Roland R.

Roland R.

2 week no update!

Sorry for the lack of update. Still on top of the exercise and diet. Just pushing through, this week been brutal.
Will update pic later this week.


Sorry been slacking on my posts... all good with the exercises and diet, really not much to report on that front, just getting through it! It’s tough!

Just a little further...

Not much to report, had a solid week in the gym, all exercises completed, on top of the diet, but did a have a blow up on Thursday night that turned into a decent session on the beers. Have to say I think I needed it, it was just a fun break from the routine. Don't miss the hangover though.

I'm definitely seeing improvement in the gym, legs and shoulders seeing the most progress, but finding it harder to produce the soreness that I felt in the first weeks of Kenzai. Strange thing to miss... but guess I felt that as the reward for a very tough workout. Perhaps I need to add a little more weight. Not sure if its normal or not.

Weight loss...

Good week in the gym and compliant to the diet, definitely felt the step up in intensity. Enjoying it.
I know you should take these read outs with a pinch of salt, but don't feel I've added that much muscle so far. Perhaps I've the wrong body type to add, or I should be doing heavier weights with less reps? Or a particular type of protein shake would be more effective? I want to be healthy, fit and stronger but without further weight loss...


Sorry for the very delayed post! Just back from a week in Maui, WHAT A PLACE!

Quite difficult to keep on top of the exercise regime as stated on the site while there, but I did surf everyday for 2-4 hours and I can definitely feel the benefit of this in the core and upper body, no question I have some work to do on the legs, but started the catch up with a session this morning.

Regarding the diet I was mostly compliant save for a few fish tacos and the occasional glass of red with my evening meal. I feel refreshed and excited about pushing through the 2nd half of Kenzai Iron!

Its fantastic to see the commitment and results from fellow Iron participants, its real inspiration.

The slog

Week 4 was a real slog for me, completed the workout and diet but enthusiasm and drive hit rock bottom. Started off much brighter this week, 3 days weekends will have that affect!
Haven't taken my indulgence, I will visit Hawaii for the first time mid October for a week, so plan to get stuck in one night.
I'm starting to see some results, but going to be a lot of hard work to remove the visceral fat.
Some amazing commitment from the team and amazing results coming through. Lets push through phase2. Good luck all.


Going well on the exercise, legs have started to recover quicker than I thought they might when they were introduced.

Breakfast definitely favorite meal of the day, little enjoyment in dinners but that’s a reflection of the effort I’m putting in.

Feel the burn

Feeling good with the exercises, LEG day definitely an upping of the ante, I've never devoted a session to this muscle group before, so it will be interesting to find out what shape they are in tomorrow.

Strangely i thought i would miss drinking more than I am, it hasn't really hit yet. Its the desire for something sweet thats affecting me most. Maybe i indulged in dark chocolate digestive biscuits more than i care to admit...

I worry about getting the right form on some exercises, for example the "draw bridge' exercise for abs doesn't seem to bring a burn, where as leg up and v-sit destroy me every time. Anyone else the same?

Good luck for the rest of the week team.

First week highlights

8 days in and feeling good... I'm in this program because I'd like to reach my 40th year in the best shape possible. Although I regularly exercise, I can tell already that I'm a slacker on legs and core, feeling both this week!
On the consumption front two major challenges for me will be avoiding my girlfriends Thai cooking and cutting out that sweet tasting Japanese beer! Good luck on week 2 to all.

Here we go...

Looking forward to the challenge of the next 90 days.
Looks a strong group, good luck all!