Robert K.

Robert K.

3rd workout

Hello group. I’m coming to you from Austin, Texas, where the high temperature today is supposed to hit 100°F with an 80% humidity reading. I just finished the third workout of the course and I have to say it was brutal but awesome. ImAs I sit here trying to stop dripping before going back inside I would like to say best of luck everyone on keeping to your blogging because that is the key in my experience. As long as I write down what I did and how I feel, I find it hard to come up with an excuse not to do the right things.

My kids are home from school and my daughter and wife like to make cookies and banana bread on almost a daily basis. The first day I find it hard to resist and had a small slice of banana bread, but yesterday no sugar but all I know alcohol. Today I’ll be on diet again.

To put some numbers down I have slid to 186lbs yesterday up from 182 after finishing the KB program in May. My goal, if it’s possible, is to get to 175 in this month, without being miserable.

Below is a picture of my workout area. Back porch of our house.

back pain....injury?

I did well on the diet and exercise this week, but yesterday following the workout I had lower back pain that required ibuprofen to tolerate. Today it’s worse. I think it’s the burpees that did it. Too high-impact for my weak back muscles. Not sure how long this will take to repair itself or what I should allow myself to do in the mean time.

Weight was below 190 (down from 198 Feb 4). Hoping to get to 175 by straight line.

doing fine

I’m in week three. Still pretty disorganized about workout times but getting most of them in. I like them. But if I’m just wanting time to veg a little I’ve chosen to run a few times instead of what was prescribed.

I’m down 7 or 8 lbs so far which is great. Starting to tire of the quantities of food but I have had few mistakes other than some cake - and whisky - on my wife’s birthday yesterday. I think I’ll make it through this time. Afterward I have to stick to maintenance better. Determined!

2nd Post 2019

Made it through day 10 workout. I continue to think that 5 sets of a single exercise has got to be unnecessarily repetitive. Need to start working out early morning. So far since I am working at home these days due to an office remodel in progress, I am free to work out when I please. This has translated to me needing to talk myself into it. Will try to do better tomorrow.

doing far

I apologize that I currently have no idea who is in my group or who my trainer is. I hope someone will tell me....I’m busy right now but dead on w the diet and 90% on the workouts. Wife is helping w diet by not bringing all my favorite cheats. She can have one and leave while I have 12x.

3 days missed?

Something's happened to me these last 3 days.... started off the week very excited about workouts, got busy, got less excited, and now on Friday afternoon i've built in an hour to go do one so I don't miss 3 days in a row and I'm having MASSIVE motivational problems getting up to do it. Going to the gym is a pain, there is traffic, the weights I have here are not very good, I'm going to be late to dinner, etc. I've noticed that the exercises, working at a decent pace, take me about 1 hour, maybe a bit more. Do have an hour? Yes, almost. I could just not do the jump rope, then I'll have only missed 2 days in a row. OK, I'm going to do that. Whew. Glad I posted!

Getting it done

I’m confessing that I skipped the workout yesterday. Stayed at the office until 10pm to work instead, the way I used to do when we had small kids at home I didn’t want to bathe or face the brushing teeth battle. I’ve just finished day 18 and will makeup the back workout on the weekend.

Diet has been tough; mostly just skipped a few vegetables; not much cheating. I did have a scotch and a New Orleans praline last night, but calories stayed under 1900 since I had skipped the fruit snacks. Not ideal but should be ok.

Weights - could not finish shoulder lifts with more than the empty barbell. Started out w 20lbs additional but only finished 1 1/2 sets. I know it’s normal. There has been a time when 45KG sets were not a problem. Here’s hoping that comes back!

Dialing in a Schedule

Hello Team Citron!
It's day 15, so that means we're 1/6 of the way through the program. To date, I think I've dropped 5 lbs, which is welcome. Clothes are already fitting better. No longer am I on the last hole in my belt. Still, a long way to go.

I have found that getting to the gym at our CC is a burden even though it's probably 10 minutes from door to weight room. So, last weekend I secured a bench and weight set from a neighbor whose son had stopped using his and gone off to college, leaving it in the garage. This was great for chest exercises, but yesterday for the squats there was trouble. Who knew you need a completely different rack to store the bar safely for squats? Doing 5 sets while "resting" with the bar and 50lbs of weights still on your shoulders is not ideal. Back to the gym for these leg cycles I believe.

Diet has been decent. Yesterday I broke down mid afternoon and attacked some chocolate covered almonds. It added up to 600 calories when I put it in the computer. I did penance by skipping the fruit and cutting down the evening carbs.

I work best in the morning, so I'm trying a 6PM-7PM workout schedule this week. It seems to be working better than I expected so far.

Day 11

Small cheat last evening at a birthday dinner (a few bites of ice cream sundae) was met in the morning by the "never cheat is better" lesson. I remembered that one when I saw it again and wished that I had not let myself be tempted.

I got the workout in today at noon. Struggled to get to the gym in the morning. Presently, if I work right through them, they take about 45 minutes. I hope the length can stay that long or not much longer.

My gym does have a pull up assist machine. It's nice, but boy does it still hurt. I appreciated the comment to my last post about that being my least favorite exercise. To be able to do all the reps, I had to add a lot of assistance. Not sure how much, but let's just say there were about 3 plates on the bottom that didn't go up with the pile. With that much help, I managed 10 reps the first 2 cycles, 8 the third, and had to put my foot down to get through number 4.
Anyone have enough experience in this department to say what a realistic goal for the next 79 days is in this department? If my goal is to be about to bang out, say, 6-8 unassisted pull ups, is that doable in 79 days?

Kenzai Iron

Ok, we're on Day 11 at Kenzai Iron, my first program in a couple of years. Over the last 4 months I've let 10 lbs of fat slip onto my frame due to foot trouble, laziness, and perhaps a little stress. I'm aiming to fix that. So far, so good. I have stayed almost spot on with the diet, with a few cheats here and there that have not added calories to the diet overall. Mostly when the cheats have happened, it has been because I skipped a snack and the hunger just overwhelmed me. I'm going to watch that closer.

The workouts I have enjoyed for the most part. Still I can't stand pull ups, mostly because I can't do a single one without assistance. Nothing new there. Even though I was traveling to Europe last week I managed to do the workouts every day, and in fact was probably better last week than this week in terms of getting it all done. My trouble here is the gym is 10 minutes away and I'm a bit lazy. I have secured a bench and weight set for temporary home use.

Here are the answers I gave last Sunday to the intro email, which I thought constituted my first blog post:

Hello team Citron!

First week was great; very sore for several days now. I worked me way through about 3000 mg of ibuprofen which made it a little better. Yesterday I was on a long flight so day 6 was a bust. I meant to just do some sort of 7 minute workout instead, but didn't have the energy to find what I needed. I'll do better next time this comes up. Onward!

1. I live in Austin, Texas, with my wife and our daughter, 17. Our son, 16, is in boarding school in Massachusetts. Like Erik, I am a recovering US lawyer, although I'd say I'm pretty well recovered at this point since it's been more than 15 years since I worked in a law firm. I now run an international legal recruiting firm and we do a lot of business in Hong Kong and Asia. I travel there and to Europe frequently.

2. I started this program because, after having been successful with Kenzai Body 1 back in 2014, I have started to slip. Running has been my default exercise, and I managed two 1:45 half marathons in a row in 2015 and 2016, then got slowed w a foot problem in 2017. Adding to that too much booze and sweets and now I have gotten to the point where my running can't keep me thin. I need a reboot, and I know I need some more muscle mass.

3. How did you hear about Kenzai? I heard about Kenzai originally from my friend Jim G. in Hong Kong ( He's been a source of encouragement and occasional forced honesty.

4. What do you want to achieve at the end of 90 days?

At the end of 90 days, I'd like to have lost about 20 lbs of fat. I'm going to keep the diet spot on. I know I can do that. If I have added 10lbs or so of muscle I'll be delighted. Also, I'd like to be healthy at the end of 90 days. Blood glucose has been headed up lately; that needs to reverse.

5. What is your LEAST favourite exercise?

Pull ups have always killed me.

Week Off?

I have basically taken week off of working out. I had a conference in Boston Weds-Friday. What I did right was to work out each day, including Weds, before leaving. Also I was able for the most part to keep to the diet, except for beer at the conference. On Saturday I stayed in Boston and ran a 5K in the lead-up to the Boston Marathon. I finished in 21:20, which was a PR for me and could have been faster had there not been 10,000 runners, many of whom were trying to get going at the front of the pack.

Coming home on Saturday and through to today, Tuesday, I have not done any of the workouts. I did run yesterday and do some pull-ups. It's been a stressful week. We're in some litigation and I have to be there for a guy's deposition tomorrow, which always takes a bit out of you. Anyway, I'm hoping to be back on track. I really love those 5-6 day stretches where I do everything right. Just has not happened in a while!

I am a week behind on the exercise schedule but I did two sessions in a row. Today I did the workout before hopping on a 4 hour flight to Boston. This morning also I weighed myself and also took a measurement around the middle. I was up 2.4 lbs to 188 and yet down by an inch in the middle to 35 inches. Weird? I want to be 174 lbs....

10K Results

Just finished the Capital 10K race in Austin, Texas. It was really hard. There are three miles of steady hills at the beginning and the humidity was over 90% today. Considering those challenges and the fact that my nutrition was somewhat off yesterday, I was OK with my time of 47:07 (7:35 min/mile splits). It's my first timed 10K of the modern era. I really would like to do that race in under 45 minutes by next year.

Ran 5 miles and did all the excercises yesterday. I also jumped the rope today for 14 minutes and did all the exercises except abs. I'm doing last week's workouts because I am really a week behind. My middle is down a half inch, so the oreos may not have killed my chances....

So lame of me

I have been circling the confessional for three days but instead of blogging it out today I ate a sleeve of Oreo cookies. There, I said it. I'm back.

Travel killed me last week. I worked out Monday and Tuesday but then Wednesday was so busy getting ready to take my son up to boarding school for a revisit. Thursday was the travel day (it's a haul to Boston from Texas) and then Friday we were in the sessions all day. Saturday was rainy and I was tired and then we had to travel back to Texas. Sunday I got better, ran a bit, and then Monday I did the exercises with great effort but only did 10 minutes of jumping rope. Today we had the aforementioned sleeve of Oreos as well as two chocolate chip cookies. Otherwise no huge transgressions but that's pretty bad. The plus side is that I'm still sore from the exercises yesterday.

Ok, I don't want to promise perfection but I am going to do better the rest of this week. I have a 10K race on Sunday, April 10. I'll de-escalate the crazy binge eating and nail the exercises, mostly....

Anyone else having trouble but needing a kick in the pants because you really want to stay on track but it's seeming too hard sometimes?

End of Week 9





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