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Robbie P.

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End of week 8.

Pushing through the cold SF weather, excited about the home stretch! :)

Arrgh, the move to a new country has kind of been a nightmare. Turns out I left a few pieces of my equipment back in Hong Kong (one push up bar and skipping rope), so it makes it that much harder to start a workout knowing ill have to only do some parts. It honestly wouldn't be that hard to just go to a fitness store and restock, but for some reason, i've just been avoiding it. Also, the weather in San Fran has been pretty miserable, and I miss the sweat that I could get on in HK.

Sorry, moaning and excuses out of the way, i've been doing a workout every day in my room which has basically consisted of a little bit of the daily routine, then the 8 minute kenzai ab workout + max push ups. Plus i'm still on the diet which is a good result. I havn't been selecting the "completed workout" button because I havn't really done it, but I do really miss getting those blue ticks.

Anyway, i've kind of fallen off the wagon but.. i'm confident I can salvage it and finish strong.

Thanks for listening and go well!

End of Week 6

This week was a bit tough, I was out of routine and was doing night, then morning and vice versa, which made the workouts a bit harder when I didn't have time to recover. I moved countries two days ago so was out of rhythm towards the end of the week (packing, goodbye events), but looking forward to starting a new routine in a new place. I know it's going to take a bit of getting used to but, here goes nothing!

End of week 5

This week my friend gave me his super duper jump rope to borrow and it was a game changer. It was like the rolls royce of skipping ropes, and I don't think I can ever go back to my plastic one! Week 6 is my last week at home before work is sending me away for 3 months, so I hope I can get a solid week in before my routine is turned upside down.

End of week 4

Had a great week, i'm injury free and really making some good progress. I decided to get some different bands because the ones I was using were a bit too short/strong for the shoulder related exercises. Hopefully, these new bands do the trick!

Week 3

Found out at the start of the week that had a slight tear in a disk in my back. I took about 6 days off, and a few trips to the physio later, I managed to get back into the exercises yesterday (kind of). I could really feel the difference that not working out makes, so hopefully, it's onwards and upwards from here.

wee Week 2

Week two was fun. The workout intensity increased and I could really feel the old ticker going. I play quite competitive sport and I ended up doing my back yesterday which means I could only do about half the exercises without pain. Bit gutted about that but hopefully she comes right quick.

Week 1 was a nice start to Kenzai. I liked how the diet doesn't start until this week so you can get in the swing of things. I've been trying to get all my workouts in before work, which has made my days longer and my thoughts clearer. :)