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Rouella L.

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Weak week

I missed 3 days workout this week due to early morning start and late night’s at work. Indulgence came in the form of G&T and aperol spritz yesterday. After a long hard week, I really felt the need to socialize with friends. Sorry to my non-chiseled body!

I am still very much enjoying the workouts though. I especially like all the jumpings. Will keep going and will be strict again this new week. Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Day 20 - Feeling High

After every workout. But I have to drag my a** to doing it every morning. I always feel a sense of achievement after completing a workout and I like the pain of having the routine. Not sure if that makes sense and if anyone shares my sentiment?

Trip last week in KL was somewhat compliant. I manage to avoid the alcohol drinking but I did have a little piece of cake as I was falling asleep at one point during training in the afternoon 😱 I missed one day of workout on Saturday as I was feeling super exhausted from waking up early and flying. Sunday cardio was a 20 min jump rope + Viking longboat while watching Top Gun movie. Bf was not impressed I had to stop about 6x to complete 3 minutes. That was not easy!

Diet is clean so far this week except for a cheeky red wine last Thursday with some new friends. I did not really want to explain why I am not drinking so just had to have a glass.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Chiseling in KL

Hello from KL! I am in town for work training. I brought my own Avo and veggies for snacks and breakfast from HK as I suspect food will be greasy. We arrived late last night and had dinner at the market. I tried to choose well but it seems everything has a lot of oil here.

Workout completed for this morning. Wishing everyone a good hump day!

Kenzai Chisel

Happy to be back in a new Kenzai program. Done with Day 1 and 2 workouts. Short and sharp. Left me sweating and panting at the end. Loads of jumping with awkward crab walk 😅 since this is only a 6 week program, I can imagine workouts can get intense very soon.

I am enjoying Kenzai breakfast again and eating clean. I am curious as to how strict the diet will be next week.

Great to see some familiar faces on this program. Have a great week to all!

Thank you Kenzai 

Kenzai is definitely my preferred lifestyle. I enjoyed every workout and nutritious food I prepped and ate. My KB2 was not perfect but I have definitely put more effort on this than my first KB2 experience. I only lost 3kg but I feel stronger and happier knowing that I looked after myself in the past 3 months.

Thank you to Leah, Jess and Ward for all of your support and words of encouragement. And to my team Aspenites, you guys rock! Thank you for all of your support. I enjoyed reading all of your blogs and very well done on all of your progress and results. Thank you to my Kenzai friends in HK, Singapore and Japan. I look forward to catching up with you all in person soon!

This is just the beginning. I will sign up for Kenzai Chisel next. I very much enjoyed the HIIT workout last week so Chisel is what I will try next until it’s time for KB3 again.

I hope to see you guys in the next program. Take care!

Day 90 - I did it!

I can’t believe today is the last workout of KB2. That was long and the reps were maxed out. I feel great managing 3 mins of plank without cheating, but those wall sits.... 😩😅

Off to the Rugby 7s! I will write a longer post later.

Have a great last KB2 workout guys! Have a great weekend!

Day 84 - Hello from SF!

Happy Easter from San Fran! My home in the last 5 days. I have been working out in amazing sunny weather here in front of a palm tree. I am grateful for this healthy Kenzai lifestyle and for this trip away from HK for a couple of days. We are flying back tonight so I will be a couple of days delayed for my Kenzai but will make sure to finish strong. Wishing everyone a strong finish this week! Enjoy every burn!

Day 77 - Back on track

I finally manage to workout consistently this whole week. I feel so much better getting the workout in early morning every day just before stepping out of the house to go for interviews. I find that this really clears my head. I am pretty pleased to be compliant on the diet front this week too.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Day 70 - I am still here!

Hi guys, sorry for being so quiet in the last 3 weeks. I am still here I just had to deal with some issues at work.

During week 8, I went to Singapore for work. I found it challenging to do the whole workout since I got really busy with meetings and had an early start at work during this trip. I was only able to do skipping during this trip. Diet was a big challenge as well while in Singapore since most nights I had to come out for dinner and catch up with friends. I did prep for breakfast and fruit snacks. Lunch was not exactly compliant since I ate a couple of sandwiches in a cafe.

I lost my job last week so I had to pause Kenzai for about 2 weeks. I finally got back to working out yesterday. I did an hour of Muay Thai session yesterday and 40 minutes run today (albeit at a slower pace). I can tell my stamina has gone down a lot within 2 weeks of inconsistent workouts. I feel better this weekend and I should be better this week. Focusing back on the diet and full workout starting tomorrow. I look forward to catching up on my teams blogs and the lessons. I am sorry guys I am a bit behind but I will be back on track ASAP.

Have a cracking week 11 team!

Day 45 - Half way there!!

I cannot wait to say this! I felt the burn on the workout today. God that was long... Clockwise plank made me a bit dizzy. I guess I should have not done it all in one round 😬 I was in a rush to finish so I can eat dinner. I feel really hungry these days.

I hope the team is feeling better this week. Thanks for all your words of encouragement.

Happy hump day everyone!

DAY 42- TGIW 7!

Thank God It’s Week 7! Week 6 was a struggle for me. I started the week last week feeling down after weighing myself on Monday and finding out that the scales did not move in the last 5 weeks. I felt really down the whole week last week. I felt like nothing was working with all of my hardwork especially after seeing everyone seems like having good progress. Don’t get me wrong, I am genuinely very happy for you guys. It’s great you guys are making good progress. I just had to step back and look at myself again, what I have been doing and re-evaluate my goals for this program. I had to take some time off from blogging, reading the lessons and blogs. When you don’t see progress on yourself, with all of the hardwork, focus (and all of the money spent cooking healthy food), it’s just demotivating and frustrating. Anyway, I still carried on with the workout last week. I missed one day of workout last Wednesday due to work stress, super low energy and not enough sleep but I made it up the next day right away and over the weekend. Sunday free cardio was 35 minutes of skipping (my poor calves!!) and hatha yoga. I felt much better after yoga.

We had CNY celebration in HK over the long weekend and since I felt down, I had to cheer myself up by socializing and being around friends and family again. I was invited for CNY dinner by my neighbours on Thursday (Chinese meal and 2 glasses of wine was consumed) and Friday I cooked for my family at home. I cooked so it can be Kenzai appropriate (at least). 3 chocolate cookies were consumed during coffee with the family. It tasted so good but I felt bad by evening time. Saturday I straightened up my diet again. I am feeling better this week and will keep pushing through. On a more positive note, I do feel stronger and healthier eating clean, nutritious food every day but really just need to make the scale move faster to the left side! I am getting really impatient....

I hope everyone is staying strong and positive. Good luck with 20 mins of skipping this week!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year of the Dog!

Day 31 - Leg circles

The most awkward workout ever or perhaps my thighs are just heavy 😑

Tonight, I worked out after work instead, and I could smell my neighbour’s cooking while I was skipping. It smelled like juicy Chinese pork BBQ, sweet and salty......... sigh... I made myself banana pancake (1 egg and mashed banana) instead to pacify the craving. Yum! Thanks Darcy for the recipe!

Happy hump day everyone!

Day 28 - Music switch-up

That’s was a good reminder for today’s run. I found it really tough to run on Bowen Road this morning in 7 degree weather. Finding a more upbeat music helped a lot today especially at 11 minutes when I almost felt like walking back home.

I missed a workout last Sunday for free cardio due to visitors in town and I was too tired to do it in the afternoon/evening. I felt really bad missing that workout. I am glad I ran early today and got the workout done for Day 28.

Indulgences - I had a bit of sake for dinner on Monday for a colleague’s leaving do, so I guess that is part of my indulgence but I really want to keep a proper indulgence day for next weekend for a friend’s 40th birthday dinner. Just an FYI, I will have to have an early indulgence for Feb. 😬

I felt really hungry this whole week. I have been craving for salty food this week (that time of the month), so thank god for bananas! Had to have them at arms length all the time these days. I am feeling bloated these days and feeling like meh and I can’t believe next week is already egg white dinners. This came in fast! I am a little anxious to see how the workout looks like for next week...

Have a cracking week 5 guys! Enjoy the egg white dinners and happy Sunday!

Day 20 - Chest Dip

Is there an alternative workout to Chest Dip? I don’t seem to get this right or maybe I am just (still) heavy, I can’t bring myself to do the reps properly without putting my feet down on the floor with every count. 4 sets is a bit agressive to start with, don’t you think? I can only do 5 reps in each set.

Off to my boxing session. Happy skipping everyone! Have a great weekend to all!

DAY 16 - Week 3

They have really cranked up our workouts this week. I have to wake up earlier to do the workouts. My jump rope gave up at 14:42 mins this morning but the body and mind carried on to finish the workout.

On the nutrition front, diet was not perfect last week with early indulgent dinners (two evenings) to celebrate my bf’s birthday. I drank the carbs instead for two dinners with friends. I was out for Chinese dinner last night with visitors in town. Last night dinner was salty so I drank a bunch of jasmine tea to wash it down. Today after watching Leah’s message, I packed myself a simple lunch box of meat, brown rice and steamed veggies today. I need to keep going eating clean.

Have a cracking week guys!

PS: thanks for all the breakfast ideas! Will try to get some ingredients this weekend and try some of your suggestions :)

End of Week 12





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