Ross C.

Ross C.

Week 3

Have had a niggling side strain which has got worse over the last week. I’m ok with the cardio but a lot of the functional exercises aren’t possible. Still marching on though 😀

exercises vs diet

Had a little wobble over the weekend. It was Mother’s Day and myself and the kids took the wife out and the diet went out of the window. No issues with the exercises though, which are getting more bearable.

Just done the exercises, no other word than horrendous! I’m at the point I can’t look at next days exercises it’s too frightening 😂

Diet kicks up a notch tomorrow #amazeballs!

Yesterday’s exercises were I am sore....didn’t make for a good workout today but at least it’s done!

Fair enough, i’m definitely not starting this program in great nick, but that was a bloody tough workout today.

I really struggled half way through the timed exercises, that lizard push up thing was ridiculous. I looked like a sea lion humping the floor

Weekend Fail

Had a work function of Friday which resulted in a massive fail on the diet 😬. Dusted myself off and finished the weekend well on the diet and looking forward to week 3! Off to do my exercises now

Patrick’s Qs

1. I’m inspired to do Kenzai because I really do a lot better getting fit and healthier, if I can work to some kind of framework. I like that everything is mapped out for us to follow.

2. My greatest strength is I do like to train. If I can get I to a good routine the daily training is something I really enjoy.

3. My greatest weakness is I absolutely love a cold beer and I do love my food.

End of Week One

Have cleaned up the diet this week and its been good to establish a routine with the far so good

KB1 Again

Excited to re do KB1, I did it about 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. I’ve been struggling with fitness and commitment for a while now so wanted to get back to go back and redo the programme and try to get a bit of discipline back.

Best of luck to everyone on the programme!

Day 65

Been a bit on and off the last few weeks and got the dreaded warning that i’ve not posted in a while which is never a good sign.

Had a rubbish week last week with a pretty poor commitment to the diet and gym but have started this week well so that’s something!

Past half way

Past the half way point and all in have been enjoying the program. The gym routine is great but I definately need to tidy the diet up over the 2nd half!

Day 37

Traveling this week and managed to pick up a bit of food poisoning so although the diet on point the exercises hasn’t 😬

3 weeks in

3 weeks in and really enjoying the program...although i’m not sure my legs are 😂

Looking forward to week 4! Best of luck everyone

Day 11

Just got back from Thailand where i’ve been stuck since Saturday due to the typhoon in Hong Kong shutting down the airport.

It was nice to have a slightly extended break but the training wasn’t great as the hotel gym was average.

Take 2

Am back to re do Kenzai Iron. I started it back in the summer and whilst I got off to a decent start my will power broke down and the 2nd half was such a crap effort I bailed and decided to re do it.

My wife has signed up to Iron as well so I should have no excuses!

Good luck to everyone!

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