Roscha M.

Roscha M.

Kenzai Member

KB-2 Made it to the finish line. 

  • Dec 10th, 2019 at 4:22AM


Done and dusted!

I'm really happy to have completed this programme and injury free, which was one of my goals from the outset.
Overall Im pleased with my results but if I was to be completely honest I feel I could have done better with nutrition. Being pescetarian I never felt I was quite on point with my protein grams and when I compare muscle growth between KB1 and KB2 I feel this is apparent.

I trained with my husband John (also on the program) which was fantastic! He has done so well and I'm super proud of him. We kept each other honest even if we did have a couple of occasions which required bubbles to celebrate.

I've enjoyed the sense of community and loved reading the blogs to see how all my team mates were doing. Thank you all for your words of encouragement especially when I had the set back of surgery. Ive loved having Kim as my trainer, you were so attentive Kim and genuine in your communications and follow up. (I have been meaning to ask.. did you let your daughter go see Joker in the end? )

Not sure whats next on the cards re Kenzai but for sure it will be one of the shorter programmes..... maybe kettle bells?
A big well done to everyone and wishing you all a very happy and healthy holiday season.

Much Love
Roscha x

Ps I loved the final days workout and the 1000 skips seemed to fly by!

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John G.John G.Kenzai Marathon | Graduating (Member)
over 2 years ago

Love the finish line GIF Roscha. You smashed the program. You are the Queen of form when it comes to exercise sets, Kenzai should use you to update the How to do videos.

    Kim MurchKim MurchKenzai Member
    Trainerover 2 years ago

    Roscha! What can I say? You tore this program down!! As I mentioned to John, I was nervous when you two started off with a wedding, then there was the Starburst incident...but I need not have worried. Your commitment was absolutely stellar, getting back into it after your surgery without a peep, trying new alt cardio with the bike on the race track--you did it all!! And what a result! Looking fantastic, you will be rocking your Christmas and New Year party dresses for sure!! Thanks for always being an enthusiastic participant in every part of KB2, it really was a pleasure. Have a Merry Christmas and wishing you nothing but the best in the new year!

    P.S. Yes, my daughter did go and watch The Joker. She seemed unfazed afterwards, hopefully no lasting damage!!

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