one "lap" so usually a length = a lap, but not in a 25m pool where 2 lengths = 1 lap...except no one ever says length, so coach just says "lap" and he means "swim from this end of the pool to the other" and I am confused but I am calling them laps pool length be damned.
Also coach actually just says the distance he wants us to go, not the number of laps (lengths). So he will say "Eight times 50, two minute cycle, free-style drill there, free-style swim back. On the zero...GO" and I try not to drown for the next 16 minutes...


I mean I guess I shouldn't lol at others' misfortune, but:

And I love this from NYTimes (

Peloton bills itself as “an innovation company transforming the lives of people around the world.” The hope is that investors will focus more on that mission statement, and less on the fact that it lost $196 million in the last full year.

So far, it’s not working. Peloton started trading on Thursday and promptly fell 11 percent. Wall Street, it seems, is becoming less susceptible to the tech industry’s reality distortion field.

“Peloton is talking about delivering happiness and connecting people,” Mr. Galloway said. “No: You sell exercise equipment.”

Doing things

Rucked 25 miles overnight carrying 45lbs.
Overhead pressed 61kg.
Swam a bunch of 50m sprints after a ton of stroke drills.
Ate steak.

Gaping wound update

Successfully got stitches removed. Half healed half not...well it will close up eventually but it's still puffy and full of blood and tender and sore and not even remotely no lifting weights until at least Monday because anything requiring grip is no good.
That thing about listening to doctor's advice? Some day I'm gonna do that...

not the plan

When I was 9 years old, I fell playing four square at day camp, and tore a big flap of skin on my right palm that had to be stitched closed.
The following year, I got a cyst-like bump in the palm of my right hand.
Been there ever since. Doesn't hurt, just a lump of something in my hand for like, nearly four decades.
Brother told me it was clearly an alien implant / tracking device. I haven't paid it much mind, but recently it gets right in the way of a proper barbell grip, which is annoying.
I went to the hospital and they did an MRI; apparently it is a something just under the skin, and easily removed.
Had surgery two weeks ago to remove the implant...since then my phone's GPS signal is quite weak so clearly the aliens are pissed. And I have five stitches in the palm of my hand. Doctor's orders: don't get it wet, don't exercise, let the stitches heal.

SO, of course I continue swimming because, as we have already established, I am really not good at following directions.
Supposed to have the stitches out tomorrow...we shall see because honestly it really does not look like it's healing right.

If you want to see it, check out my instagram. I am not posting a link here because honestly it's pretty gross, so anyone motivated enough can make the effort.

Did 16km (10 miles) hiking up and down Mt Takao past weekend carrying a 30lb (13kg) ruck. In the 34C heat with 90% humidity. Did you miss the part where I make bad decisions?

Also a lovely hurricane came to say hello Sunday night and caused a great big mess in Tokyo and the general vicinity. And now it continues to be Too Hot. Ready for the damn autumn already!

lol health check

Got my yearly company-mandatory health-check results.
As always, I'm laugh-crying.
This year I got a "C1" rating, which is SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY.

Specifically the issues are:

At my height the ideal weight is...62 kilos. I weighed in at 71.6kg; nearly 10kg over!
Never mind the 15% body fat.

- Urine: excessive protein detected! High creatin detected! Almost slightly high HDL-C!
Never mind the perfectly normal blood-sugar levels and extremely low intra-organ fat.
You think all the massive amounts of protein I eat every day in an attempt to gain muscle has anything to do with it?

I love the complete lack of any details other than ANOMALY DETECTED SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE
Never mind blood pressure of 120/72 and a resting heart rate of 46.

FYI, for fun I checked my Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI;, which is a far more useful measure than BMI.
I have a normalized FFMI of 23, which is classified as "Advanced gym freak". Sounds about right.

What's your FFMI?

47th revolution

Around the sun. Yeah me. Aka Not Dead Yet.
Though if my kids keep it up they won't make it to see their next birthday.

Out in the boonies of Chiba glamping. Did a treetops adventure course. Very fun and very hot. Also lots of drinks by the pool and yelling at my kids.
And smores.

Fairly typical day.

Thick McLarge Huge

Uniqlo leggings. Not as awesome as lulu lemon, but also 1/10th the price.

Methinks the squat and deadlift routine is working?

End of Week 2





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