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Rouella L.

Kenzai Body | Day 37 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 37
Program progress:

I am spending the weekend in Koh Samui and grateful to have the view of Koh Pangan island in front of me while I do 1,000 jumps on my jump rope 😅

This week, I have been good with the workouts and planning to finish strong tomorrow. On the diet front, I am keeping it moderately strict while on a little holiday. Trying my best to choose well and to think of portion control.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


Happy to know we just completed one month of KB1. Feeling good to be able to workout every morning. I am especially enjoying the leg workouts. My legs are feeling strong these days. Last week I was able to workout for x3 days. Indulgence came in the form of afternoon tea for Father’s Day. I love the taste of a scone with butter and jam.

Wishing everyone a great week 5! Stay strong folks!

Beginning of this week I caught a flu and conjunctivitis (pink eye). I had to stay at home whole week to recover. I only manage to work out yesterday and today (started with day 18 & 19). I plan to combine day 20 and 21 workout for tomorrow. I finally manage to come out yesterday for dinner with friends, without alcohol! First time I haven’t done this in a long time. I had a good excuse - still on the recovery mode + on Kenzai ;) I felt great just drinking sparkling water.

It’s been beautiful long weekend weather in hk. Wishing everyone a great weekend and stay cool for the HK peeps!

Week 2 went fine. I did miss Thursday, Friday and Saturday workout due to work, so I combined all of them for a big session on Sunday. I know it’s not ideal but I felt better having a good long workout yesterday.

Diet was fine for the week, although came Saturday, I had some wine at a friend’s bday party. So I will consider that as an early cheat meal. Shutting my mouth this whole week and will make sure diet is on point again with no alcohol.

Wishing everyone a good week 3!

KB - Intro Blog

Who are you? - My name is Rouella and I am a recruitment consultant for banking industry in HK.

How do you spend your time? - Work, workout and cooking. I enjoy cooking these days and I am always keen to know good recipes especially if Kenzai friendly.

Where are you? - I live in HK.

Why Kenzai Body? I did Kenzai Body 6 years ago and since then I have done several other Kenzai programs (which I enjoyed) however the weight last 2 years has crept in heavily and I now need to go back to basic with the workout and diet hence I want to start with KB1 again.

Who is your real life super hero? Who do you look for inspiration? - I can find inspiration every where. I don’t have specifically anyone in mind but I guess you can say, my good friends inspire me. They are strong, confident, patient women who has strong work ethics and are independent.

Day 42: K-bells done!  

I can’t believe this program went fast. Wished it was a longer program since I throughly enjoyed it. I have to be honest, it was more of a 75% effort from my side but every time I did the cycles/workouts, I felt great. It wasn’t 100% (I was really hoping for a better effort) on my part especially on the last 2 weeks of the program I was not able to do the workouts every day. I did about 3 times at least but I did stick to the diet and I started running as well on my weekends. Really just busy season at work right now but I was happy to be able to workout at home in the early mornings with Kettlebells whenever I can. Apologies to my team if I wasn’t able to blog or respond back to your messages during the last 2 weeks. I really appreciated all your messages and helped me to keep going. Congrats to everyone in my team who competed K-bells! Looking forward to training with you in the next programs.

Day 30: Still here!

Sorry guys, I haven’t blogged for a over 10 days. I have been very busy with work ( early mornings and late nights). I haven’t been great with consistent workouts last 2 weeks due to this, but the diet front I was more strict during the week until last weekend when I had some wine for indulgence. This week should be better on workout front. I woke up earlier today to do my workouts. Feeling sore on my back from yesterday’s cycle workout.

Wishing everyone a great 5th week!

I’ve been catching up last couple of weekends on GoT, hence the need to ‘confess.’ I have been delaying writing a blog about this since I feel really embarrassed doing an almost full weekend of indulgences. Not easy to have a 4 day weekend in HK: rainy junk boat trip on Saturday and my boyfriend deciding to cook Easter Turkey for our friends on Sunday (with stuffings, gravy, apple pie and all + wine 😬), Monday eating turkey leftovers. I have been very good with the workouts though. I missed one day workout on Sunday (cooking day). I guess a full on grocery shopping can be considered cardio too + carrying my groceries up the hill to my home (is like farmer’s carry?).

I am back on the strict diet this week. Prepped my meals for work. I feel the workouts been cranked up already. Feeling sore all over my body. I need to wake up earlier to complete all 3 sets of workout. Wishing everyone a great week!

1) Where are you in the world and what’s the weather like? I live in HK and current weather condition - humid, grey and about to rain hard (I suspect). Rainy season...
2) Are you training with anyone? Just myself
3) Is this the first time you’ve used kettlebells? If so, what do you think so far? My second kettlebell program. 1st time was last year but I didn’t really commit much last year and did it half a**. This time, trying to follow everything to a T (as much as possible). I enjoy working with the bells and debating to order myself a heavier bell for deadlift. Current one is only 10kg. I feel not enough for deadlift...
4) What question would you like to ask other members (that they can answer on your blog)?
I am curious how heavy are your kettlebells? How many k-bells are you guys using?

Day 2

Feeling great to complete morning workout again. I went grocery shopping last night so I am back on Kenzai breakfast this morning - toast, boiled egg tomatoes and coffee. I needed a head start on the diet front after too much junk food and alcohol over the HK 7s weekend. Wishing everyone a great day!

Day 1: K-Bells!

Back on Kenzai, back on K-bells. Feeling great completing 1st workout this morning. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


I am in tennis lessons. I just started learning tennis and I am really enjoying the process of learning something new. 1 hour is always not enough to train. I can’t wait until I am able to play properly with friends.

Cross-training this weekend was Muay Thai. I skipped a couple of workouts this week due to early start at work. I am feeling the need to add running again to my weekly routine. I find jump rope is not enough to have the endurance for Muay Thai or tennis.

Diet was 60% compliant. I slipped on a couple of drinks (2 glasses Prosecco, 2 glasses of wine) last Thursday for our annual company party. I tried my best to eat as clean as possible clean during the week since I knew I will drink a bit on Thursday to celebrate with colleagues.

Starting fresh again this week with new recipe I tried tonight: cauliflower fried rice with salmon and tomatoes. Yum!

Wishing everyone a great start of their week!

Day 16

I am really feeling the programme is cranking up with basic strength+ this week. I now have to wake up a bit earlier to do the workouts. Diet front was 60-70% compliant last week due to a travel done in Singapore for a long weekend. I am back on the clean diet this week. Missing fruits for snack.... am I the only one eating veggies for snacks or is this normal for KB3? I find when I have the fruits for snacks, I can be more compliant especially when I start craving sweets. It’s more satisfying to eat a banana than a vegetable stick.

I hope everyone is doing well.

New year, new goals, (hopefully) fitter body. I had serious slippage on the diet front over the holiday season. I wasn’t even able to complete the last KB3 program end of last year. So here I am again, starting heavier but full of motivation. I wonder how long this motivation will last though 😅 hopefully until 90 days... Wishing everyone a great first week and happy new year to all!

Feeling the 🔥

I can’t believe it’s week 6 already and workouts definitely a lot more intense this week. I had to wake up earlier to do the workouts. My arms felt the 🔥 from the 21s. No pain, no guns 💪🏼

Have a great week to everyone!