Richard B.

Richard B.

Day 90 

Firstly the numbers, down from 112.5kg to 96.2kg.  

Overall a good experience especially the first half, became frustratingly snowed under with work towards the end  (and annoyed that it sounds like an excuse).  I am determined to carry the momentum on though and will hopefully be able to continue feeding back my progress.

Day 82

Back from another business trip but looking forward to a 4 day weekend in the UK.  Good opportunity to follow the diet to the letter.

Day 73

Writing from another hotel room, long day but going to try and do what exercises I can in the room.  Did another run yesterday, definitely starting to run better now.

Day 66

Just off on another short (3 day) business trip, a weekly occurrence at the moment.  Hotel gym is small but adequate though not enough room to jump rope in.  Also sore shoulder at the moment though battling through the sets.  

Day 58

Well seem to have hit an annoying plateau on the weight loss.  My good intentions of trying to do the training in the mornings didn't amount to much, off on another short business trip tomorrow - facilities are never very good in the places I have to stay.
My indulgence was to go out for a curry with some friends - no idea how many calories I had though only had the one beer.  Hoping I see some progress on the weight loss this week, have been putting in a few jogs of around 4 miles as running had previously helped me lose weight.  On the positive side I am feeling stronger, especially doing better dips and press-ups.

Day 50

Another week that hasn't gone as well as I might have hoped.  Time to refocus my efforts and make a change.  I am going to try and do my exercises in the morning before work this week, something that I haven't managed yet.  It will require getting up significantly earlier but I do feel I need a kick to get the progress back on track. 

Start of Week 7

Week 6 wasn't great, business trip away where I couldn't find a place to jump rope and barely enough space in the hotel room to do the other exercises.  Anyway on the plus side dropped another kilo.

Start of Week 6

Pistol Squat - Add to list.  1400 Jump rope completed in 23:22 just a shade over averaging 1 second per jump.  Did exercises (and went for a swim) before weighing in and taking the photo this morning which probably helped achieving 101.1 kg (down 11.4 from the start).

Best wishes to everyone for the new week.

Day 35

Coming to the end of week 5 and have been feeling pretty tired most of the day.  The diet side is going ok and perseverance gets me through the jump rope nowadays.  I seem to accumulating a list of exercises that I can't do as well as I would like (or at all).

Pull-Ups, I try the occasional one at the moment though felt a pain in my left forearm the last time I tried.  Been sticking with the inclined pull ups which I tend to struggle with towards the end of the sets.  Now that Sit-up sets are 25 the last two sets I can't manage the full 25 in one go yet.  The Plank, a very unpleasant experience - again can't manage the full time for last couple of sets yet.  The Chest Dip felt like more shoulder shrugs for the first time I tried would like to see myself in a mirror doing them, need to try and sort out a way of doing them at home.  The Leg-Ups like the Sit-Ups were doing ok but struggled when the sets went up to 25 and the V-Sit is not executed in a very controlled manner yet.

Roll on week 6 and another photo to be taken tomorrow, weight is creeping down but wish more was coming of the belly.

Day 29

Start of another week, weight dropping steadily though a little slower than I would like.  Just had a look at my week 5 diet and there's a big change to Dinner, will be interesting to see how I cope.  As for the exercises I had a left shoulder arthroscopy decompression, labral shaving and open ACJ excision about six years ago having messed my shoulder up on holiday and do notice it is weaker and more uncomfortable than the other shoulder when put under strain, cannot do a full pull-up at the moment but I am hoping with a bit more weight loss and stronger shoulders I'll start getting there (I am currently substituting them for negative and inclined pull-ups).  I think I need to be near a mirror for the v-sit to see if my efforts look anything like Patrick's video.  I see chest dips are coming up this week - can't possibly be as hard as pull-ups can they?  Best of luck to everyone for this weeks diet and training.

Day 22

Snowed in -well enough that I couldn't get the car out safely!  It had been forecast but I had still hoped to be able to pop out for a morning swim and on to the the gym at work to complete the exercises.  Was left with having to make do indoors, which is fine for everything but the jump rope, will have to address the cardio later on today. Weight loss slowed down this week but still down 7.2kg overall, now hoping to really start seeing some differences in the photo comparison.

Day 20

Not so much weight loss so far this week, been thinking about the week 4 photo and hoping to see some noticeable differences.  Jump rope still poor, seem to manage to jump onto the rope about as often as I jump over it - need to learn a new technique!  Rest of the exercises are hard work but at least not frustrating (though I can't actually manage a pull up yet).

Day 14

Less than 18 mins for 800 Jumps - at last signs of improvement.

Enjoying the veg more now

Day 13

Reviewing my exercise experience so far:
Jump Rope: it took me over 19 mins to complete the 700 jumps, not noticing any technique improvement.
Squats have been ok and I have noticed a marked improvement in my stability on the lunges (was all over the place initially).
Rowing has been fine but I find the inclined pull ups quite hard work.
Tricep dips and curls are fine.
I think the resistance bands I bought might be a little short as I don't get close to shoulder level on either the Forward Shoulder Raise or the Davinci.  I am using reasonably high resistance bands and find these exercises quite tough.
Really start to feel my abdomen towards the end of the Leg-Up and Sit Up sets.

As for the food I think it's been going pretty well, not having any hunger issues. 

Day 7

New jump rope arrived in the post today ready for my attempt at the 500 (I'm wondering how many stop-starts I'll have).  Other exercises going ok and trying to dip a bit lower on the push ups.

Final Photo

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