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Rob W.

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Less than 2 weeks to go. Almost there! Plan is to finish strong.

Keep going everyone, not long now!

quick update

Managing to get through the workouts as normal... although they are getting noticeably harder !

Been struggling a bit with a foot injury from football tho and not been able to run for last couple of days which is rather irritating.

Otherwise despite a minor blip during the rugby World Cup final, which coincided with a Halloween party at home... all very scary... pretty good and cracking on with the programme.

Well done everyone. Not long to go now!

Can’t believe we are 44 days into the programme already. Where did that go?

Managing to get the workouts done without too much fuss... although that jump rope keeps ticking up and the 20 mins straight is now a good challenge.

During the week have been on point with the diets. Did unfortunately take a bit of a hit following England’s World Cup quarter finals... but one has to celebrate occasionally!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the programme. Well done getting to halfway point... almost!

Thoroughly enjoying being back on KB2 having done programme for first time around a couple of years ago. Settling into the routine of the workouts and diet and making some good progress. Life has been a bit hectic of late what with trips to London and Europe and also trying to fit in a football coaching badge alongside the usual work schedule. My apologies for lack of blog action so far but am in the groove and on programme.

Well done everyone so far... keep it up!!!.


Super sorry. Been bashing out the workouts and on programme but in London now and like all of us it’s... hectic!! Will get something up ASAP. Tks for reaching out as always man.

Chisel done 

Was a little dubious coming into the programme that this would be a 6-week version of Kenzai body.

Very pleasantly surprised that the programme is totally different. High intensity workouts a great change up, highly effective and very time efficient - most workouts take long no more than 30mins. But don’t mistake that for an easy ride - was on many occasions left in a heap on the floor... those double hang times are brutal!

Overall another first class experience from the Kenzai crew. Great support throughout from Scott and the team.

Now travelling across the states so will take some time out before getting back on the Kenzai bandwagon once again

Well done everyone!

batten down the hatches

A fun but challenging week in fitness terms has unfortunately set progress back a bit. Parents arrived to stay with us last week. This weekend soccer 7s tournament in Hong Kong. Very sociable but fraught with danger. Have been good with the exercise but diet has suffered. Now time to batten down the hatches for a strong end to the programme.

Well done everyone. Not long now. Stay strong!

head down

Head down and cracking on with the programme. Enjoying the short sharp circuit workouts... very efficient and a nice change up from the usual Kenzai style of 4 or 5 sets of a muscle group. Doesn’t mean tho the workouts are any easier. Particularly the double hang times... brutal. Have managed to supplement with a few football training or game sessions which has helped. Next challenge is arrival of parents for 3 weeks! Well done everyone. Stay strong!

Hello chisel

I’m based in Hong Kong with 2 kids aged 8 and 10. My wife and I have done a few KB programmes in the past (and enjoyed all of them) and I finished KB3 for the 3rd time a few weeks ago. I signed up for chisel as while the last KB3 left me much better off than I would have been without it, a few distractions meant I didn’t focus in the same way I have some other programmes. So wanted another challenge. My objective is to focus on diet, which slipped last time out, and to enjoy the benefits of hitting a programme properly, particularly clarity of thought and good sleep. The last time I tried something new was fishing with my kids and their cousins last weekend. We only managed to catch a tree and an old shoe but it was lots of fun. Looking forward to having fun along they way with all of you. Good luck everyone!

KB3 done 

Not my finest programme I must admit. Have not been anywhere near as consistent on the diet as in previous rounds. Workouts have been better but again not as regular as some previous programmes. And performance on blogs has been very poor. These are entirely my own fault - new job has been mainly to blame.

As an inevitable consequence, results have not been as good as previous programmes.

That being said I finish KB3 much fitter and stronger than I started... as always. The support from the team has been absolutely first class.... as always.

So thank you Kenzai team yet again. I will now take a look at a new programme - perhaps chisel - to move into the summer.

And well done all trainees for decking the end of the 90 days. It’s been a pleasure!

the home stretch

3 days to go, almost there. Been steadily ticking off the workouts, which are now pretty punchy! Diet has been good during the week and last few weekend have also been on point. Determined to finish strong.

And just in time for the HK7s. What a way to celebrate the end of the programme!

Keep it up everyone, nearly there.

head down

Been battling man flu for the past week. As we all know it’s not an ailment to be underestimated :-). Starring to get some legs back now but have missed a few workouts and not been able to hit those that did manage with any intensity. Incredibly annoying! Looking forward to getting my head down now for the last 3 weeks and putting in a solid end to the programme.

Well done everyone for coming this far. The end is in sight... stay strong!

ticking along

Back in Hong Kong now for 2 weeks and have been managing to hit the workouts.

Have enjoyed the sessions with mainly full body exercises this last week... but wary the intensity levels are going to increase from here!

On the diet front have been solid during weekdays and but prone to lapses at weekends - due mainly to poor planning... rushing from kids’ coaching events to social engagements a is the usual weekend regime.

Anyway feeling fit and ready to take on the final third of the programme.

Well done so far everyone and stay strong!

back home

Just returned from a 2 weeks in Europe.

The first week spent with family during Chinese New Year hols and the second in the office in London.

Both weeks presented obvious challenges on the diet front - lots of catching up and meetings. So have taken a few hits along the way.

But in terms of exercise, managed to hit all workouts apart from one... which involved a 5am wake up to catch a flight. So fairly happy on that front.

Now back in HK and looking forward to a few weeks of solid routine and being on point with all aspects of Kenzai. Plus a few football matches thrown in to supplement.

Well done everyone so far and stay strong!!

One third of the way down... time flies when you’re on Kenzai!

Have had a reasonable couple of weeks - my apologies, need to be much better on the blogs.

Last week in HK was very good: diet and workouts both strong.

This week has been more challenging...

Travelled back to Europe to catch up with family and ski. Total routine disruption.

On the upside, managing to get plenty of exercise and mountain air... and pleased to report workout was completed this morning pre-ski. Bands and jump rope packed with the snow gear.

One the downside, temptation is literally everywhere. Chocolate (my Achilles heal) at every turn. And then there is the apres ski.

This week will be an exercise in damage limitation

Well done everyone for getting this far. Stay strong and kung hei fat choi!

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