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Rouella L.

Kenzai Body | Day 59 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 59
Program progress:

New year, new goals, (hopefully) fitter body. I had serious slippage on the diet front over the holiday season. I wasn’t even able to complete the last KB3 program end of last year. So here I am again, starting heavier but full of motivation. I wonder how long this motivation will last though 😅 hopefully until 90 days... Wishing everyone a great first week and happy new year to all!

Feeling the 🔥

I can’t believe it’s week 6 already and workouts definitely a lot more intense this week. I had to wake up earlier to do the workouts. My arms felt the 🔥 from the 21s. No pain, no guns 💪🏼

Have a great week to everyone!

Long weekend

It’s a long weekend in HK and currently spending it in Koh Samui. I had a couple of glasses of wine and a bit of blackberry cheese cake for my indulgence last night. Keeping it healthy while on holiday. Maintaining the small portions.

I haven’t missed a workout this week, yay! And this weekend, I am fortunate to workout in this view (attached photo).

Tomorrow, cross-training I plan to swim.

Have a great weekend to all!


Third week was not a great week on the diet front. I have been feeling stressed out as it is end of the quarter. Nothing to worry about but for some reason I always have this anxious, jittery feeling every end of the quarter. I had a few glasses of wine last Friday with gfs I haven’t seen in ages. I felt down coming back home after having drinks. I felt really bad for drinking only on my week 3 and for letting my frustrations and cravings to win. I had to pick myself back up on Saturday. I ate clean and gave every rep a good burn over the weekend. The whole body was sore yesterday.

For cross-training, I did a 30 minute run on Bowen Road. I am glad I did that run even though I had to duck and dodge all the trees on my way (post typhoon). I always need to remind myself to keep moving forward even though I feel day 90 is still far away. I need to break that barrier in my mind and to stay focused with my goal.

Regarding weekly question, I can lose track of time when I am cooking. Cooking for me is like my meditation. I enjoy the whole process from grocery shopping until the very end when I know I have created something tasty.

To my KB3 team living in Asia, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


it will be arms. It’s easy to spot when I gain weight, it goes straight to my arms. My bf always teases me, I am Miss muscles, but in fact it’s mostly fat right now. I will need to work hard on my diet to get leaner arms again.

It has been a super typhoon Sunday in HK today. It was a little bit stressful trying to monitor all of our windows. Thank God, typhoon is almost over.
*photo taken on Kennedy Road today

I got my workout in today after the typhoon calmed down a bit. I was not able to cross-train (I had to workout in my living room). It’s not fair for my neighbours downstairs if I do 30 mins skipping so instead, I did day 12 & 13 today (I missed two days this week). Feeling good after a longer session today.

Sunday dinner was a big bowl of salmon salad with jalapeño, tomatoes and avocado.

I hope everyone in HK is safe! Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Hello KB3!

Hi team, I live in HK and I work in recruitment/sales. I like to do Kenzai in the mornings as part of my daily routine. I find this helps me have a positive mindset when I start my day, plus, I love waking up for Kenzai breakfast.

I have done KB2, Chisel and Kettlebell programs this year. I had a month off in the summer and felt lost not having a Kenzai workout to follow. So here I am again, back on the Kenzai wagon. First time to try KB3. Looking forward to learning something new and meeting new Kenzai friends.

First full week done! I went running today for cross-training. Beautiful breezy weather on Bowen Road this morning. The whole body is feeling sore. It’s weird but I kind of miss this Kenzai sore feeling.

Wishing everyone a great 2nd week!

K Bellz done! 

A little bit behind on the blogging but I did complete K bells last Sunday. I enjoyed working with the bellz and built some upper body strength back which is great for carrying groceries uphill to my apartment and storing luggage on the overhead compartment on a plane :)

Diet wise, I was not the most complaint on this program. I would say I was about 80% compliant. I enjoyed having fruits for snack again and kept the lunches and breakfast on point most of the time. Starting the maintenance this week until I decide on my next program. Thank you Kenzai team once again for an enjoyable program!

Another bad week

I’ve hit a massive wall last week. I got back really late on Tuesday evening from Singapore and this really threw my morning workout routine off for the rest of the week. I was so uninspired and super tired to workout last week. I felt really bad not having the energy and putting much effort last week. I finally got myself to one perfect workout today. Tomorrow is a new week and the 5th week already. Will make sure every workout and rep counts. Have a great week team!

Week 3 is not a perfect week. I manage to only do x4 days workout due to early mornings and late nights at work again. Diet has not been great too. I tried to do Kenzai diet and portions during the day but in the evenings in Singapore, I have had a few glasses of wine catching up with friends.

I will fly back to HK tomorrow evening, and will be strict on the diet front again. Workout should be more consistent again.

I still hate leg circles. I can’t believe it came back with the circuit workout today. Wishing everyone a great week!

Chisel to K-bells

I am enjoying this new program so far. I feel K-bells is an advance version of Chisel. I am loving the shorter workouts this week. Good to have some weights back in after 6 weeks of mostly HIIT training. I am happy to see fruits back in my snack menu 😃. Hoping this will help me stay compliant.

Photo is of my favorite breakfast in the world - smashed avo on toast. I wake up every day for this.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! It’s almost the weekend!

Chisel, that was fun! 

I can’t believe we are done with chisel. I truly enjoyed and wished it was a longer programme. I enjoyed the burst of energy needed in every set and this always left me panting and sweaty. Clothes are a bit looser and I feel my arms are firmer (my final photo doesn’t really give justice). I feel like a Wonder Woman every time I finish a burpee. I felt really good every morning I completed my workout.

The only thing I wished was that I can eat a fruit for snack. The tomatoes and carrots (my choice as this was the easiest to pack and eat at my desk) I had for snack didn’t excite me and I didn’t think they were sufficient enough to get me through the day which left me feeling really hungry in the last couple of weeks. I should have been more adventurous on the veggie snacks. I will be more prepared next time (I will do chisel again this year).

Kenzai team, thank you for another well curated programme. I enjoyed reading all the lessons and catching up with my teams blogs. You guys all looked chiseled! Very well done!

I am doing maintense now as I await for my next programme (likely Kenzai Body 3 or Kettlebells). I feel the need to keep going. Wishing everyone a great summer!

Final push

That new burpee one legger is a tricky one. I almost hurt my chin doing it so I had to continue with a normal burpee. I can’t believe we are already on our final week of Chisel. I am really enjoying the workouts but finding myself super hungry all the time. I miss the day time fruits for snack... keeping the diet tight this week for the final push but I am afraid I need to do another round of chisel (really keep my mouth shut) to actually get chiseled. Wishing everyone a great final week! You are all looking great in your photos.

Weak week

I missed 3 days workout this week due to early morning start and late night’s at work. Indulgence came in the form of G&T and aperol spritz yesterday. After a long hard week, I really felt the need to socialize with friends. Sorry to my non-chiseled body!

I am still very much enjoying the workouts though. I especially like all the jumpings. Will keep going and will be strict again this new week. Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Day 20 - Feeling High

After every workout. But I have to drag my a** to doing it every morning. I always feel a sense of achievement after completing a workout and I like the pain of having the routine. Not sure if that makes sense and if anyone shares my sentiment?

Trip last week in KL was somewhat compliant. I manage to avoid the alcohol drinking but I did have a little piece of cake as I was falling asleep at one point during training in the afternoon 😱 I missed one day of workout on Saturday as I was feeling super exhausted from waking up early and flying. Sunday cardio was a 20 min jump rope + Viking longboat while watching Top Gun movie. Bf was not impressed I had to stop about 6x to complete 3 minutes. That was not easy!

Diet is clean so far this week except for a cheeky red wine last Thursday with some new friends. I did not really want to explain why I am not drinking so just had to have a glass.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Chiseling in KL

Hello from KL! I am in town for work training. I brought my own Avo and veggies for snacks and breakfast from HK as I suspect food will be greasy. We arrived late last night and had dinner at the market. I tried to choose well but it seems everything has a lot of oil here.

Workout completed for this morning. Wishing everyone a good hump day!