Roscha M.

Roscha M.

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KB-2 Made it to the finish line. 

Done and dusted!

I'm really happy to have completed this programme and injury free, which was one of my goals from the outset.
Overall Im pleased with my results but if I was to be completely honest I feel I could have done better with nutrition. Being pescetarian I never felt I was quite on point with my protein grams and when I compare muscle growth between KB1 and KB2 I feel this is apparent.

I trained with my husband John (also on the program) which was fantastic! He has done so well and I'm super proud of him. We kept each other honest even if we did have a couple of occasions which required bubbles to celebrate.

I've enjoyed the sense of community and loved reading the blogs to see how all my team mates were doing. Thank you all for your words of encouragement especially when I had the set back of surgery. Ive loved having Kim as my trainer, you were so attentive Kim and genuine in your communications and follow up. (I have been meaning to ask.. did you let your daughter go see Joker in the end? )

Not sure whats next on the cards re Kenzai but for sure it will be one of the shorter programmes..... maybe kettle bells?
A big well done to everyone and wishing you all a very happy and healthy holiday season.

Much Love
Roscha x

Ps I loved the final days workout and the 1000 skips seemed to fly by!

Over indulged far more than planned the last few days during the F1 !!!! Lots of fun was had but now my head and body are back in the game for the last few days.

Really enjoying the new circuit sets.

hope everyone else is feeling strong as we finish.

Sore Legs

Anybody else's legs really sore after yesterdays workout? Honestly, I'm struggling to walk up the stairs. ( In my defence I have a lot of stairs to walk up lol) I am now back skipping which I'm very happy about but perhaps I'm paying the price for having had time away from the rope. Anyway, whatever the reason the fact is I feel sore and it feels good ! Im finding the high reps mentally difficult but I trust there is method in the Kenzai madness.

Come on everybody..... let's really go for it these last 3 weeks!!

Keep on keeping on

Head down and grinding it out. I was actually laughing at myself and my form by the end of the chin ups today. Im not sure you could have a called it a chin up but muscle failure was achieved so mission accomplished. Ive had to be sensible and substitute brisk walking for skipping post op. ( I managed to pass out a very slow jogger which made me feel a whole lot better 😂) The weather here now is actually amazing and these walks have now become my new favourite thing to do. Who knew???

Hope you're all feeling fit and strong. Let's break on through to the other side................

Back on track!!!

I am delighted to be back exercising!! Did my first work out yesterday morning and took it nice and handy and felt pretty good afterwards. So this morning I went for it and it felt great to feel that buuuuurrrrnnn. Both arms and shoulders are sore to the touch now but thats to be expected after a week off.

Here's a pic of my little girl with her bestie on Halloween.

minor surgery

Unfortunately Ive had some unplanned surgery which has left me unable to workout since Monday. Nothing sinister but very inconvenient!! It will probably be another week before Im back in action at least with the bands anyway. To say Im disappointed would be an understatement as I was very happy with my progress but that's OK. As I get a little older Im more accepting of the unexpected and more grateful for all I can do and have. Doing my best to keep on diet (definitely harder when not exercising) and looking forward to getting back moving properly in a week or so.

Hoping all is going well for the rest of the team.

What a day!!!!

It started off in an ambulance rushing my screaming son to hospital with what I had thought was a burst appendix( It wasn't thankfully and he is fine now. A very interesting experience all round! Feeling very very grateful) and ended with "Joker". Somewhere in between I managed my Kenzai workout.

To say I'm both mentally and physically exhausted would be putting it lightly.

What a movie!!!
Jaoquin Phoenix was incredible as Joker
But all so very very dark.

I think a few episodes of Modern Family will be on the agenda for tomorrow.

Ps. Had some nachos as my indulgence. They weren't worth it to be honest.

Tough one today!

I found the workout particularly hard today! I'm nervous for what lies ahead........

making progress

Pretty happy with my progress so far. Exercises are going well but did miss one session over the weekend. Diet is fine but definitely need to try and eat more veg in the evening. It’s so much less work having just the egg white etc in the evening which I’m grateful for. Went swimming this weekend for my cross training. So beautiful! Can’t believe we are half way there!!!

getting through it

Joined John on the F1track last night for some alternative cardio. It was my first time cycling on the track and I thoroughly enjoyed it! What a facility to have on our doorstep and they rent the bikes for free!! So nice now that the weather has cooled slightly and we can get outside and move.

So the dreaded pull ups are back. I’m sad to report I’m no where near as capable as I was on KB1. Lots of room for improvement.

Nom Nom Nom

Thoroughly enjoyed my glass of wine with a kenzai compliant meal and a slice of vanilla cheesecake. All was very good with the world.

The following day I found myself in the sweet isle of a large supermarket devouring a whole packet of StarsBursts. I managed to scoff all of them before reaching check out and very timidly handed over the empty wrapper to be scanned. I then went on to attack my sons birthday cake( homemade' so I'm hoping that makes it a little less sinful).

However happy to report that since Sunday I'm back on track with my head in the game and enjoying the work outs. With regards to the individual exercises I've decided that the chest dips are my least favourite. I find them difficult to do(only thing I can't do to max reps so far) and my form is hideous. I think the chairs I'm using aren't helping either. Legs and Abs are feeling strong.

Hope Team Fir are all hanging in there and looking forward to the changes to come.

mixing it up

Chose to do an intense spin class this morning instead of skips. Trying to to save my knees and stay injury free. Had forgotten how much I enjoy a good spin class!


In bed at 10.30 on a Friday night ?.......hmmmmm...... I must be on Kenzai! 😂

Week 3

John and I had a very quick trip home to Ireland this week for a very close friends wedding. We managed to make pretty good food choices for the few days ( didn’t even have cake !!)but I’d be lying if I said we didn’t indulge in a tipple or two. But that’s ok. We knew before we signed up for this round of KB2 that this celebration was on the cards and oh what fun was had!!

Enjoying the slight ramp up in exercises and finally getting back into the swing of it with the skipping.

Have a great week everyone!

Note to Self .......

So this time round I want to put more focus on the following....

1. Sticking with the rest time allowed between sets. I remember on KB1 allowing myself extra recovery time and as a result towards the end of the 90 days the workouts were taking forever.

2. Don't sacrifice form for reps. I have a tweeky shoulder and an unpredictable knee which I know I really need to mind.

3. Must do post workout stretches! Must do post workout stretches! Must do post workout stretches!
Having just completed Reach I'm really enjoying the extra flexibility. All part of the bigger plan to avoid injury, plus they feel really good!

This is a photo of one of my favourite places in Ireland. Its in West Cork near a place called lough Hyne. Special memories.

Wishing all Team Fir a fantastic weekend.




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