Rob Gagne

Rob Gagne

Just became a Kenzai Member!


My jump rope cord broke; it's the regular model leather Excellerator (not the fancy one, only version I could find on Amazon JP) and the rough floor of my balcony wore right through it.

I guess it means I was following the workouts :)

I've been jogging since then with a new one on order.


Started last week with a cold. That led to two days of light (ish) workouts. Did the cardio and most of the weight but dialed it back a bit. Felt much better after two days (quick recovery... all those vegies) and stuck with the diet.

Over the long weekend (culture day in Japan) took a trip to Kyoto. Stuck with the exercises and overall stuck with the diet.. (though the attached little morsel was probably not compliant.. but it was small)

Counting past 1000 is hard. Timing is definitely easier. Good change. Most things on auto pilot now; familiar with most of the exercises. The diet is no issue these days (though still miss that week ending glass of wine..). Otter kicks still least favorite exercise though the piston thing giving it a good run.

Still going strong

A bit behind on the blogging but up to date on work outs and lessons (and diet!). Making time in the morning for the workout takes effort and coordination but I know if I miss the window it will be that much harder later.

To make the family happy (I'm the cook roughly half the time) found ways to flavor things that don't involve salt.

Week 3

Tokyo just held Belgian Beer Weekend. That was a tough temptation to pass up... but I persevered.

Other than that doing well. The every day exercise is becoming routine. Eating a lot more during the day than I used to (takes some time) and therefore less in the evening.

Day 6

My kids needed to learn how to jump rope for their school, they had 20 jump club, 50 jump club, etc. where each was how many times they could jump without a mistake.

Glad they did because they were (naturally) horrible at first, and so we all did it together which it gave me a chance to remember how to jump rope. Otherwise this first week would probably have been even harder.

However, likely with one more week this program will eclipse my prior lifetime of jumps. And of course, there was all the other stuff too :).

Good first week... can definitely feel it though.

day 4

So far so good; really enjoying the program.

I can almost get through the entire 50 jump set at once now... almost. And otter kicks are way harder than they have any right to be.