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Done desu 

That was short, sharp, intense and at times a bit painful but thoroughly worth it. After a boozy and generally indulgent (Australian) winter it was just what I needed to physically and mentally slap some sense into me.

I must admit I was expecting a modest cardio session for Day 28, but did enjoy the workout.

The challenge for me now is not to go back to extreme over indulgence. I went on vacation immediately after my last program and slid off the rails within days. This time it is life as normal for the next few weeks which should give time to get a regular maintenance schedule going before year send silly season kicks off.

Thanks to Burnsy and the group for keeping the blog so informative, light hearted and entertaining. Jason, that was some f...king funny stuff man and really helped keep me engaged. Cheers.

Go well Team Marin

PS: Dug out a 30 year old musty college drinking shirt, image attached.

Clubber Lang says....

The late week fade came a day or two early. I was shattered by Wednesday afternoon and fell asleep on the couch after work. I was woken after an hour and felt like crap warmed up.I got a second wind on Thursday and did not have much trouble getting through the rest of the workouts.

Exercise - completed all the workouts and was feeling stronger as the week progressed. Snuck in a few ocean swims and ran today for cardio.
Diet - Good
Alcohol - none consumed for third week in a row. I BBQ'd tonight, which I usually do with beer in hand, but had no trouble sipping water
Sweets/Deserts - none consumed, no longer having cravings

So there is only 1 thing left to do team, power our way to the finish.

Below is my prediction for the final week. Bring it on!

I faded hard again late this week and needed this cardio only day. I don't recall feeling this beaten during past programs. But the thought that we are half way has put has slight spring in my step. No backing down now.

Weekly Recap :
Exercise - completed all the workouts, no slacking. I gave the ocean swimming a miss but worked the skipping rope hard
Diet - Very good. Planned ahead, ate clean and stuck to my grams.
Alcohol - none consumed for second week in a row, that's a rarity but feel I can go another two
Sweets/Deserts - none consumed, even turned down some of my wife's baking.

Loving the blog action with this group. Good luck all for the last half. Lets destroy it!

The cardio only rest day was much needed. I started to fade late in the week. I slept like a log last night and am feeling refreshed for what is next.
Weekly Recap (to keep myself accountable):
Exercise - completed all the workouts and did some ocean swimming
Diet - Stayed mostly compliant. I was at a function last night which only served salty finger foods. Poor planning on my part, should have eaten early before going.
Alcohol - none consumed
Sweets/Deserts - none consumed

Not a perfect week but heading in the right direction. On to week 2!

T-shirt intro

The first week is flying by. I am loving reading the blogs, very entertaining.

Who, Where, What
I live in Sydney with my family. We have been here about 5 years after spending 17 years in Tokyo. I work for myself and as an unpaid taxi driver for my two teenagers.

Why T-Shirt
I tried a different 28 day program a few months back and really liked the short sharp format. Summer is almost here in Australia so T-Shirt seems like a perfect program. Plus a solid month without alcohol before the year end silly season kicks in can't be a bad thing.

Favorite T-shirt
I have had many over the years but my wife ends up tossing them out or giving them away. She used to ask me first and I'd often say no , but she worked out it would take me years to realise, and in most cases I never figure it out. So they just disappear.
I may have hidden an old college drinking shirt away somewhere (from 30 years ago). Hopefully by the end of the program I will remember where I put it and post a photo.

It's been a ........... blast 

I have enjoyed the past four weeks. It has been a tough but no fuss program and I'm happy with the results.

I did not miss a workout and pushed fairly hard. I simply set the alarm for the same time each morning and got stuck in. There was no time to overthink things or find excuses. Fortunately the timing was good with no scheduled travel to get in the way.

A big positive mental and physical plus was staying off alcohol and away from sweets for the duration. In fact it will be one month tomorrow (but who's counting).

Although I ate cleanly I will admit to not sticking ultra closely to the diet measurements. This was more about the family than me. In the past they complained during programs because we rarely ate out and meals were often bland. At the time I thought it was worth putting up with the complaints, but having the family on board this time helped things run very smoothly. In fact, I'm much more likely to sign on again to future programs with this approach.

I did my first ocean swim for about a month this morning before the workout. Photo attached (taken from the swim group's daily blog). I'm in amongst the group somewhere, without a wetsuit in a pair of jammers! Look forward to lots more swims as the water warms up.

Thanks to the Kenzai team and some very friendly and good humored team members for the support!

Home stretch

The day 21 workout is in the bag and all of a sudden we are about to enter the final week. Wow, where did that 3 weeks go......

I had a couple of flat workouts mid week but came good by the weekend. I have not cashed in a ticket yet, hopefully won't need to. The timed salamander & timed push up balancer are very tough exercises for me.

Good luck all for the final week push!

Rolling on

It's hard to believe we are in the third week already. I love the daily lessons, but I am trying to not overthink the Black Hole Time Dilation one lest it become a self fullfilling prophecy.

In fact I am not thinking much about the program at all. I'm just trying to accept and do it with as little fuss as possible. So far so good....

I made it through another weekend avoiding the temptations of sweets and alcohol. Happy days.

Good luck everyone and keep powering over the next few weeks!

The first weekend of a Kenzai program is always the hardest for me. I can generally find the motivation to eat clean during the week but come Friday afternoon it's just so tempting to crack open a beer (or 4) or a bottle of wine. That of course is always followed by ice cream , chocolate or whatever sweet junk I can scavage from the pantry.

So I am happy to report a booze and sugar free weekend. Probably the first one this year.

I have had no problem rolling out if bed and getting through the workouts each day. But I know they will get harder....

Intro Post

*What is your favorite beach? Manly
I started ocean swimming about 3 years ago and joined a group who swim daily from Manly to Shelly Beach in Sydney. I have done just over 70 swims this calendar year. We swim through the surf break around a rocky point into a bay then across to Shelly, which is a small beach protected by a headland. It is magical. Depending on conditions it feels like a different swim each time, but is often clear with plenty of marine life to see along the way. I consider it my moving meditation routine and an important part of my mental and physical health.

*Why Beach Ready? What drives you to train daily with Kenzai?
I like to take at least one Kenzai program per year. It's winter in Australia, and although I swim year round without a wetsuit I do cut back over winter as the water temp cools. I have plenty of time now. Plus I have been travelling for pleasure lately and my alcohol and crappy food intake has skyrocketed. I need a kick in the backside and to bring some structure and discipline back. Kenzai is perfect for that!

*Where are you? Who are you? How do you spend your time?
I live in Sydney. I moved back here with my family just over 5 years ago after spending approximately 15 years in Tokyo. I did my first Kenzai program over 7 years ago. I have quite a flexible work schedule and it feels like I spend a lot of my time as a taxi service for my kids.

Final Chisel  

I jumped in the car within hours of the final workout and drove to stay with a friend on a farm in a remote part of the state. There was no cell phone reception, and very limited wi-fi access. Anyway, I'm back and finally logged into my computer again.

The past 6 weeks have been a lot of fun and I picked up plenty of useful information along the way. I am most happy about re-establishing a lot of good eating habits that have fallen away over the past few years. At times the HIIT cycles were bloody hard, but it was thrilling to confirm that my age need not be a barrier to pushing myself and completing some very tough workouts. This will continue to be beneficial both physically and mentally.

I can't complain about the results, and believe they were commensurate with the effort. This was a great program!

The past week's exercises were certainly tougher than the week before, but overall they all came together reasonably smoothly. It must have been a matter of pushing through the wall.

Diet is on track as well, no slip ups at all.

Looking forward to a break next weekend when all is done but am feeling quite enthusiastic about the next 6 workouts.


Ahhh, the wall. I was not the first and doubt I will be the last to comment how well timed the Day 27 lesson was. I found this past 4 or 5 days very tough both physically and mentally. The motivation levels were down and I was starting to doubt the results would end up commensurate with the effort. I was starting to feel like I needed a break from all this.

I needed this lesson. Not that I expect the last two weeks to be easy, but I do feel slightly invigorated!

Hang Time - air time

Was getting some great air time today. Finally feel like Im getting the hang of the exercise. It does feel unreal when you stay up perfectly balanced for a few seconds. Very cool, and you soon forget about the pain.

Moving to 3 cycles was a shock to the system, but so was the first few days of 2 cycle HIIT workouts in week 1. I adjusted quite quickly to that and hoping the same happens this week.

Body niggles

The switchfoot jumps on day 20 have caused some slight discomfort in my glutes and hamstrings. For the day 21 cardio I went for a very slow light run. Barely got much beyond walking pace, shuffling along like an old(er) man, but determined to get some cardio in. The planks at the end were a welcome distraction. I don't think the pain will hinder me going forward, more a reminder there are still muscles I have not stressed for some time.

Hard to believe we are half way through this program. Looking forward to a strong second half!

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