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Robin K.

Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready | Graduating (Member)
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Program progress:
KTS - done but not quite  

Done but given I missed a week of this I will be repeating it at some point - not sure but maybe October.

Great programme - long workouts means it’s one for when you know you’ve got the time.

Found I bulked up but didn’t chisel up - gums are showing good progress and chest is feeling strong. Sweaty pic above.

Now umming and aaahhhhing about what to do next....


Wow wow wow

Day 25 and 26 with only a sleep in between us called pushing yourself hard - sitting on the ferry now totally ruined - can hardly hold the phone to type - LOVE IT!!!!!

So last night 74 min extraordinaire is show above - I kept the pace up and seriously it would be easy to spend 90mins doing that workout. I’m saving it as it was one of my fave K workouts EVER! So tough - like the sticky bandit. Just wanted to cry at the end.

This morning’s “light” workout was just not that hahaha.

Fish twist for the win in today’s stretching - my form is just so not as flexy as The Fish himself.

I decided not to repeat T shirt on Monday. Options on the table are: 1. Beach Body aka Watson’s whiplash ( T-shirt and Beach Blast) 2. Chisel OR 3. A new KBMe which will be elements of Beach TShirt and Run. I have a hill race on Oct 6 so the latter is starting to make more sense.



Both boys at home have a cold virus - Margarita maybe coming down with it too - and I for sure have it but oddly seem to be doing better than my teenagers. Just sore throat and lethargy not the manflu-in-training that they have.

I don't know what it was about Tuesday's workout - maybe those deep squats with the twist or the sky kicks or side leg raises but I can't frigging walk right now.

I did a spinning class last night instead of the bodyweight workout and yeah sure it made me sweat buckets, heart pounding and close to throwing up but despite the blood going into my legs I still have crazy DOMS - all down in the inside of my quads.

Didn't workout this morning as feeling rough and the thought of the 75min super heavy body workout has me feeling like that GIF above - just got to hang on until Sunday..............

UPDATE Workout Done = 74mins!!!


Added a fancy move to my deep squats today - courtesy of this fella and his wicked routines:

Mine isn’t as fast or as barefoot as his.

Workout may have been “light upper body” but I was still shot by the end and am still sweating and hour (and shower) later.

In scale related news I’ve dropped body fat but gained weight - GAINZ!!!!! That’s a Kenzai first. I’m still chubbier than I want to be and acing the dad bod look.

Now I don’t know whether to repeat the T Shirt on Monday or get chiselling. I’ve signed up to 4 trail races between now and Feb so need to lighten the load (but not the gainz) and get out running - soooo what to do.....

Answers on a postcard please......


For my cardio I did what turned out to be a shockingly slow 5km jog. Things never to do again:

- don’t go for a run with a belly full of breakfast
- don’t go for a run outdoors when it’s so stiflingly hot it’s hard to breathe
- feels like 42 - who runs in that - like no one you fool

That was torture.

This morning’s workout in contrast was just long sooo long.

Happy Monday from the city on fire (in more ways than one).

KTS Day - yumm

Feeling tighter if not slimmer and can tell the guns tris and pecs are starting to feel the pump a bit.

Did a long one in the heat today - skipped for 20mins and added in 4 sets of farmers walk. I hatched to swap the reclining arm swing out as my right rotator cuff screams when I do them (as it does for the bands version of these). I did 4 sets of alternating dB cross body hammer curls instead.

Whole workout was 75 mins and 650 cals according to my Apple Watch. Had a protein shake when I was done before lunch which is above.

The purple blob is homemade beetroot “humous” - one roasted beet blended with a loaded teaspoon of tahini, squeeze of lemon, small garlic clove, dash of EVO and punches of pink salt, cumin, paprika and crushed pepper - bloody awesome! Had it with leftover mex chicken I cooked last night, spinach rocket salad, grilled asparagus and toasted corn tortillas. Niiiiice.

Breakfast is below and that was a tomato and spinach omelet, Irish soda bread with avo and a some feta drizzled with wee bit of organic Greek honey.

Last pics - return of the gif - slightly dodgy form on the turkey wing.

KTS Day = tired

Oh my yup I am exhausted.

Food A*
Sleep B
Workouts A-

All together makes for one tired man. The 7 min skip was a pain in the ass to get going and then 1min of burpees nearly had me throwing in the towel but then something weird happened - body overrode the whiney mind and I got the workout done.

Whole thing took 50mins today - I think that means I was dawdling a bit.

Roll on the weekend and more sleep.

Been reading and following the lessons and workout instructions. Consequently I’m enjoying working my meaty bellies and marvelling at the non stop DOMS of this programme.

On other Kenzai programme I’ve had legs and butt Doms (sculpt, KB3) but even on KBellz2 which frankly just ruins you (in a totally great and satisfying way) you don’t get the non stop upper body DOMS.

4th day back from the long weekend away and already feeling tighter all over, more upright and less jiggly. I’m not feeling especially fit so I can see that this is more aesthetics than fitness.

Love it.

Had a protein shake after today’s super heavy workout - needed that,


Remember when you lose (didn’t read) the ikea instruction sheet and your shelves end up all wonky - well that’s me today.

I didn’t read any lessons last week as I knew I’d be doing cardio and body weight stuff so what was the point right. As I didn’t workout last night (jet lag) I did Day 8 this morning before reading the Day 8 lesson - my plan was weights all week since I’d done so much body weight in Spain. No no no said the lesson - stick to the plan as detailed or you’ll be all wonky (like said shelf).

So - tomorrow is body weight day again which will feel frustrating to me (as I want to do weights) but need to get back on message and follow the god damn instructions.

KTS Day ?

Been very remiss and had my first ever Kenzai no blog email!

Landed back from Madrid a couple of hours ago and now off to work.

Madrid was amazing - ate way too much (but oh my was the food worth it) - drank way too much (some phenomenal G&Ts) and had a blast.

Margarita and I did three long morning workouts in Parque del Oeste (so beautiful) which included 2 x 5km runs combined with body weight blasts and then on the 3rd day we did the beach blast final workout. Did we work off all the consumed calories - doubtful but by God did we walk - my iPhone said we walked almost 60km over the 4 days which is about right as our legs were constantly sore.

I am so behind on the programme - but not gonna quit - just climbing back on and seeing this one through.

Oh and bonus - I can still handstand ;)

KTS - Days 7/8

Been an odd weekend. We had a fancy dress event on Saturday night - 80s theme - I was Maverick and the Mrs was v pop star inspired. Neither of us like fancy dress at all - I mean seriously we will politely refuse most invites but it was a 40th so we felt kind of obliged. Dressing up makes me very anxious and nervous and I needed a beer to calm the nerves. I ended up having 2 pints and no dinner. Not ideal.

Sunday I did an indoor bike ride for my cardio as it was pissing it down outside. The whole situation is HK has me a bit stressed out so didn’t sleep well and was up at 4:45am for a flight to Seoul - about to take off now.

Work means I may not be able to workout today as it’s full afternoon of meetings and office dinner. Tomorrow night I fly back to HK and then turn right around and check in with Margarita for a flight to Madrid where we’re going for a v long weekend.

So this week isn’t going to be ideal and for a short programme it’s a sub- standard 1/4 but hey I knew this going into it and I’m cool with that.

Blast on everyone.


Had a nice good sleep last night so after a solid breakfast this morning the workout felt really good.

Had a tasty protein shake (salted caramel pea protein with Greek yogurt and chia seeds) once I finished - not sure if it will help with the DOMS but made me feel good.

Sneaky pic of us Blasters (me T Shirt and Margarita Beach Ready) this morning and one of lunch.


Judging by how f@cking sore I am today! Chest and Upper Arm DOMS big time - ouchey - hurts so good.

Massive massive headache the last 16hrs which I’m putting down to my body getting rid of the last “toxins” from the Summer - drinking lots of water right now.

Today’s Light workout was kind of hard especially on the arms after yesterday. Love it, Sunday’s cardio is gonna feel sooooooo good.


X-sits - me or the roach??

Today’s super heavy extravaganza (with explanation - thanks for that) took ages! 50mins in total. This is because (a) I move to the garage to do the dumbbell and bench work (hence the roach) - as it has no air con I stay indoors for the other stuff - too hot out even at 6am; and (b) cos I had to fiddle around with the dumbbells to get the weight right for the exercises.

Despite the length of the workout I enjoyed it and marvelled at how incredibly weak I am. Curls with only 11kg, open and press with only 7kg ! Yikes. Things can only get better and stronger I guess....... ego is now whimpering in the corner. How come I can swing heavier

Diets dropped - no dinner carbs - yay!

Can’t remember the last time I saw Viking long boat on the workout sheet - how low do you go - first set was more like a v sit hold, second one I think it was too low as I thought I’d repop my hernias - not good - so found a happy medium in between.

Happy to report I am sore all over. Literally walking DOMS - butt, hammies, calves, delts, chest you name it’s DOMs’d.

Mrs and I had our 24th anniversary yesterday and we celebrated with a nighttime hike up the mountain and a glass of Perrier- woot woot! (We’re sneaking off for a long weekend next week so we’ll be celebrating with cava then).

Talking of the Mrs - I maybe out blogging her 3-0 but she’s skipping 15mins no issue while I’m half dead after 5!

Diets tomorrow - cut my carbs PLEASE - need to torch the belly chub.

End of Week 7



Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready


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