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Roscha M.

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Week 3 and Im feeling strong and focused.

It definitely helps to have my hubby, John, doing the same programme although he is 2 weeks ahead. He is commuting to Rotterdam from Abu Dhabi for the next few months and has chosen to stay in an airBnB/appartment where he can cook and control his own food intake far better than if staying in a hotel. Damn, I admire his determination! His dedication Inspires me to stay on track!

So what's been hard and what's been easy these past few weeks?

Food Prep and Quantity.
I have been surprised with the amount of food we have been asked to eat. I got through it but it took me much longer to finish a meal. I need to organise myself better when shopping and convince myself ,there and then, that YES we do need all these Fruit and Vegetables!

Sugar Cravings!!!!! (evil)
I have been really surprised with my sugar cravings. Perhaps I was eating more of it then I cared to admit. Actually now that Im not eating it I know for a fact that I definitely was! It's such a MIND game and I battled with it strongly last night. With the Hubby away and the children asleep I could hear it (lindt dark chocolate caramel)beckoning me from the cupboard.
I turned off the light and went to sleep!

I really thought this was going to be tricky but I'm actually quite surprised how little I miss it, even though I still reach for it!!! Funny that!

Leg Circles
I hate them! Seriously!

I love the fact that I can see progress.

I'm feeling more energised

This week Im going to work on keeping the correct amount of time between sets and speed up the work out in general. Will let you know how I get on.
Hope Team Crux are all fit, healthy and happy.

Team Crux I need You!

Ok ..... so this is whats going on in my kitchen right now!!!

My gorgeous boy is 10 years old tomorrow and I am charged with the task of baking him not just one but TWO birthday cakes. The first is a Victoria sponge with a whipped cream and strawberry filling. Mmmmmmm. The second is a very (extremely delicious) chocolatey chocolate cake. Yum. I know.... I could spare the details here but I feel I need to share the pain.

Seriously???? Is it possible to melt chocolate and not lick the spoon?

Surely this is the ultimate definition of "temptation" Kenzai style..... ( Temptation or perhaps Torture. Possibly both)

Come on Team Crux I need your support here. We will all have days like this, Im sure. Tell me I can do this!

I can do this.
Apron, Oven, Game face On.

Next Weeks diet

Hey guys,

Is it me? I can't see next weeks diet which starts tomorrow.

Maybe I'm missing something?


I am happy to report that my knee injury has resolved itself after a few days and it feels good to get back into it. I am really enjoying the exercises and surprised at the level of burn one can get from the resistance bands.

Hope everyone else is fit and healthy !





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