Roberta D.

Roberta D.

Kenzai Body | Day 24
Kenzai Body
Day 24
Program progress:
Day 23- lesson of the day

Stretching has never been a regular part of my work-out routine in the past and that is one more improvement Kenzai brings.

Although I have to say that depending on the day my approach varies from 1, 2 to 3 and for some movements I still feel really stupid and awkward when doing it, I have embraced the habit and do feel the benefit.

Good Morning!

I am happy with how things are progressing so far.

The hardest thing for me: believe it or not is to use the blog, share pictures and thoughts. I am not a social media person and this part of Kenzai is really hard for me.

The easiest: the diet. So far, so good. I love the diet during the first month of Kenzai. I always feel I can eat a lot.

Fresh start

Hi. I am Roberta. I am married with 2 kids. This is my second attempt with Kenzai program. Looking forward to losing weight (and not finding it again in the future) and getting fitter.

back to

I wasn't able to fully commit with workout routine in the past 10 days because of a crazy week with trip and many social events... but all is not lost. I still feel better from when I started and I know I have lost (not lost- eliminated) weight.
Back to regular routine and to the program. Legs are tired and arms are sore. No pain, no gain!

After 3 weeks

I am feeling stronger and thinner than before. Very happy with the result so far. I was not able to commit 100% with the diet, but I guess even without being perfect it was still a big improvement.

3rd week

I was not able to keep the diet during the weekend. Went overboard with carbs.
Excited to start a new week and committed to finish it better that the last.