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Roscha M.

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Late Introductions

Hello Team Fir,

I signed up for this late and just got allocated into Fir. My name is Roscha, I'm Irish living in Abu Dhabi with my husband John (also on this program but in Team Elm) and three children (14, 12 & 8). We have lived here for the best part of 12 years but we continue to summer and spend Christmas back in Ireland.

Its been three years since I completed KB1 and recently enjoyed Reach and Run.

My husband and I turned pescatarian over a year ago so this makes the Kenzai gram counting a little tricky for protein.

I very much look forward to training with you all and hopefully having fun along the way.

All the best


Graduation Post again!!!! 

I wrote a graduation post for Reach but must have posted it in the wrong place. See previous blog post.



Reach. You were brilliant!! It came at just the right time after a hectic school year and wrist surgery. Through this program, I was so happy to focus on rehab and flexibility. Specifically, I enjoyed the longer evening stretches and felt comfort in my own ritual of lighting a candle and taking some time to unwind.

I feel that my overall flexibility has definitely improved, however I was disappointed at how little my lower back relaxed in the wide angle pose. Therefore, I haven’t gotten as much depth as hoped, but that’s okay.

Thank you Ward and Ed for all your warm encouragement and I wish you both and my fellow reachers success and happiness in all your future endeavors.

Ward- the very best of luck with your marathon.

See you all in the blogs!!

3 days behind.

Ok well things didn't go as planned.

It just got too much with packing up the house and getting back here to Abu Dhabi. Upon arrival my little one Shoalin fell ill with a nasty tummy bug that had us up all night last night. Needless to say Im behind in exercises. So if its ok, Im going to start Wednesdays stretches today (Saturday) and continue from there which means Ill finish the program next Wednesday. After putting in all the work so far it would be a shame not to finish strong.

I hope everyone is really pleased with their progress.

final week

I can’t believe we have only one week to go !! It’s a busy week for my family and I as we pack up house, say goodbye to dear friends and head back to our other life in Abu Dhabi. It’s always bitter sweet. I’m going to do my best to keep on track and finish strong. I’ve loved these past 7 weeks.

Stretching Away

Sorry I’ve been quiet of late. We headed off to the west of Ireland last week with family and friends for a few days of fun, frolics and lots of fresh air!! It was magical!! Apart from two days I’ve managed to do all exercises and am still loving the routine and how it makes by body feel.

Enjoying the new sensation and extra stretch with the PNFs. However I find that although it feels intense I don’t get much extra with the Hamstring PNF and the World Pincer feels very awkward and sore on the knees. Are the knees suppose to be bent slightly?

“Back” in action!

Im so happy my back has been feeling a lot better these past few days and am now able to complete all exercises. I still have to be mindful of my wrist though. Delighted we still have half a program to go. Enjoyed the twisting today. Diet could definitely be a lot better!!

Lesson learned.

I have been really enjoying this programme and happy with the variety of stretches and the gradual and welcome increase in intensity. It's so nice to see the body becoming more flexible tiny bit by teeny bit. I have come to love the evening stretches or at least the ritual of it...laying out my mat , lighting a candle and having some quiet time just for me at the end of the day.

However I know now that my approach to Reach thus far has not been what was asked of us, In fact the complete opposite. I never adjusted my usual approach to exercise which is " the harder you push , the more you are rewarded" and now as a result I have injured myself. I was so pleased with my wide angle forward bend that i got carried away and tweeked my lower back. I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I have felt but so know there's a BIG lesson in there for me. Again!! I really wish I had taken on board Day 12's lesson where Patrick says " for these types of exercises, the harder you push,the less progress you'll make."

I'm hoping in another day or two Ill be back on the mat and this time I'm really, really going to try and be a good girl and do what we've been told...... to RELAX and RELEASE.

Finally ready to Reach

Hi Everyone. Hi Ward. Apologies for my tardiness. I’ve been busy moving family home for the summer to Ireland via Barcelona from Abu Dhabi. And we are finally settled.
Although I haven’t blogged I have been doing all exercises/ stretches for the past 5 days and loving it. I have also been keeping my running up as I finished Kenzai run a few weeks back and am determined not to loose what I gained. Running isn’t my thing so I had to work hard.
I had originally wanted to do chisel or sculpt but I have recently had surgery to remove a ganglion on my wrist which had been bothering me for the last 3 years and am now unfortunately left quite weak and restricted as a result. Chaturanga is a no go for me for now. Hopefully in another few weeks all that will be resolved.
Things happen for a reason and here I am now doing Reach. And very happy to do so. Looking forward to exploring our untapped potential with you all!!

So Happy .....

Matt!!..... I did it !! I’ve actually completed my first 10k EVER !!!I can’t quite believe it. I am absolutely thrilled. Honestly i know it’s not a marathon but this for me is huge. I have had such a mental block against running for so long but this program has more than fixed that. Thank you so much Matt for always being there and on the blogs. Your encouragement and sound advice has been so on point and I am truly grateful.

The run itself was surprisingly fine. For some strange reason once I hit the 3k mark I had this realization that I all would be ok and I would complete the 10k. That said a heart rate of 183(!!!!) may make you think otherwise 😂😂😂. But in my defense I did sprint to finish!!

Wishing all my team mates the very best with their final run and look forward to meeting up with you on future programs.

The 9k Run

I decided to get up early and do the run first thing so as not to have it looming all day. Before I was actually fully awake I was on the treadmill, pace set at 10 and to help with the monotony i varied the incline. This worked a treat and successfully distracted me from the task at hand. I found it very challenging but I achieved my goal of coming in just under the 54 minute mark. Unfortunately I've no pic as whatever way I slammed the stop button it cancelled my run summary. Ill know better for next time.

Thinking I may need a new pair of trainers for the 10k as by 7k today my feet felt sore and hot! Any brand suggestions?

Hope everyone was happy with their run today.

A reprieve from the heat

We just spent an incredible few days in the Omani mountains. The difference in temperature between there and Anu Dhabi is quite remarkable so John and I decided to take our run outdoors. Excited to be outside I had not anticipated the effect the altitude would have on my breathing !!!! Man .... did I struggle!! I guess the hills didn’t help either. But we got through it.

For cross training yesterday we did some rock climbing. Again completely out of my comfort zone but thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Now just need to decide what I’m going to listen to for the 9km tomorrow.....!!!!

Bitter Sweet

8km done and dusted. If I’m honest I’m a little disappointed with my time. I would like to have come in under 48 mins but from the get go I was intimidated by the distance. I kept thinking take it easy, hold back and was slightly fearful I wouldn’t “keep going”. It’s all just one big mind game really.

That all said I couldn’t be happier with the fact that I just ran for shy of 50 mins and completed 8km. I love working out and do some form of exercise 6 days a week but running/ jogging was never for me. Had I actually realised that Kenzai Run would eventually culminate in a 10km run I would absolutely, most definitely never have signed up. I’m very happy I did.


Should our recovery run at effort 4-6 be at the same speed as our regular running effort 4-6???...... if you know what I mean?

Step by Step

Only now that I’ve managed to find a comfortable running pace have I been able to start focusing on my breathing, gait, placement of foot etc. Who knew it was all so complicated??

I’m trying to focus now on relaxing my hands/ arms and shoulders and to keep them going in a forward to back motion and not crossing them in front of my body.




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