Rob N.

Rob N.


So pcp is complete. For last month I have not really followed the program but it has taught me a lot and will be taking away a lot of ideas. I feel good about my self which is the main thing!

Final sprint

Here we go! Nearly there. Lapsed a lot recently but have taken some great tips from this 90 days

Nearly there

Been busy so know updates but trucking along nicely! 


Have been pathetic for a week now. Game face back on today

Nearly back

Injury nearly clear and am starting to get back into swing of things. This week will be key for me

Nearly back

Injury nearly clear and am starting to get back into swing of things. This week will be key for me

injured - argggggh

Been hampered by stupid leg injury and have waned off the plan. Have spoken with Patrick on Skype and Teo and hopefully going to be back in the game fully by end of week


No blogs as been on hols. Was not very pcp friendly but will get groove back this week

Day 35

Last few days have been tough to find motivation. Long days at work probably not helped. Couple of nice relaxing days now to get back groove.

Under 75kg

Wow gone under the 75kg level for first time in HK . 74.4kg after work out today. That 72kg goal in sight already but realise I still have a lot of hard work to do!

Day 25

Put bet on with my PT today that by 8th April I cannot hit 70kg. Loser has to do 300 burpees! Official weigh in today was 75Kg dead. Feeling good and enjoying the PCP so far! People noticing the changes to my appearance which is great to hear!

Day 21

3 wks done! Feelings few pangs for the booze but guess thats more wanting to go out and join in rather than actually wanting to drink!
Can see differences in appearance and had some positive comments which is encouraging! Like Carl love handles proving stubborn in appearance but on last notch on belt which not used before so maybe they going down!

Day 15

2 weeks in and still on track. Feeling good and had lost 2.1kg in first two weeks which is good start on way to my targets.
Played golf at weekend and felt more energetic than ever before which is great sign.
Time to knuckle down and work hard on the exercise - have some weekends coming up which will provide a lot of temptation to stray off plan!

Day 11

Exercises going well. Did PT session at gym in am, followed b PCP work out then some light ab work in the evening.
Eating getting better and making my food more diverse now which is making it taste a lot better!
Back to work after CNY tomorrow so will be interesting to see how fit everything around it!

Day 8

Todays exercise was a wake up call to whats in store. Thought last weeks exercise was relatively straight forward but todays definitley pushed me which is what I am looking for. The Davincis with a medium band were a good test as were bicep curls with hard band. Used pull up bar at gym but need to find one close to home. Sure some improvisation will be needed!

The diet does not look as bad as some have made out and there are plenty of options when you put your mind to it. Variety using less will need to be the spice of life!

Lost 1.1kg in first week which is good start and if can keep consistent will be way on to my weight loss goal and hopefully see the love handles drop off as well.

End of Week 5





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