Richard G.

Richard G.

DONE !! 

DONE... and feel good. When I saw the workout I thought easy.... so went through but realised it was still tough. My shoulder is sore but all OK. Stomach tighter and I know this is not a weight thing but down 4.5 kilos overall but down 3 belt sizes which suprised me. I intend to keep at this as it is definitely a marathon and not a sprint and I have more I want to achieve. Eating will be a lot better - keeping with that also. Giddy Up!

BR - Day 26

Ouch but good. Workouts are really tough and my sore shoulder is not helping but still getting through. Stomach is definitely tighter and have had some nice comments over this week. Is there anything wrong with going another week or so on this? Loving this program.

Going through the workouts now within the hour but... took a ticket for Sunday's (Day 21) as hurt my shoulder which I suspect is my poor stretching. I intend to do Day 22 in the late afternoon here to rest it a little more. Yes, I need to post photos but definitely able to go to the beach again - dropped around 3 kgs but have really built up muscle with a tight belly. No abs - ha ha that would need a lot more work but definitely tighter and trimmer. Have moved two belt holes already. Intend to keep on this past this last week and keep it going. I have always had very strong legs growing up playing ice hockey it is the mid section which has always been the problem and these workouts are perfect. I am a natural stocky guy due to my Italian heritage and I am finding this workout is great for my type (I forget the proper term). Keeping at it. Stupid shoulder.

Whew - that is a tough workout. Knees are sore (old age) but using a brace so A OK. V sits are the most difficult: by last rep I am stuffed - tend to just make 14 but very sore which is good right. All going well. Can certainly feel and see a difference in just 2 weeks. Will post photo - I know....

Beach - Day 8

Whew - that is a really tough workout. I think I am taking way too long to go through the workout - around 80 to 90 mins... I figure it should be within an hour? Seeing affect already!

Ouch but great. Great workout. V-sit starts are tough but had the most trouble with those which is just building core strength. Look forward to the diets and ironically - I am in the middle of winter with the shortest day of the year soon approaching. Let's say I am getting snow-ready. Keep it up team.

Beach Ready Day 3

Whoa - that is a good workout and ouch. I am taking way longer than I think I should but getting through it.

Beach Ready Day 1

Whew - that was tough: the full body exercises looked way easier than they were. Great work out. Rich


A great reboot - feel central core strength very much back. Did not blog as much as usual but the program was brilliant. Added jogs per work-outs most mornings and added 8 Min abs for around 80% of the workouts with some good results. Lost 5kgs in weight but certainly added muscle. Feel and look good: suits fit better too. Now to keep it all going! Thank you team. Rich

Reboot 23

Man this is going quick. I appreciate having access to the usual workouts after reboot which keeps things going. I do feel rebooted and back into the Kenzai swing of things: stomach is a lot flatter (more to go), dropped 3kgs and built up muscle. Feel better and eating better. Was taken to a steak house for a work lunch yesterday and chose the Buddha Bowl (salad with roast pumpkin with a poached egg) and sparkling water in place of wine; felt good after.

Need to take a photo and post it. Feel heaps better and suits fit a lot better which is always a plus.

Day 12 Reboot

All going well: feeling some good progress: a lot more bendy which I suspect is the stretching doing it stuff. Mixing the program with other activities plus the 8 min abs (90s style). Enjoying the reboot!

Reboot Day 5

Enjoying the program (again) and mixing it up with 8 Min abs (the old 90s version) and some light jogs. I think the older we get the quicker the benefits of Kenzai wear off - showing we need to be on the ball a lot more often. Great to be on this program together. Rich

Back on board

Back from a round-the-world 50th birthday trip where I was lucky enough to have two birthday parties in London and New York and caught up with friends in Paris and New York. Best cities were Paris and London: sorry New York - always great to visit and love my friends there. LA is always great but very similar to Australia but it always gets my tick. In Paris we ate lots, dranks lots (wine) and walked even more. Lost weight in both Paris and London but from doing 25,000 steps per day and on some days 40 floors. As suspected: gained weight in LA from not so many steps and the food (although I was making the choices). All good and now settled back into a work routine keen to feel fit again. Thankfully the core strength is still there (btw - I get what Kenzai means) so skipping, workout plus 8 mins abs were all good. It's nice to be back.

Graduation Post 

Unfortunately affected by the flu taking 10 days of the program although I am playing catch up now continuing with the program. Keeping with it.

Catch up - Day 17

Back into it now: it is a shame that break has affected my progress but I feel better now and the workouts are feeling good. I like the drawbridge. I did 8 Min Abs also which is a great addition.




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