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Konfusion Week 4

Totally loving this beta Fusion - it's fitting me perfectly. By that I mean that I'm in off programme mode mentally and it's giving me fantastic daily lessons, a HUUUG variety of workouts each week that are improving my mood, my posture, my stretches and my strength. Now I would love to say I'm sticking to the diet but I'm so not - and that was my plan.

I'm so far off the diet that I baked and ate 2 of these glorious kardemummabullar (swedish cardamom buns) in the pic above. I fell in love with these beauties in a coffee shop in London called Fabrique and was determined to learn how to make them - this was my first attempt and I kinda nailed it. Great British Bake off here I come?????

Must be eaten with a great big cup of coffee :)


Got my SWAG in the post - so excited as it’s getting cooler next week so I’ll actually be able to use it ;)

I’m doing Kenzai Fusion Beta and it’s on a App. Going good so far - was in Shanghai for most of it a was way off on the diet so time to tighten it a little - not a lot though as have long weekend away next week.

Warming up

Don’t want a cold start to Fusion Next week so did a nice one this morning - gotta call it how it is - hardly sweat a drop - very easy pace.

Lovely morning 21oC with the sunrise.

kit kat

Oh actually really oddly tastes like apple pie with a slightly toasted crust and gentle sprinkling of icing sugar. Kind of yummy but I feel weird admitting that. Oh yeah it's purple too - 'cos all apple pies are purple???

Thank God there was only one small one at work...........

Did a hike and a reservoir swim at the weekend in glorious weather - November and its 25oC - pics below

off and on

So since Chisel finished last Sunday and I'm officially "off programme" I've eaten and drank a few things that I hadn't touched for some time:

- 2 beers last night = bloated like crazy and nasty hangover - this has started to become a thing with me and beer - it doesnt seem to sit well with me anymore.....

- 3 glasses of red and some french cheese on Weds night at dinner with my boss - ridiculous hangover the next day felt like I was going to pass out all day

- chips at lunch today - ugh bad tummy now

My body does not like this at all - have I been too compliant on chisel - have a Indian vegetarian dinner out tonight and its 5:20pm and I'm still bloated from lunch.

Workouts this week = only 2. One 5km run which proved to me my knee is a bit fecked and I'm going to have to go to the docs - damned it - was limping after 3.5km. And one Twin Bellz workout this morning. Mind and body are craving workouts.....

All this bloatedness and workout craving means I've signed up for Kenzai Fusion Beta - my first ever Beta programme - exciting. I have a tonne of roadblocks (1st world problems) during the 6 weeks of Fusion (Partner pre-pre-budget meetings in Shanghai, Long weekend in Madrid) so I won't be going hardcore on the diet but enjoying this fancy way of working out we're promised!


And we’re done!

Man that programme - sheesh it’s the best and toughest! I thought the Beach Blast was great but nope it’s Chisel. Fast-Furious-Pedal to the Metal the whole way - running on fumes for the last two weeks too with my 100g carb a day allowance.

I’m happy - I really committed to this one - only a couple of diet slips (mainly fermented grape variety) and I missed one cardio but I more than made up for that on other days. I wouldn’t change a thing. Last time I did this programme I did 4 great weeks and then went on holiday so even though I did workouts the diet went out the window and that’s crucial in this.

This time around I made it a Chisel T Shirt Blast combo - as I subbed in those workouts on the strength days. I managed to do the last 2/3 weeks with a very very gammy right knee by subbing out the jumpy moves - pleased how that worked. Despite the knee my skipping got better and the Handstands are really getting there.

Thanks to Sharm for guiding us all through this 6 weeks of madness and for kicking my butt about overdoing it.... Big shout out to Dermot and Cora for nailing the programme and being active on the blogs and supporting us all. Big love as always to Janet for coming to the blogs and giving support during some wonderful life events - Congrats again! Fish, Jim, Mr King, Watson, Matt, Lissi & Suzanne (keep going you two you’re doing great!), Silvia, the Scotties, the George Bs and the Kommunity for coming by my blogs and giving me a push - I truly appreciate it.

A final word to any of you thinking of doing Chisel - if you don’t nail the diet it just really will be a lot of jumping around for 6 weeks.

Chisel - nuff said


Chisel - almost there

Last day in Yangon today. Good work week and great workout week. Nailed them all and took advantage of the amazing gym here. Why is it good - big - not too many people - space to skip and do DHTs and loads of toys - DBs, Bellz, TRX etc etc.

GIF above is my DHTs from Tuesday - today’s we’re even better but didn’t film them so you have to take my word for it. Pic below is the 1 hr strength monster.

Food has been OK - v careful with carbs - or hardly have any so don’t eat any - good on veg but slightly under on protein as expected so good job I brought my shake. Had 4 glasses of wine this week and 1 G and T - not good but could have been way worse!

Chisel - 6 to go

My flight to Yangon is delayed so got time to blog.

Good weekend of workouts but a bit wobbly on the diet - nothing too serious : 1 glass of wine, 1/2 scoop of ice cream, 2 teaspoons of mascarpone and 1/2 a scone. Not exactly a blowout but I guess could’ve been tighter. I blame the wine of non drinking friends that out of character wanted wine - and Mateo baked scones while we were out hiking of his own accord - would’ve been harsh to refuse.....

Saturdays super strong workout is above and Sundays hike below. Did about 500m of gentle jogging and knee was more or less ok - won’t run this week - just skipping. 1 legged burpees today we’re fun and I didn’t face plant so that’s good. I’m feeling sleepy tired but very fit and strong. Weekly pic makes me look a bit drawn out but this was after the 3 cycles so I guess that might be why.

This week I get to workout in the v spacious Melia Yangon gym - well stocked and usually quiet - hope it still is......

Packed my protein powder as I’m still on only 50g carb at lunch so meals are likely to be veggie heavy and protein light.

Have a good week all and smash those workouts!!!!

Chisel - subtastic

Had to sub out three moves today - the two jumpy ones (butt jumps and fakies) for Twin Bellz swings and twin bellz shoulder press - coz knees. The other was chest dip which does my right rotator in - for the above twisties.

Still starving - vegetarian friends coming over tomorrow for dinner - they don’t really drink (win) and I will have lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. Need to be really disciplined this weekend as next week I’m on a business trip all week - not ideal but hotel has a great gym. Will pack protein powder.

Chisel - scooping

Dermot - spoiler warning......

Actually workout A was fun this morning - it’s finally “cooled” off a bit in HK (temperature wise if nothing else) and was only 24oC so was outside for the duration.

Today’s workout felt like the goal was toning our chiselled bodies - three timed movements no less. And we had scoop and elevated push ups - love it. It was like chisel meets beach blast today.

Still starving but Mrs said she can’t believe how much back chub I’ve lost- guess that’s a part of us we never get to see.

Pic - sunrise scoopies.

(btw - new least favourite move - scissor claps - no likey - too hard la.)

Chisel - quickie

Very busy couple of days at work so quick workout called for today and quick blog.

On the way home now 8:20pm and effing starving - food give me food!!!

Another day done.

Chisel - that wall

Haven’t got through that wall yet - this mornings B was tough - my God. Nearly threw the towel in several times - BUT I didn’t. All done grrrrrrr

Can you believe that of my 100g of carbs a day I missed 50g yesterday. Had to go get lunch out - so had a smoked salmon salad - v good w no dressing but no carbs.

The Mindhunter binge watching continues and we got 2 episodes in late last night which meant less than average sleep.

So as you can see shitty hard workout is a result of missing carbs and not sleeping enough - who says chisel is for advanced trainees ;)

Right knee update - it’s still slightly stiff since the race - not been able to run and staying off jumpy things - skipping is fine. It’s improving which is the good thing - middle age fecking sucks.

Chisel - the wall

Love the lesson about the wall - really feel like I crashed into it but am slowly finding a way over / around it.

Friday night I folded and had 2 small prosecco and a glass of sauvb. Food was fine but that’s irrelevant after that isn’t it....felt great to enjoy the wine and the company.

Saturday I did a strength workout (see below) after the wife and I did a 5km hike (see above) - we stopped and did push ups and rows plus 8MA at the top of the hill to spice up the hike.

Sunday I spend the entire day either on the sofa binge watching Mindhunter or cooking. Workout just didn’t happen - oops. I’ll catch it up and do 30mins on the bike this week.

This morning - slept well but man I did NOT want to workout. Sat staring at my jump rope for 5mins on the sofa and then eventually stood up and did it. I guess there are just days like that and I should be happy that I did it.

Scales haven’t budged in 3 weeks (!!!!!) but photo shows so improvements going on.

Roll on all - 2 weeks to go - just so over this.

GIF below is of “roving curls” the guy at the link below did it so much better!

Chisel - subs

Pics above were from one of the photographers at the weekends race. To think that for the one on the left I was on 1/3 of the way Up and only 3km into it.

Been gentle on my knees this week. Managed to skip last night but didn’t do any jumps and subbed them out - including the yahoos which became toe touches - see GIF below.

This morning I found Chisel B an issue - too many jumpy things so subbed in twin kettlebell swings, shoulder and chest presses. Really felt that!

Bit tired of being on a diet - want to see people tonight and this weekend and not have to think about food. Body feels hungry - 130g of carbs all day isn’t much for me = hungry. Stay the course Rob only 2 weeks left after this.

End of Week 7





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