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Richard F.

Kenzai Body | Day 81
Kenzai Body
Day 81
Program progress:

It's father's day and I'm enjoying being spoilt.
Sophy found a great place for breakfast, healthy food and so tasty (Muối tiêu - Salt n Pepper Cafe & Eatery)
Hope all the fathers out there are enjoying some fab family time 😀


So we headed off to Hanoi early this morning. Smooth flight and easy ride into the old quarter.
Hanoi is such a vibrant place, looking forward to some will earned R&R with Sophy and Daniel.
Daniel enjoying his non Kenzai approach to nutrition of course, hehehe
Happy weekend to you all


So egg white and veg for brekkie every day can start to get a bit boring.

Today I decided to change it up a bit by making cloud eggs for Sophy & I.

They turned out great and tasted delicious.

Happy weekend everyone


I am so proud of all 13 of us that set off together from Changi Point Ferry Terminal on Wednesday morning and finished together at Sepang International Raceway on Saturday afternoon.
We have had a fantastic four days cycling hard and supporting each other all the way. Check out the temperature in one of the pics below, it was brutally hot.
A special shout out to being able to do this ride with my good friend Mike C.
A quick snapshot of my KM's in the last 7 days, over 400 of which were done in Malaysia.
Already planning next year's ride

Day on done

Me, Mike C and 11 others have completed day 1 of our 500km 4 day ride.
Perfect start to the day catching the ferry from Changi Village to Pengerang.
The first 80km we had amazing weather and smooth rolling hills, fantastic.
The last 40km, after lunch, not si much... it poured down, but me, Mike and 4 others absolutely smashed those last 40km.
Hope you've all had a good day too.

Improving rapidly

This morning I was super pleased that my shoulder felt a lot more supple than yesterday, still painful to move in some directions, but a definite improvement.

I did a 12 km virtual ride in New York, it was super tough. The virtual trainer increases/decreases the resistance of the flywheel based on the ride your doing. So, when you see the inclinometer showing 8% you realise why you can barely turn the pedals and need to change gear. It is a very clever use of technology and a fantastic training tool.

For runners out there, the same app can be linked to smart treadmills too.

This will get a lot of use, on those days when I wake up at 4am to head out for a long ride only to discover it's pouring with rain, smart trainer here I come. Also on afternoons when it's just too hot to go out.

I'm hoping to feel fit enough to do the workout tomorrow, likely with lighter resistance bands and listening to my body. After another virtual ride of course.

Today's menu was yummy, the usual brekkie of toasted ciabatta with a healthy mix of veggies, scrambled egg and a protein shake with milk.

Lunch was sous vide salmon, giant lemony herb couscous and oven roasted veggies.

Dinner was a raw apple, hard boiled egg white and milk

Plus the usual assortment of fruit and veggie snacks

Hope everyone is having a great week


Definitely improved from yesterday, mobility is coming back slowly.

I didn't do today's workout but I did test out the new smart trainer and did a 32km virtual ride around New York.

Great fun, and hoping to be back on the workouts before the end of the week.

Good eating today

Brekkie was toasted ciabatta with As Much As I Want veggies, hehehe, scrambled egg and egg white with a protein shake made with milk, plus an espresso.

Lunch was pan seared scallops with red rice and roasted veggies

Dinner was just dinner 🤣🤣

Let's all smash week 7 together

Well Saturday didn't quite go to plan...

Sophy and I got up nice and early and headed out to meet some friends for a planned 100km cycle.

At 45km one of the group got a puncture and pulled off to fix it. As Sophy and I drew alongside them I pulled into the lay by, next thing I remember is lying on my back being told an ambulance was on its way.

I didn't see the ridge coming into the lay by and my front wheel just washed out from under me.

Landed very heavily on left shoulder and hip and spent the day getting xrays and CT scans.

Final prognosis is that they don't think the shoulder is fractured just very heavily bruised, I can barely move my left arm right now.

So workouts will be on hold until I can get mobility and strength back in my shoulder. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in the saddle in the next few days and continue training for the big ride, which starts on 22 May.


Today was a quiet day overall. I enjoyed doing the workout in the morning and then settled into calls for the day and the never ending emails.

Breakfast was scrumny - Toasted ciabatta with avo slices, pan seared mushrooms and peppers all topped with a perfectly poached egg (plus egg white), plus plain chobani greek yogurt

Lunch - Oven roasted tiger prawns with lemony/herb couscous, beetroot and steamed veggies.

Dinner - Smoothie and a pear today

Evening snack - Creamy cauliflower mash, oven roasted aubergine and butternut squash, delicious

Have a great day all

Bit of an odd day

I planned to go for a ride this morning, walked out of the house to find it was starting to rain so headed back in. Took our son to school with Sophy and walked back together, so I got my cardio in.

The workout was fine, no problems, am deliberately pushing myself to maximise the benefit.

Having done a lot of running around with various things all day, I'm feeling very tired and already thinking I might sleep in a bit longer tomorrow, not like me to be fair.

Anyway, foodwise it was another scrummy day :-)

Brekkie - Wholegrain toast with avocado slices, pan seared mushrooms and 1 egg plus an egg white poached, plus a bowl of plain chobani greek yogurt

Lunch - Pan seared scallops with giant lemony/herb couscous, beetroot and steamed veggies

Dinner - Sous vide chicken breast with kale, steamed veggies and beetroot

Plus what feels like a ton of fruit

Hoping I feel energised tomorrow, if I'm awake early I'll get out on the bike


Having had a great Easter weekend with lots of rides and good food, I wanted to start the week well.

So off for my usual 30km ride this morning and felt great for doing it.

Today's workout felt really good, I deliberately stood further away for all of the resistance band sets and made myself work harder, the extra reps are definitely working too.

Took my end of week 3 photo this morning and I feel there is a distinct difference, particularly comparing week 1 and todays pic. I believe the tummy is a little less pronounced and my face looks slimmer. Well that's what I see, hoping all moving in the right direction.

Sophy & I had our veggie delivery today so lots of prepping to be done over the next day or so.

Great meals today, including rests from yesterday...

Brekkie - Wholegrain toast with smashed avo, mushroom, peppers and spinach plus chobani dressing and a bowl of plain chobani greek yogurt

Lunch - You guessed it... Thai basil pork, brown rice and steamed peas/corn - no extra egg today

Dinner - Tiger prawns stir fried with peppers, zucchini and onion with chilli, garlic and ginger (tiny bit of sesame oil for stir fry in wok) Delicious

I added a pic I took whilst on my ride this morning, sunrise as seen from Tannah Merah Coast Road at 6:37am, taken whilst cycling at about 36kph, I love a challenge

Hope everyone is starting week 4 well

Saturday - Day 20

Pretty relaxed day today, the workout was great and I'm pushing myself with all sets and feeling the benefit. Bring on the next sets

Food was yummy today;

Brekkie - Wholegrain roll with smashed avo, mushrooms, spinach and zucchini with a little chobani dressing, plus my bowl of plain chobani greek yogurt - delicious

Lunch - Pan seared scallops with beetroot and steamed veggies plus a little of the chobani dressing warmed

Dinner - Striploin steak pan seared with brussel sprouts, sugar snaps and baby corn

Usual fruits throughout the day

Hope everyone had a good Saturday


That's how much they raised my saddle height at the bike fit on Wednesday, plus they moved the seat forward a little, adjusted the handlebar stem height, and the angle of the handlebars, then adjusted my cleats to correctly align me feet in the pedals.

Thursday morning I got up early and headed out for my familiar 30km ride.... Wow the power delivery felt so much easier and the overall comfort was amazing. So worth getting the fit done.

All in all a good day today, saw the surgeon in the morning and he thinks he can minimise evasive surgery but I'll need to go back a few more times to be sure.

Absolutely loved the workout, the new sets are great, felt like I was pushing on all sets and felt great for doing it.

Foodwise, another good day, minus the slight faux par at breakfast... I thought I had taken some kale out of the freezer, turns out it was Dou Miao (bean shoots), but hey ho tasted really good

Breakfast - Wholemeal toast, pan seared dou miao, peppers and mushroom with chobani greek yogurt dressing, plus plain chobani greek yogurt

Lunch - Pan seared chicken breast, brown rice, butternut squash and mixed veggies

Dinner - Sous vide snapper fillet with mixed veggies

Usual assortment of fruit

Glad to be back in the saddle and correctly seated too

Happy Thursday to all


A busy day today, and as I sit here writing this I am about to start part two... Night calls with my dear colleagues in New York and Europe. Living the dream :-)

I loved today's workout, definitely starting to feel those extra reps and making sure to stretch the resistance band to enhance the whole session.

Saw the sports physician today and the MRI has shown that the injury I sustained over 20 years ago, and which wasn't repaired until 3 years ago with ACL surgery, has again come back to haunt me. Essentially the 20+years that my knee remained untreated have caused some osteoarthritis of the bone, my cartilage is almost entirely non existent, and my meniscus is slipped out of place. All good then, hehehe

The scan has shown that the osteoartritis has caused the knee to develop a spur which is slowly tearing through the ligament that was implanted (from my hamstring) 3 years ago, the meniscus needs to be put back correctly and the cartilage replaced if possible, maybe even a full knee replacement. Anyway I'm seeing the surgeon soon for his/her review and final laundry list of what needs to be done.

So short solution before surgery, absolutely no impact sports of any sort, no jumping, squatting etc at all. So I need to find alternatives to these please - Patrick et al - and no more dancing, which I'm sure will make many people on the dance floor very happy indeed.

Silver lining to this particular prognosis however is that, although he would prefer me not to, the physicians final say was that I'm ok for cycling as long as I'm comfortable doing it. Professional bike fit scheduled for tomorrow evening to make sure that I'm sitting, pedalling , reaching, etc in all the correct ways and minimising any overstretch, then it's on to my cycle training plan. Short first few rides, then some hills, then increase distances. Mike, I'll need some buddying :-)

Good day for food today, fish twice, but that's never going to be an issue.

Breakfast - I mixed it up today and had two slices of wholegrain toast with smashed avo, pan seared peppers and spinach with a smattering of chobani greek yogurt dressing - super yummy - plus a bowl of plain chobani yogurt

Morning snack - The lonely hard boiled egg white and fruit

Lunch - Fresh salmon fillet, beetroot, avocado and homemade wholegrain penne pasta - loved it

Dinner - Grilled sea bass fillet, mixed steamed veggies - delicious

Usual snacks throughout

Hope everyone is having a great week

Just looked at my diet plan for week 3, and Sophy's, and the morning snack shows '1 egg white'!! plus fruit.

I love to cook and to be creative with food, but I'm struggling to think what I can do with one egg white and some fruit as a snack.

if you have an egg white as part of your snack please do share your creations.

One thing would be to make mini meringues (1 egg white each, quarter cup of sugar substitute, quarter teaspoon vanilla extract, squeeze of lemon juice) I'm pretty sure this is likely not allowed, but I'd love to hear alternatives other than a plain egg white omelette with a bowl of fruit. The morning snack will be eaten at work so needs to be something I can just take with me.

Looking forward to your ideas