Roberta D.

Roberta D.


The easiest part of the process has been the cardio portion of the exercise.
The hardest part, the diet. After the egg white dinner was introduced to my program, my will to keep eating only what was assigned was completely gone. I kept making exceptions and I know I will not see the result I wanted because of that. Shame on me!

sore legs

I woke up today feeling like I had sleepwalked from HK to Brazil during the night. Sore legs, but good feeling.
Hopefully I will be able to jump rope for the required minutes now. Off to the gym.

Bottom of the valley

I think I hit the bottom of my valley last week.
I tried to keep up with the exercise routine, but did not follow the diet.
Hoping someone will throw a rope to help rescue me out.
Tomorrow is a new day, new Monday, new week...hopefully new mindset to get back on track.
Congratulations to my Kenzai peers that haven't succumb to temptation, like I did. You are an inspiration.

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to wish all the best to all other Kenzai mums.

Jumping Rope

Just realized that I misclicked the workout of the day yesterday and did 1600 jumps instead of 1200. After I was done I was really done! Now I know why: should have done only 1200. Hopefully I will be in better shape next week when 1600 jumps is official and will not suffer as much.

Sat and Sun were full of social engagements.
I was able to stay on track with the workouts, but had one glass of wine, one scoop of sorbet and two extra portions of carbs over the weekend. Not ideal, but real.
Back to the proper diet today.

Stretching has never been a regular part of my work-out routine in the past and that is one more improvement Kenzai brings.

Although I have to say that depending on the day my approach varies from 1, 2 to 3 and for some movements I still feel really stupid and awkward when doing it, I have embraced the habit and do feel the benefit.

Good Morning!

I am happy with how things are progressing so far.

The hardest thing for me: believe it or not is to use the blog, share pictures and thoughts. I am not a social media person and this part of Kenzai is really hard for me.

The easiest: the diet. So far, so good. I love the diet during the first month of Kenzai. I always feel I can eat a lot.

Fresh start

Hi. I am Roberta. I am married with 2 kids. This is my second attempt with Kenzai program. Looking forward to losing weight (and not finding it again in the future) and getting fitter.

back to

I wasn't able to fully commit with workout routine in the past 10 days because of a crazy week with trip and many social events... but all is not lost. I still feel better from when I started and I know I have lost (not lost- eliminated) weight.
Back to regular routine and to the program. Legs are tired and arms are sore. No pain, no gain!

After 3 weeks

I am feeling stronger and thinner than before. Very happy with the result so far. I was not able to commit 100% with the diet, but I guess even without being perfect it was still a big improvement.

3rd week

I was not able to keep the diet during the weekend. Went overboard with carbs.
Excited to start a new week and committed to finish it better that the last.