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I’ve had a lot of personal things to deal with the past 10 days and unfortunately haven’t been able to do the program seriously. I’ll need to drop out I’m afraid.

Good luck to all of you kettlers!

Holiday Start

So week one of the bells wasn't too great - I was on holiday for the week so the diet wasn't on and missed a couple of workouts. The good news is I'm back today and fully into Kettle Bell and diet mode from this morning.

Looking forward to the programme.


Well, the programme went really well for 10 weeks until I left for our summer holidays.

All-in-all a decent result and lost 7kg. Could have done a lot better if I had seen it through to the end properly.

I had hoped to never do KB3 but looks like I’ll be signing up for it!

Happy summers everyone!

Back at it...

So the holiday on Thailand has made it tough to stick tot the diet.

I've been enjoying some classic Thai dishes, including Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough and Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Oh dear.

I did however get back to the gym yesterday and cracked through the workout. Will endeavour to nail the final few days!

So last week was a tough one. I was ill for a few days and craving calories - diet went out the window as did the workouts.

We have also just arrived in Thailand for a month long holiday.... the food is so tempting but I'm managing to avoid most of it and trying to stick to the diet. Had a few beers though.

Picture coming later today...

A decent week

It was a decent week of diet and workouts. On a bit of a plateau but will enjoy my indulgence tonight watching the football.

Was getting totally fed up with egg white dinners so was pleased to see when I opened the app yesterday that I would be back on 100g of protein for dinners next week. Only to discover today that the app was wrong and the desktop version is telling me egg whites again :(

Well, I'm not doing egg whites next week, so there! It has gone on for too long and I'm likely to chuck up if I see another one :(

Still going for it

It was another decent week. Managed to stick with the diet (aside from a few extra mouth fulls for Father's Day lunch) and got through all the workouts (had to do a couple of emergency workouts due to time constraints).

Jumped on the scales this morning and am down a good 9kg since we started - pretty happy with that.

Are we going to get another indulgence...??? I'm hoping to have a cold beer during the England v Panama game on Sunday ;)

I was definitely in the valley for some of this week. It was a real struggle to resist temptation and stick to the diet but I managed to do it.

Yesterday evening I went as far as taking a bottle of white wine out of the cupboard and putting it in the fridge. I looked at it there for a while and waited for it to get cold... but an hour or so later took it out and put it back in the cupboard unopened. Temptation resisted!

The workouts are tough and I'm having to change some of the sets. For example, I can't do the v-sits (can't touch my toes standing up, let alone when doing these!) and the tricep push up thingies - forget about it! So I'm doing alternatives on the weights in the gym/at home.

The diet is getting serious now as well and I'm going to miss my carbs in the morning this week :(

Have a great week everyone.


Just finishing up another good week - managed to get all the workouts in and stuck with the diet.

Well... I did go a little bit overboard with the indulgence. My wife is starting Kenzai Iron on Monday so we thought we would take advantage of my indulgence to have a final meal out.

I wasn't planning on having a drink but when we got to the restaurant it was such a fantastic evening on the waterfront that it felt rude not to have a beer. Especially as there was Yardley Brother's Best Bitter on happy hour (a nectar - the perfect British beer, brewed in Hong Kong).

That pint let my guard down a bit and led to a burger with apple smoked bacon and a shared slice of homemade cheesecake, and finished up with a (small) neat whisky (Lagavulin 16 year old - surely one of humanity's greatest achievements).

If you are in Hong Kong or ever visiting, I highly recommend dinner at Momentai in Sai Kung!

Anyway, now that's all out of my system I'm full steam ahead for the next six weeks.

Enjoy the indulgence everyone!

Still going strong

I managed to keep on track with all the workouts and diet this week. Seeing some body changes, definitely sleeping better and more energy to get me through the day.

Not finding it particularly enjoyable though! Egg white dinners and skipping are right at the bottom of my list of things to do in life. So really happy to see the skipping has been upped to 20 minutes from here on and the egg whites continue :(

My goal with KB2 is to never have to do KB3. Honestly, I hate these body programmes. My mistake after KB1, was putting back on a lot of the weight and slipping out of the exercise and workout routine. So here I am again on egg whites and skipping. Never again!

Have another good week everyone!

Still at it

The week started off well, full of energy and really happy going in to each workout.

The last couple of days were tougher though. I wasn't feeling great and had low energy, plus started to feel really hungry. Was craving a humungous burger and fries, curry, cold beer and ice cream! Managed to resist though and sat there grumpily eating my egg whites and apples.

Haven't missed a workout aside from a few half sets on Friday when I wasn't feeling great. The results are slow in coming but starting to see some of my gut come off which is a great start.

I'm keeping positive by looking at some of the photos from the end of KB1.


I liked today's lesson on the drop out.

It was around this time that I dropped out of KB2 when I tried it last year. I guess back then my heart wasn't in it.

This is time is different!

The end of the first month of Kenzai is a bit like what pilots call V1 - it's the point of no return. If you're accelerating a big jet down the runway, V1 is the point when you won't have enough runway left to stop the plane if you need to. Even if all of your engines decide to catch fire, if you're beyond V1 you're going to have get airborne - the consequences of not getting into the air are going to be just as bad, if not worse, than getting into the air and trying to go around.

V1 is also the point when big vortices start to form around and behind the wings and the nose begins to naturally lift. Those vortices then create low pressure that almost effortlessly sucks the plane into the air. It took a lot of effort to get the plane moving and have those vortices form, but once they get going there's not much that will stop them sucking that plane up.

So this time it feels more like I'm hitting V1 with some good lift and power behind me - I hope you guys are feeling the same.

Happy flying!

One month down!

It was a tough week. Every workout felt like a chore and it was hard to find time some days, but managed to get them all done.

Stuck with the diet 100% so looking forward to an indulgence at lunch today.

Results have been hard to find so far, at least none that anyone would notice. But with things getting more intense and egg whites on the dinner menu next week I'm hoping to see the results start to show soon...

My "editor" is in overdrive! I've nailed the diets and exercises this week and expected some sort of results to start showing, but so far... not so much!

Anyway, I know it's in the post if I keep at it.

Starting to get a bit hotter in Hong Kong right now. I went on a half hour run this afternoon for the cardio and it was tough and sweaty. Also been doing an hour or so of tennis here and there and a few hours each week on the driving range, so all in all doing plenty of exercise on top of the workouts.

Looks like the diet is getting a bit more serious next week - at least its not egg whites yet (but I know they are also in the post!)

Sleep is strange

Been a good week - I've measured every gram and burnt every rep, so feeling great about finishing KB2 this time around.

I enjoyed the lesson on sleep this week. I've been interested in sleep for a while, mainly because I find it so hard. I go through periods of intense insomnia sometimes which can be very frustrating. A lot of it is to do with diet and what I drink (be it coffee or beer) ... so a period of Kenzai usually gets me sleeping really well.

Sleep is strange. For a third of our lives we're essentially in a coma having strange hallucinations. Until recently, scientists haven't had much of a clue why. From an evolutionary point of view it's VERY strange. Every animal ever studied sleeps. And it leaves them, and us, in a vulnerable state for much of our lives. That's OK now we're in our comfy beds but back in the day there was good chance of getting munched by a sabretooth tiger or trampled by a wooly mammoth while we slept.

So why haven't we or any other animals evolved to not need sleep?

The answer is that the benefits we get from sleep far outweigh the risk of being eaten while we sleep. That's how important sleep is.

One of the leading sleep experts is a guy called Matthew Walker. He has recently written a book "Why we Sleep" which is fascinating - honestly, it might sound dull but it really won't put you to sleep!

He summarises some of the benefits of sleep. "In the brain it enriches our ability to learn, memorise, make logical decisions and choices. It services our psychological health, recalibrates our emotional brain circuits, allowing us to navigate next-day social and psychological challenges with cool-headed composure.

Dreams provide a neurochemical bath that mollifies painful memories and a virtual reality space in which the brain melds past and present knowledge, inspiring creativity.

Downstairs in the body, sleep restocks the armoury of our immune system, helping fight malignancy, preventing infection, and warding off all manner of sickness. Sleep reforms the body's metabolic state by fine-tuning the balance of insulin and circulating glucose. Sleep further regulates our appetite, helping control body weight through healthy food selection rather than rash impulsivity. Plentiful sleep maintains a flourishing microbiome within your gut from which we know so much of our nutritional health begins.

A balanced diet and exercise are of vital importance, yes, but we now see sleep as the preeminent force in this health trinity."

That's just the start.

Sleep well people!




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