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Not my greatest Kenzai but worth it

Nearly there

Holding in there


It’s been awful. I so miss the Kenzai and have only myself to blame. Yes it started with business travel but I should have snapped back into things. Taking tentative steps back but it’s such a shame as Iron is a great program.


Sorry I’ve not been on the blogs. Last week was a car crash. I had to fly to LA for 24 hours. From London that is a gruelling trip and it smashed my resolve, especially as I went to NYC the week before. I got back in the gym today. Diet has suffered but I did my best.

All is not lost. We are half way. I shall try and smash out the 2nd half.


I did my best but this week ended up a bit of a disaster. Tues, Wed, Thurs went okay but the other days were severely impacted by travel to NY and back and unavailable social commitments.

Tomorrow is a new week and I shall not dwell on “write off week five”...


I’m one workout behind due to travel but plan to catch up on the cardio day. Diet is fairly clean although a smidgen of alcohol has snuck in. Ironic that this is zzzz week cos the jet lag pretty much destroys sleep patterns. In short surviving NY and payed homage to the President who was visiting London whilst I was in NY.

Dinner tonight may not be compliant...


Today I went back in time and re-read my blogs from KB3 from 3 years ago. That was a great program with terrific teammates encouraging me along. It was also inspiring to remember that you get results if you knuckle down and that there will be bumps in the road. I was also doing extra cardio almost every day which I think really helps. Only thing that makes me sad is my Labrador Buddy is now too old for running with me. I love that old fella and I have finally given up telling him to get off the bed.

Weekends are with bands

I don’t have ironmongery at my disposal at the weekend since my son snitched my dumbbell set.

However, I have the weighted rope (which is at least 20% more work) plus the trusty bands. I also have my wife’s 4kg bells and push up bars. More than adequate.

Biggest challenge is willpower but nailed it today.

Eating as clean as I can but it’s not easy.

Next week is gonna be a sweat as I’m in NY with a packed agenda with breakfast, lunch and dinners lined up back to back. Ouch...!

Simple breakfast

I have two eggs for breakfast rather than an egg white snack mid-morning

Dirty weekend

Okay, some admissions. This long weekend, we had some old friends to stay from the US. It involved old style socializing with food and drink. I certainly indulged much less than I would have done had I not been on Kenzai. However, bank holiday Monday was logged as an early indulgence. I kept up the workouts.

Will tighten up again...

I went to a dinner last night and the lady opposite (who I had never met before) said “so how much do you work out?” I was a bit surprised and asked why she assumed I did and she said “she could tell”

She was Russian and clearly more direct than your average shy and retiring English rose but it was good to get a compliment.

Also as confirmation that the work is paying off, my belt has tightened a notch so that’s an inch off the waist.

Since Kenzai Steel is starting to pay dividends I may as well keep it up!!!

To challenge me however I have a dinner at a famous London Indian restaurant tonight so I fear a slight deviation coming....


There is a democratic deficit in GB. A majority of the population voted to leave the EU and the political establishment have thwarted the outcome. For the first time I have got personally involved in politics and on 23 May I shall exercise my free and democratic vote for the Brexit Party. I respect anyone who disagrees and wants to be a colony of the EU superstate.

Meanwhile I’m on course with Kenzai Iron. Loving it.

Plate of power

I find adding homemade tomato sauce gives breakfast a lift. An onion, peppers and a can of tomato cooked for a while. Add some chilli too! A batch will last most of the week.


It is quite daunting to know that with just 2 weeks done I still have 10 weeks ahead of me on Kenzai Iron. That’s the rest of May and the whole of June and July. Gulp!

On the other hand, if I do this properly I should be a Viking by August!

Waiting for the egg bomb to hit....


My new gym is a gem. This little room rarely gets busy so I can skip without interruption.

End of Week 7





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