Robert M.

Robert M.

Graduation Post 

I very much enjoyed my Kenzai journey. I lost about 15 lbs and feel a lot stronger. I learned to eat better and found a way to make exersize a daily priority. I am continuing my exersize now but focusing a little more on running with a goal to run a half marathon this spring. It has been great getting to know my team mates over these past 3 months and I wish everyone a great start to the new year!


I ran 4 miles on Monday and felt great! I have not been running much on this program but I guess the jump rope has helped. I feel like I have a jump start toward my next goal of running a half marathon.

What comes next?

After this program I am planning to train to run a half marathon.

Getting on a plane

I am traveling to Chicago today and will be there for the rest of the week. Have my jump rope and bands packed. I plan to workout first thing every morning and will stay as close to the diet as possible (though won't be measuring out so much).

Easiest is the workouts. Not that they are easy but I am enjoying doing them. Hardest is sticking to the diet, especially when traveling for work.

Feeling good

Workouts have been getting tougher for sure. I am waking up a little sore now which was not happening earlier in the program. Also, finding I need to budget some more time as the workouts are now taking me about 70 min or so. Switching from counting to timed jump rope has been a bit challenging. I find that I trip less when I am counting for some reason. So I am counting while following the timer now. I also find the first set the most difficult because my calves start to cramp. The second and third set are better once I have warmed up a bit.

Back on Track

Last week was difficult keeping up with the workouts and meals since I was starting a new job and traveling around Europe with my new director. I did do a fair amount of walking and managed to get a good workout in on Wednesday and kept my calories down for the most part. On Wed I worked out at the hotel gym and got a nice complement on my jump rope skills.

This week I am back at home and off to a great start. Switched my workouts to mornings and have been doing additional cardio in the evenings.

On the Road

Started a new job on Monday. Flew to Frankfurt on redeye Monday night. Went right to office so no time to rest or workout on Tuesday. Wednesday flew to Edinburgh and got a workout in Hope to work out thurs and Friday

Life changes

Starting a new job tomorrow. And I’m traveling to Europe for the week. This will certainly test my Kenzai resolve. On a positive note I had a great 16 mile bike ride yesterday on a beautiful fall day and I hit a new weight low. Packing my jump rope and bands for the trip.

Why not quit now?

I am definitely making progress and that’s what keeps me motivated. I have not followed everything perfectly but I continue to work on it and I’m definitely getting stronger. I’ve lost some weight and tightened my belt a notch or two. I’m learning to cook some interesting veggie meals. Yesterday I went for a 5 mile hike and today I ran 3 miles and felt good.

Ok - tonights workout was by far the toughest so far. It took me over an hour and I am exhausted. Pistol squats were awkward at best, pull ups/hangs were hard and by the time I got to the planks I was done. Week started well though with a good 40 min road bike ride today at lunch on a beautiful New England fall day!

Feel Good

I feel good this week. Lost a couple more lbs and starting to feel fitter. Work schedule interfered with workouts on Wed and Thursday and weather prevented me from getting out for a bike ride but otherwise doing good.

Tough Week

It was a challenging week due to work travel. Missed a couple of workouts and slipped a bit on the diet. Nevertheless, I ate much less and much healthier than before Kenzai so that is the silver lining. I have been getting a lot of headaches almost daily. They go away with ibuprofen. At first I thought it was due to a cold that I was getting over but they have persisted and now I am wondering if it is due to change in diet. I don't normally get headaches very often.

Day 20

Some ups and downs this week. It was a good week of exercise - I was able to get out and bike every day at lunch for 10 miles/day and then did my Kenzai jump rope and workout in the evenings. I did miss one Kenzai workout on Thursday night. I don't seem to be mastering the jump rope as quickly as I would like. I usually get to about 40 jumps and then the rope catches on my shoe or something. Occasionally I am able to get to 100 in a row. I find that the faster I go the less likely I mess up but then I find myself jumping really fast- it feels too fast. I'm jumping on a berber carpet so maybe a smooth mat would help? I'm also thinking about investing in a better rope. In addition, I need to get stricter with my diet. I have been skipping a few meals and not measuring out everything as diligently as I should. Also not eating as many veggies as I should. It's hard to find the time to plan and prepare meals. Diet definitely has improved from before I started though and I have lost about 8 lbs. I feel good.

Hardest part is meal prep and finding new ways to make veggies interesting. Easiest is the workouts as I enjoy the exercise and since I am doing it at night, it keeps me busy and not eating.




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