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Rima A.

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KB3 Round 2 ✅ 

KB3 tests your limits!!!
This was my second round and what a crazy time, I experienced many highs and lows but overall have had the opportunity to learn from the various challenges.

Throughout the program:
- I learned how to manage my diet and exercise during Ramadan
- I learned how to better prepare and manage my exercise during travelling
- I learned how to manage work and sleep when overwhelmed with too much

Even with so many challenges I’ve had some great outcomes:
-I’ve managed to go down a dress size
-I feel much stronger, my arms especially are more defined
-I’ve lost a few kilos and inches on my belly

Upwards and onwards to my next program.

Thank you Ward, Karen and Yasmin, for all your support and motivation throughout the program, you really helped me stay focused and helped pick me up during my lows.

Look forward to seeing you all on the blogs!!!

Glad to say I’m finally back to Dubai, it’s been quite a busy time for me on all fronts.

It’s the last week of the program but it’s not the end for me, I’m more determined then ever to continue my journey to have a healthier lifestyle.

The last few weeks have knocked me back a bit, and even with all the advanced planning and organising, some things were just out of my control and therefore have to make the best of the situation I’m in.

There’s only a few days left so going to make the best of the situation and whilst it may not be my best outcome, it doesn’t mean I cannot try again.

All the very best to my KB3 team, you guys rock!!!

Week 10, was fairly good on diet and exercise and momentum was fairly good. Then week 11 I was travelling for work which was very challenging. The full week I was doing between 12 to 15hour days, there wasn’t enough time to sleep let alone exercise. On a positive I tried to be good with diet though was tough as the catering was limited in terms of healthy options.

In short week 10 was good week 11 was not good.

Looks like week 12 is still going to be long hours of work. Will be travelling back mid week. I am already planning to try KB3 again....the quest to have a healthy lifestyle continues....


After a disappointing couple of weeks, week 9 I was able to bring back the routine!!!

The workouts are getting quite tough, especially the combo's, but I must admit I do like feeling the burn as I know the exercises are working. My endurance on skipping has definitely improved and don't feel the need to take to many rests and I seem to be ok in doing 20mins skipping vs. week 1.

Diet has been fairly good (image of zucchini noodles and some lamb mince curry) and whilst I haven't lost a lot of weight, I feel a lot more lean, my clothes that were tight are feeling loose. I do intend to carry on with the egg and apple diet in the evening after the program is over as I feel it has had an great impact on reducing my belly fat.

Sleep will always be a challenge given my work and family commitments, but trying to get more deep sleep to help build those much needed muscle mass.

Only a couple of weeks to go!! need to make the most of it!!

Week 7 and most of week 8 hasn’t been as successful as I would have wanted.

Both work and family commitments ended up taking priority and both my exercise, sleep and diet suffered. Feeling quite disappointed, but know that I need to look beyond, I still have 4 more weeks.

Need to bring back the momentum in the last 4 weeks and push it forward for a strong finish.

I apologise that I haven’t been able to keep up with the blogging.

Hope all my team makes are doing well, good luck with the last leg!!!

We celebrated the end of Ramadan today!!!
Ramadan was great when it came to detoxifying the body but glad to be able to drink water throughout the day!!!

Week 6 was an ok week, there was a lot happening so unfortunately had to miss some workouts however whenever I did the exercise I ensured I pushed those limits!!!

My clothes are starting to feel much looser and my endurance is getting stronger!!!

Having passed the halfway mark, I am excited to finish strong!!!

All the best for week 7 everyone!!!

Week 5✅......steady week!

Week 5 was a very busy week at work so had to stick to a strict schedule to make sure I was able to fit in the exercises.

Whilst I feel very tired during the day, surprisingly I am more energised once I have done the work out!!!

@Ward, in response to you question in my last blog on whether I have always been positive or it is something I developed over time? I would say it’s a combination of both, I have always viewed the glass as half full, and believe that we can achieve anything if we focus and set our mind to it!!!

Being a CFO, my job involves setting the tone and continuously motivating people to do their best and become leaders in their roles. Over time I have learned how to bring out the best in people through positive feedback and motivation.

I like to walk the talk as I believe to be able to motivate someone else involves being able to stay positive and motivate oneself.

With 20days of Ramadan done I have only 10days left!!!!

Looking forward to week 6 and finishing strong!!

Week 3 marked the start of Ramadan.

Suprisingly it was very strong week on the exercise front.

Diet could have been better, as I did indulge a little due to the number of invites to several events in celebration of the holy month.

Sleep was the biggest challenge due to broken sleep as a result of the early morning breakfast.

For some reason I am feeling quite bloated, not sure if it’s due to the change in diet and sleeping patterns.

With 10days of Ramadan already complete I have 20more days to go. I will try to be more careful on week 4 so that the hard work I’m putting in with the exercise isn’t diminished.

All the best to everyone for week 4!!!

Week 2 was pretty good on both diet and exercise. Has a busy working week but managed to stick closely to the diet, though timings could be better. Sleep as always is my biggest challenge, for some reason due to the long working hours my body is so used to sleeping less than 6 hours, even when I have the opportunity to sleep more I simply can’t...I wonder if there’s a solution for that.

My endurance on exercises in gradually improving.....but it is taking much longer than my younger self.

Today was the start of Ramadan, which means for the next 30days I cannot eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. That’s 4am to 7pm in Dubai....a good 15hours!!! The positives is that the fasting is a good way to detoxify my body from bad eating in the past, so looking forward to a more cleansed body and soul!!!

Hi Ward I will need some help from you in adjusting the diet for the next 4.5weeks... I am a little worried about reducing my metabolic rate.

Hope everyone is doing well, bring on week 3!!!


Week 1 went off to a great start. I was in Thailand so was able to have a good workout followed by a nice massage...if only it could last!!!

Finished up the rest of the week in Dubai. Took up the challenge of skipping for the 30min cross training, which gave me a wake up call on how unfit I had become. But even with my heart pouncing out of my chest I carried on until the finish line with 32mins done on the clock. I took quite a few breaks but was determined to finish. Need to keep at it so that I can build my endurance up again.

I have a family wedding in August, so this program will give me a boost to getting my shape back in order and hopefully looking a lot leaner come Day 90.

Photo of my last buttery food and desert.

Looking forward another round of KB3...determined to smash it with a strong finish!!!

Week 8✅....hit 13.5km....smashed it!!! 

Week 8 and I smashed it, not only did I do the 10km I kept going to 12km then finished the 5th lap around the running course to complete a 13.5km Run!!!!

I am so proud of this achievement, I can’t remember the last time I ran such a long distance, so it was a new milestone for me!!

Overall the program was amazing! It started well with some strong weeks at the beginning then travel plans and getting bronchitis took me a few steps back, but was able catch up with a very strong finish in the last 2 weeks.

Thankyou to my fellow Kenzai runners and Ward for all your support and inspiration, it has definitely helped in getting me through those tough weeks!!

I feel ready and strong to go on to the next Kenzai Run for the half Marathon...looking forward to reaching another milestone!!!


Week 7 was strong on the running, I managed to do 4 rounds of the running track. Total distance covered 10.8km!!!

It was an amazing feeling when I hit the 10km mark, but since there was another 800m to go I just carried on.

I am seeing a difference in the way my clothes fit, feels great!

For my indulgence I had piece of homemade Nutella chocolate fudge. I used 70% cocoa dark chocolate and used Stevia rather than normal sugar. It was quite nice minus the after taste from the Stevia.

Looking forward to finishing off the last week on high... going to try and push to at least 12km, which will give me a great start to the next program!!!

All the best everyone, let’s all finish strong!!!

I managed to complete 3 circuits around my running track, hitting 8.1km!!!!

After recovering from bronchitis, I felt quite weak in the earlier part of week 6, managed to do the strength exercises but was not able to run until today!

Looks like building the endurance earlier in the program has helped me now as my legs kept going, even though I was really tired.

Only 2 more weeks to go. Going to bring as much energy as possible to have a strong finish!!!

All the very best to my fellow runners!!! We got this!!!


Week 4 was very busy on travelling, the night after my Company Year Event went from dubai to UK then next day to Rome then 2 days later back to UK and a day later back to Dubai. To say the least it was a very tiring week. Whilst exercising was tough to fit it, most days I did more than 25k steps.

Tried to keep a strict diet where possible and enjoyed my indulgence on my birthday.....Italians are great chefs!

The pictures are from an amazing Michllian star resturant in front of the Coliseum....Perfect Birthday meal, steamed fish and sautéed vegetables with a nice chocolate treat at the end :)

Week 5...I’ve come down with Bronchitis, not a good start to the week. Going to take a couple days rest and catch up towards the end of the week.

Week 3 could have been better. It was a fairly busy week at work so meals were all over the place and I ended up missing a few workouts.

Need to be a bit more strict on diet as missing meals pauses a risk of eating badly on items we shouldn’t be having.

Making sure I’m better organised in week 4, hopefully after Thursday should be quieter and I can put more focus on the routine.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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