Robert J.

Robert J.


Congratulations to everyone . I've lost a fair amount of weight . I shall continue my diet and cardio

week 12

Continuing my cardio and diet. Shoulder issues stable but still a problem with a number of exercises

Up date

Am doing my cardio and adhering to the diet . Have been unable to do the other exercises unfortunately because of my significant shoulder issues . I can still swim though and have been doing that

my situation

Although I'm doing the workouts , I have missed a cuople and it does bother my shoulder sothat is a limitin factor .abaut I'm still going

Storing food

For me, storing all thes vegetables is a big ,very annoying problem.


I'm continuing with training . I'll let you know if there are any changes.

beginning week 7

My training is going ok . Despite my shoulder issues am managing with the diet and exercise program .

week 6

Had some change in schedule which caused me to miss 2 days of workout but am back on track . Diet remains on track .


Have been using swimming as my cardio and it seems to be working out for me . Having a lot of right shoulder problems but I find ,at Jess's suggestion , I can do some of the exercise that require stretching my shoulder can be done w/o the bands and do an isometric type exercise with the range of motion . Amazingly the swimming doesn't bother my shoulder and probably helps .
Finally lost some weight !

Appetite issues

I have been finding it difficult to eat at the usual times since I'm still full from previous meal and the snack.. This sets my meal schedule off considerably . For example, I find I'm not able to eat lunch until at least mid afternoon and dinner until 8 or later .
Anyone else with these issues ?

end of week three

Kind of disappointed that haven't lost any more weight since the first 10 days. I'm finding I have to modify the triceps exercises because I have significant arthritis in my right shoulder which precludes me from doing that with the chair.

Staring 3rd week

Hi Everyone .
Hope everyone is doing well on their program. I was pleased to see that I lost about 4-5 pounds last week. The food prep and the amount of food you eat is still an issue with me but I'm managing.
Bob J


Hi folks,
Is anyone having trouble eating all the food on the diet? I found that I have a lot of trouble eating all the food . I know at my age (77) i don't have the appetite i once had .

Day 7

Because of age, andsome physical problems substituted some other acceptable cardio for the jump ropes . So Far so good


Hi ,
My first day is today . I am 77 and a semi retired general surgeon. Looking forward to working with you




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