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Day 12
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making waves

You and your silly RULES tellin me how to get my serenity on!
Here's how I do it:
Sit on poolside lounge chair. Don't elevate butt. Back straight? Bro, it's a LOUNGE chair. Stair at the wall to avoid excess visual stimulation? Let's stare at the waving surface of the pool as Buoyant Australian Guy does his morning laps.
Eyes open and relaxed? Let’s go for squinting in the morning haze.
Yup, if zen meditation is a game of FourSquare I got all my tiles lined up DIAGONAL: Pretty. Sneaky. Sis.

Still winning on the breakfast. Other meals...well the Chinese Food is DAMN TASTY.
Also squats on a smith machine suck. SUCK.

Big Kenzai Reunion Dinner tonight so expect silly photos and possibly debauchery.

get my food on

Hong Kong. Hotel gym. Used ALL the plates on the bar. Staff was like “Can you put the weights down less noisily?” Uh no bruh it’s 125kg deadlift it doesn’t go down quietly...ended up pulling a yoga mat underneath it. Probably reduced noise at least a decibel or two.

Hotel breakfast win: 2 chicken sausage, three over easy eggs, all the veggies, one tiny fried prawn cake.


ANA international lounge, 7:30am, waiting for my flight to Hong Kong.
Great opportunity to people watch.
Now clearly there is some sample bias, but damn the number of people with a beer at 7:30am Sunday morning...?!
The food choices are Airport Lounge: fried fish, rice, noodles...heavy on the carbs and salt. I get it: practical to have sitting on buffet trays staying warm, easy to make in quantity, mass appeal comfort food Salty and Filling.
I mindfully had a couple pieces of fried fish, a small dabble of noodles, a couple of steamed dumplings. And coffee. Two coffees at this point.
And then I sat back to observe and judge, because what is the fun in impartial observation without making up stories about all these crazy people?
The two old ladies knocking back sake like it's the last water on earth and babbling about the merits of various grand children.
Italian lovers on their way home, staring deep into each other's eyes and sighing about the end of their romantic Japan vacation.
Important International Travelling Businesses Guy with laptop open to a packed Outlook schedule and overflowing inbox, phone on Skype chatting with Wife And Kids Who Miss Him...and side texts with Asian girlfriend who can't wait to see him again heart smiley heart smiley...
Gaggle of Japanese salarymen hunched over morning beers and bowls of udon, thrilled to be going to Exotic Asian Land of More Drinking.
Vegan dude struggling with attentive but powerless staff who is endearing to make his lounge experience the best but providing him with vegan options that extend only to: lettuce and sake.

The common theme seems to be: wanting something that maybe isn't there. Like having a desire for things to be different but no actual ability to change anything. That granny is powerless to get her grandson to want to be a doctor, the couple's romantic Asian holiday cannot in fact last forever, salarymen will indeed have to actually work on their trip not just sample local booze and food for five days.

I will try to keep this in mind when I try my sitting on the plane. I'll turn off my headphones and kick off my shows, rest my hands in my lap and just sit for a few minutes, letting whatever happens, happen...Maybe.
More likely: I'll have runaway thoughts about icecream and large clowns and the meetings lined up for this week and dinner with a bunch of Kenzai nutters...


So I have a REALLY nice cushion set at home, placed in the corner of my tatami room; a big round and a wide flat for underneath it.
Never use them. Never.
Fundamentally so unlikely I can ever sit still in my own home without being accosted by one of my four kids or have some pressing father/husband duty, so I don’t bother.

Instead I sit at the gym. Nice little corner of the stretch mats between the pillar and the windows. Basically dead space but enough room to sit. I use an air-filled rubbery thing to sit on, whose actual purpose completely escapes me. I don’t actually lean back on the concrete pillar, but it’s useful to check if I have my back straight or not.
I also sit full lotus because I can and always have. Blessed with decent hip flexibility I guess. Anyway I can go 25 minutes in full lotus before it is so excruciatingly painful that I have to whimper and switch legs. Usually I just have one leg fall asleep. Which is fine until I’m supposed to stand up and do “walking mediation”. But I don’t do that when I’m sitting alone so no problem.

So I got my yearly flu shot yesterday right after lunch.
Nurse was AMAZING; did not hurt one bit. Like seriously; didn't even feel it and then she was putting the band-aid on. Doctor said, like they always do "Don't exercise and take it easy for a day or two."
Yeah, sure. Swimming lesson that evening.
So by 5pm, my tricep is starting to hurt.
By 6pm my arm is SORE, like 100s-of-tricep-dips sore. So I email my swim coach and tell him I am taking it easy.
Instead I head home for a relaxing (NOT) evening meal at home and attempt to bathe the twins. Catch up on some emails, in bed by 10pm.
Up at 5am like always. WOW does my arm hurt. Well time to FORTIFY and get to the gym anyway.
Changed out, headphones in...and yeah this ain't happening. Stayed away from the squat rack and instead did 20 minutes chillaxed jogging on the treadmill and a bunch of deep stretching, then pulled up the cushion for some watch-my-breath zenning out.
Hungry. Stomach rumbling. Head rumbling. Arm hurts.
Hello, arm. Y U so OUCH?!
Breathy - smeathy...bloody arm hurts and sitting on cushion staring out the window at the slowly lightening Tokyo sky wasn't helping much. Well OK it wasn't making it WORSE, that's for sure. So maybe it's not so bad.
Still hungry, though.

do you MIND?!

So by way of full disclosure: I am a monk.

OK, technically not. I think in English we are called "Lay Monks"?
This is a relatively boring storing involving How I First Met Patrick, so sit back and enjoy:

About a decade ago I went on a 3-day Buddhist Zen retreat in the tea-covered hills outside of Japan.
Patrick was there. He sat peacefully and at ease, a picture of stoic relaxation.
I. Fucking. Hated. It.
Misery. Utter agony. To the Point that Patrick's first words to me were "Are you ok man?"
No, I was not ok. I literally could not sit still for more than five minutes.
The entire weekend was agony.
I came back again the year after. And the year after that.
For several years I had a love/hate relationship with my meditation practice; sometimes sitting daily for weeks on end. And then stopping for weeks or months.
Somewhere in there, about 2008 or so, I took "Jukai"; a traditional ceremony in which I committed to the precepts and noble truths and blah blah blah and got "named" Renkoku Doei.
This is the first step towards Full Transmission, whereby one is deemed worthy of the robes and get "ordained" as a "priest" (something I have not done and will likely never do.)

I have a friend who runs a newly founded monastery in the US midwest, and he issued a challenge at the beginning of the year to sit 20 minutes every day for an entire year: Challenge 365.
I have performed on this challenge anywhere between mediocre and laughable, but here we are in November and I am still nominally making the effort.

So, I am not "new" to meditation, but I still suck hard at it.
Hoping this program can help me get my head around some of this stuff, on a practical level. I mean, it really is JUST sitting. But also, it's not.

And of course, the opportunity to claim I am "on program" whilst actually not banging out jumps or smacking myself with my bands. BRILLIANT.


Is the English name of butakusa, the autumn pollinator that gives me runny nose watery eyes pounding headache joys. Combined with the seasonal dryness and my sore throat turns into a hacking cough. Good times.
My solution? HEAVY CHIN-UPS.

Fish citing

A wild Fish appeared


Squats and deadlifts and benches and presses and weighted chin ups. Carefully, starting with low weights, adding a little every time, keeping good form and engaging the hamstrings and interspersed with rehab leg work. Progress!

3-day WEAK end

My twins turned 2 this weekend. They FINALLY added “papa” to their vocabulary. Also added “Jiji” and “Baba” (grandpa and grandma) and doubled down on “NO!”
They use “please” a lot more though; signing it with a hand on the chest. But it is usually followed by a grab for whatever it is they want. Which is usually a wooden toy train held by the other twin.

Also met up for some yummy fish and food with fellow Kenzalizers. The meal was as compliant as it needed to be without cramping our hard party style. Life for Kenzai or Kenzai for life?!

Three day weekend so I hit the gym hard on Monday, rededicating myself to some basic iron work for three months: squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench, weighted chin-ups. The goal is upper body strength and not being bored. Also rehab on the wonky left hip. Also to lol hotness during the winter; something I never do.
Luckily the new job demands early morning discipline so as the weather gets colder and the mornings darker, hopefully I can stay motivated.

Food wise, busted out the monstrosity that is my Mom’s famous carbonara recipe. Eat. All. The. Carbs. My twins inhaled it and all my kids generally enjoy it. Had to warn my daughter off eating all the bacon and leaving her brother (coming home later from swim practice) with a bowl of baconless carbonara. Reckon she imagined the physical pain he would inflict on her and she stopped bacon sniping.

Managing to keep the gut in check and slowly pushing the weight on the bar higher each time. Up to 50k on the press, and 11.25k on the chin-ups. Working on chins not pull-ups for a while since chins use more arm, allowing me to pull heavier and put on some good muscle mass. Also I hate arm work so it’s a freebie bicep workout.

And of course I met this crazy dude in the gym abusing kettle bells and everyone says we look alike. Here’s a photo to prove it.


we might want to rename Sculpt to “Calves” because Lordy they are on fire. Last workout was brutal. Started ok, but then just kept grinding along until I could barely lift my heels. Good times!

This program was well timed with my much-needed hip rehab; the barre work went well with my rehab exercises to the point that it almost felt on purpose. Rehab coach said I showed great improvement in 3 weeks; the last 3 weeks of the program so that was proof right there it’s working.

Diet was meh, as always. At this point I’m so subconsciously dialed into the Kenzai Way I don’t think about it much. I think day by day I’m not so strict but over a week or two it all generally evens out. Photos show that I lost a bit of fluff around the tummy and definitely put on some leg definition. The strict requirements to take me to even lower body fat levels aren’t really my focus; wanted to get strong and heal.
And going forwards as we head into winter I’m going to focus on hitting the iron and building up my strength whilst keeping joint flexibility.

Thanks to my booty partners and I really wish everyone would join me in ranger panty photos!


Apparently the level of awesome in my gym has just approached infinity.

Oh plié-ze!

Sculpt, aka Calves On Fire.
Not a bad plié, from first position, methinks to meself.
Ego immediately smashed on the rocky shores of pulsed everything else. By the time I got to arabesques I was basically cooked. Good times.

As promised here is my rehab modified fire hydrant: 3 second hold up, side, down. Not sure which hurts more, the leg in the air or the supporting leg?

Sorry about the delay, photo up finally. Not noticing much change on the gluteus but definitely in calves and thighs. Expect ridiculously Ranger Panty final photos. You. Have. Been. Warned.

last week! last weak!

Ah the joy of the 3-day weekend, confounded by the joy of Gardening Leave, aka I got 99 Problems But a Job Ain't one of Them!
First of all, thank you to all them fools who spend time collating songs into such great Spotify collections. "Low Frequency" and "Weightlifting Workout" searches have resulted in some seriously magical finds, heavy on the TuPac and Eminem, crossed with 80s Big Hair Metal and the occasional 90s grunge throwback. I like music enough to listen to it but not enough to make the effort to actually make my own playlists, so: eternally grateful. Y'all da real pimps.

Now then, rehab works continues to melt bones and wring tears. I am definitely feeling improvement in my hip flexibility and strength. One more appointment later this week and then hopefully I am bloody done with the giggling tortures of Furuya-sensei. Will end nicely with Sculpt and then as I start the New Job Oct 1 I will slowly work my way back into Iron 3x / week (M, W, F) with swimming lessons Tu and Th and probably some lovely stretching and continued rehab on those days, too. As we slide in autumn and eventually winter I refocus on purely indoor exercise; don't like me the cold.

Gotta dial in the diet this last week, perk that butt right up!
Let's do this, kids!

Rehab and nope

Furuya-sensei, aka She Who Revels In My Agony, saw me doing my rehab exercises and noted a vast improvement on Wednesday. So she cranked it up a notch. Sweat and tears. For real: I was legit crying.
Some highlights -- pretzel kick twist which works the abs as well as the hip joints. And the side opener of doom. Seriously who can DO that? It's clear what I am supposed to be doing and also clear how impossible it is.
Comment from sensei: "Well you can squat 130k and deadlift 145. But your psoasis and glutimas minor can't keep up with your quads or lats or anything else."

I got an abdominal cramp again, this time just doing a forward hang bend. What I don't have: relaxed balance.

So then we try some Barre work. Whole bunch of nope. Legit couldn't finish all the sets of plie. Legs was jelly and it wasn't happening.
We're now to the point where the sculpt workouts are too much for my rehabilitating hips. I do what I can and that's all I can do.
I dare say my already meaty calves are getting bigger. Exactly how big they gonna get?!

End of Week 2



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