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Last week (Tues) I did a chisel workout - it kicked my butt whatever one it was.

Then Sat I did a Blast/Weight combo - Sunday it was Kettlebell 2 D36 and this morning was Blast Day 22.

Since Blast ended in May I’ve gained 2kg but happily only 0.5kg of fat - so here’s hoping that other 1.5kg is muscle :). I think it might be a kg as I’ve done a fair lot of weights.

This week is a bit mad as we have to move out for kitchen renovation before we fly Friday night to London. So gonna try blasts and maybe some runs - bit hot out though.

Sweating it

No workout Saturday as it was a day of footy ad Mateos team finished 3rd in the League and then bronze medal in the HKFA Cup - he’s the little one in the middle with one of the cups.

Sunday’s fun however left in a massive pool of sweat - awesome!!!!

10 minute Blast = 1min each of with no more than 10sec break between:
Star jumps
Tire run
Deep squat karaoke twist
MT Cross Knee
Scissor jumps
Sky kicks
Lunge jump twist
Yahoo jumps

Weight session:
4 x farmers walk with 2 x 20kg plates
4 x 10 bb deadlift
4 x 14 dB chest press
4 x 10 landmine press l/r
4 x 10 dB bicep curls
4 x 10 dB close hand chest press
4 x 20 dB cross body hammer curls
4 x 10 dB incline chest fly

8min abs


Maintenance mode ticking over well - still can see the 6 pack and weight and bf unchanged over the last 2 weeks or so. Keeping a (lazy) eye on the food.

The Junk was awesome as we had NO rain. If you’re in HK right now you know what that means.

Managed to wakeboard for a v short period of time as it was for the boys not the adults but still showed them that I wasn’t too shabby. Wakeboarding left me sore for days!!!!

Beast mode enabled last night - good weight session, 8MA then a gorgeously hooooomid hill run.

Looks like we’re gonna do the 5th Aug Chisel the day we land back from Greece!!!


Long week at work that was mentally draining and no time to prioritise workouts. Slept most of the day Saturday thanks to a rocking hangover from too much too much on Friday night. We took the sunset ferry over to Mui Wo for a family pizza (some of the best ones in HK thin and crispy as you like). Boys were like meh on the way but happy we’d done it.

Sunday I did an evil workout, It was Bellz2 day 36 - i swapped out the speed skipping cycles for 1min each of blast exercises so that meant (skaters, switch foot jump, muaythai cross, circle run, scoop push ups, outside mountain climbers, scissor jumps and showgirls). That was intense!!! Wrapped up with 8MA.

Today it’s a junk trip then it’s 18 days before we head to Greece so it’s tighten up the diet and work on the abs.


Got a bit of a heavy week at work with client events, pitches and presentations. So workouts will be sporadic at best and short.

On the way home from a serious pitch (that went better than expected for us underdogs) I called the Mrs and said I was going to miss my 7:30 boat and would be on the 8 as my connecting star ferry was stuck in a marine traffic jam (they happen). My plan was forming - 30mins to wait - nice big G&T and a bag of those Knudsen cheesy pretzels thing - noiiiice.

BUT got to central side at 7:27 and thought - I could actually make the 7:30 if I run - now it was 31oC 95%rh and drizzling in full suit, tie and dress shoes (ie slippery as feck) and it’s 500m. Made it with 1min to spare just as the bell was ringing.

So - no booze, no nasty processed snack - 2.5min sprint (no slipping over) and 30mins extra with the family.

Yeah baby - Winning!!!!

Keep Showing Up

My KBMe has been trucking along - not quite with the enthusiasm of the first week.

Tuesday - 2 cycle chisel workout followed by 8MA
Weds - day off :)
Thurs - quick weight bench workout and 8MA
Friday - nada :)
Saturday - monster weight session, 8MA then a 6km hike over the hills
Sunday - Blast D23 with Gabe (only 10mins skipping not 20) hahahaha he said “ that wasn’t too hard” - then collapsed for 1/2 hour = new found respect for his parents.
Monday - just did the Blast Final workout plus 8MA - hot damn.

When I look back now at that list it actually isn’t as bad as I thought it was - been mentally berating myself for not working out enough - I’ll clam down now - that’s not bad.

Had a few issues with food inputs - ie - not eating enough at meals and then getting hungry and snacking on crap (mainly chocolate). Starting to right that by making sure I eat properly. Couple of glasses of wine and a couple of ciders after the hike - not terrible.


My summer motto.

Ticking along

KBMe is ticking along. Sunday I only did 8MA as I was standing in the sweltering heat at a footy game all afternoon so I figured that was good enough. Yesterday was all about walking so didn’t fancy anything more than that - my mini 8MA streak was broken along with a glass of wine on Sunday.

This morning up and at them early with the above workout which should’ve been yesterday. All good though. Added 8MA at the end (forgot to put it on the thing above). Since Blast finished I can feel progress in abs chest and arms - it’s working :)

My KB Me

The plan is going well - scarily on track if you want to call it that,

Wednesday = Bellz 2 Workout focussed on mobility and shoulders - done and dusted - I can’t remember which day it was but it was with TGUs. Finished with 8MA.

Thursday = Weight bench workout. Did a 6km night run to the reservoir and back as the rain had finally stopped - it was awesome. Then a weights workout:
4 x 12 dB incline chest fly
4 x farmers walk with 2 x 20kg plates
6 burpees - died
4 x 10 dB chest press
4 x 10 dB bicep curls
8min abs
Friday = Chisel A - Day 32 I think - what a nightmare - so tiring because I started late in the evening. Only got 2 cycles in and finished with the 8MA.
Saturday = Weight bench workout (see below).

No booze since last blog and food all good.

Mrs is back tonight so I get a break from the teenagers who tbh have been awesome and v well behaved this week, Was temped to do the Blast Biceps thing but I can’t finish it before hols so I shall carry on with my KB Me.

The makings of a plan?

Finishing blast has left me with that - "OK what next feeling". We've a good 5 weeks until we leave for Greece in July so it is almost enough time to have jumped onto chisel or one of the kettlebell programmes. But to be honest I'm a bit programmed out and need to transition a bit to "wanting to eat good and workout" from "I'm on a programme so I have to". I've managed to keep any weight off since finishing blast and have had 1 G&T since so have kept a tight reign on things.

I'm wanting some flexibility in my workouts and invested in some gear from decathlon a few weeks bench (weight bench, barbell and dumbbell set) so keen to mix it up. Hence I have the makings of a plan that I've been sticking to:

Mondays = Weight bench workout - see above - chest focussed as that's what I want to work on for the beach
Tuesdays = Blast workout - picked at random from the last week
Wednesday = Bellz 2 Workout focussed on mobility and shoulders
Thursday = Weight bench workout
Friday = Chisel A
Saturday = Weight bench workout
Sunday = Chisel B / Cardio

The key is to do all with 8min abs everyday and if I need to shorten the workouts due to time constraints in the week then I can but the 8min abs is a non-negotiable.

Food wise - the Mrs and I made an agreement that there's no cakes, sweets, snack junk, drinking going on unless we're with friends which should keep me a bit more honest and stop the occasional ferry drink or bag of chips creeping in. I'm keeping carbs out of my evening meal but having a protein shake straight after the workout.

It's a great plan if I can stick to it - let's see how I get on.

So today I did a blast workout (Day 23) - bloody hell those workouts are hard.

Bellz 2 Day 12

No I haven’t signed up to another programme.

Today I jumped into a Bellz2 D12 workout since that’s where those folks are on the programme.

Wow - I’d forgotten how physically exhausting those workouts are. I made some modifications as per the above:

- weighted TGU
- mountain climber instead of outside curls
- 3 cycles instead of two.
- 8MA at the end.

Trying to do them as often as I can when I have the time. Did it in the early-ish morning sun.

Have a great weekend all you bellz swingers.

Strange week

After Blast finished for me on Monday I felt like a literally hit a wall. Probably haven’t slept as much as I need but just knackered. I rested Tues and Weds night I did 30min on the bike which was a major struggle. Couldn’t work out yesterday - way too tired.

Public holiday here today but Gabe still has GCSE exams (Design Tech and Maths today) so packed him off with breakfast at 7am and went back to bed - woke up at 10:30!!!

Did the workout above as was a wreck at the end - a happy one - but still a wreck!


Wow that was one hell of a training ride. I’ve been thinking overnight how it lines up against other programmes. I think I enjoyed it the most as those end of workout Blast sessions really leave you in a puddle of sweat and a sense of accomplishment.

I really enjoyed Chisel too so this morning I pulled out Day 22 (at random) from chisel - yes it’s tough but was all done in 27 mins - quite straightforward compared to evil Uncle Blast. Interesting too that may of the moves were similar - but big difference is that you do say 10 push ups burpees in one cycle and then back to them in the second cycle 8 mins later on Chisel. With Blast it’s 1 min of burpees - so with chisel you nail form and have gas in the tank - on Blast it’s more intense.

I think that’s my takeaway that this is most intense programme of the lot and I feel super fit for it.

Things I loved - apart from a rope no other equipment needed; lots of new moves; great lessons; whole body moves; good combos of leg, abs etc. The most portable workouts ever. Salamanders - the most evil exercise ever. One day I aspire to 1min non-stop! Training with the Mrs - that really was a Blast.

Things I didn’t - got locked out less than 12hrs after the programme was over - so before I even “completed” I couldn't access workouts so I couldn’t do one I had missed this morning (hence the chisel comparison) OR post my final pic. Guys - way too efficient 🤔. My left rotator cuff which has been dodgy in the past has been sore the last week or so from all the floor work (mountain climbers, push ups, side planks Im Looking at you) . Going to give it a few days rest now.

My diet was a bit all over - too much booze because of too many social events - I knew this would happen so I’m OK with it. I was bitching this morning that my final pic was not as good as I wanted it to be but then I did consume a fair few pints on the junk on Saturday so what can I expect. Pretty good for a 49er so I’m more than happy.

Am I in the best shape of my life - quite possibly.

Gabe was our timekeeper during Sunday’s 20min Blast - he came up to me after and said he had no idea that his Mum was so fit and “Dad seriously you’re a Beast - all those push ups!” - now that made my day.

Loved our Kommunity - excellent support from within and outside of the programme.

A word to anyone thinking of doing Blast - try and come into it warm from another programme as it’s so intense that coming in cold might not be achievable - worse you might get hurt. I didn’t nail the diet and got good results - Fish did nail the diet so see what can be really achieved in 1month!!!

Final pic in my Holy Guacamole’s is homage the wonderful Summer we’re having in Hong Kong.

Legs legs legs

Oh my word my legs are just shot.

So I didn’t double up in the end on Thursday - didn’t get back from work in time and was just exhausted. Fish’s and Silvia’s Danger Danger comment made me take the smart route and get shut eye.

Yesterday the Mrs and I kicked off the day with a GRIT class - omfg - seriously what is that! 30mins of lichurally non-stop burpees, squats, frog jumps, bear crawls and repeat and faster and argh I’m gonna throw up. I think without 26days of Blast training I wouldn’t have been able to finish that. Got home and did the Day 26 workout minus the skipping.

We had a wonderful lunch and then Turkish bath, sauna, massage, Turkish bath, hydrotherapy pool, sauna and ice rub! Just awesome - felt v pampered.

Junk trip today so got up at 6 to get the D27 in - so so glad I did that as I can relax now. My legs though - Jesus they are sore! Shame we’ve got rain forecast for much of the day. It’s all inclusive trip today - free flow Prosecco and Beer eeek.

Bottom pic was pre- massage (with a glass of bubbles) - it’s my “who wore it better ? Me or The Donald”

nearing the end

Not long to go on Blast now. Yesterday I had a mad day at work and at home so no workout and a slightly suspect lunch that involved a bit of fried chicken...... Sleep last night was all of 3.5 hours as I got up with the boys to watch our team fall to pieces and get stuffed 4-1 in the Europa League final. Not good. Packed the boys back to bed at 5 am and I went out for a 8 km run (more like a jog it was that slow) in the dark and then did yesterday's workout. Man that was a bit of a tough number to do after a run and not much sleep.

Feel asleep on the ferry on the way to I will need caffeine and lots of it

I may do today's workout tonight after work if I'm still ticking along.

Day off tomorrow as the lovely Mrs is taking me out to lunch and then for a spa for my 49th birthday. We're going to a GRIT class in the morning before hand. Saturday we're on a junk all day so Sunday will have to be a monster session to catch up and finish with a smidgeon of glory.

Sweating it out

Went for a 5km run last night - not particularly fast and ended in light rain and 90% humidity which made it a bit of a struggle. Think running in a Turkish bath and that was about right.

Workout this morning was done - not much more to add. Dislike the side planks but managed to hit the 30s ok - didn’t do the full 40 - most were 32-33s. Plank shuffle was by far the worst today.

Food all good.

Weighed myself and now close to end KB3 weight and body fat.

End of Week 7





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