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Rouella L.

Kenzai Body | Day 59 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 59
Program progress:
Back on the rope...

And it feels good! I started early this morning and felt great getting back into this program. I enjoyed eating everything I can in the last year and a half. Time to look after myself again with yummy, nourishing food. Wishing everyone good luck and a Happy New Year! Enjoying skipping!

Over and Out 

I lost 2kg and gained the habit of doing my skipping every after workout. It's my little win! Thank you.

Day 87 - 7s weekend

I was tempted to go, but talked myself out of it and sold my 7s ticket instead to a colleague. I resisted the temptation to burn the liver big time. Last big push! Good luck to everyone!

Hey guys I am still around. Sorry I have been on a holiday last couple of days for Easter in Samui with friends. I crashed my friend's friend 50th party and alcohol might have been consumed... 😁 I worked out for one day before the big party and a Muay Thai session under Thai heat. Food wise, I must say that was not my best weekend for Kenzai. It was a proper holiday. I am officially back on the horse today! Nutrition on point + worked out after work. Managed to get in full 8 hours of sleep last night too. Back to clean eating this week. Have a great week all!

Day 61 - Scoop push ups

In a very male dominated gym like my gym, scoop push ups has been getting a lot of stares and confused looks from my beefed up trainers. Downward dog is so good for your body!

Wishing everyone a cracking week! Less than 30 days to go! :)

Day 59 - Training smart

The beginning of last week has been extremely stressful at work. I arrived at the gym half dead at 7pm on Monday feeling guilty of leaving work and feeling really low. I could not perform at all. I have been having Monday blues recently. Not sure if anyone of you have heard this? I've never had this before but I guess it's the thought of starting a busy week again makes me sleepless on a Sunday night. This made me think of changing up my workout schedule to be able to swim through this current wave of stress, but still be able to perform well and hopefully achieve my desired result. I will not workout on a Monday, instead I will sleep early. Go strong on a Tuesday-Thursday workout and then Saturday and Sunday. I find that I perform very well on my weekends. Boxing punches are more powerful, lifts have better tension and form. I have better concentration and focus. Yesterday, I felt great doing all the workout in almost perfect form and tension. My trainer was happy and I was happy. I did kenzai after the workout and felt like I still have a lot more energy after that workout. It was too long but it was all worth it. So this week, I will train smarter, understand my body better and try to keep the stress at bay.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Day 51 - Danang

Hi from my current gym in Vietnam :)

I am in Danang with colleagues for a long weekend. The great thing about Kenzai is that I can workout pretty much anywhere with just a jump rope and resistance bands. Worked out done after breakfast. Now off to the beach.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

5 days off

Hey guys I am still alive, sorry for radio silence. I was not feeling well beginning of this week and was feeling weak for a couple of days. The weather in HK has been up and down and my busy season too, so I cannot afford to be sick. I took 5 days off from workout but not from the diet. I kept it clean except for last Thursday and Friday night when I had to go out for dinner with family who left last night back to the UK. I had 2 glasses of red with them. I don't feel bad doing this because I know I need to live a life and enjoy certain moments with important people in my life which is family.

I finally got back on the horse today. Eased in with a boxing workout. For some reason I felt stronger than usual, punches were more powerful (I usually arrive half dead without much energy). It must have been the 5 days off and a good night sleep. Tomorrow the plan is an early morning bootcamp. This weekend will be kept clean and healthy. I need to catch up!

Have a good weekend to all!


Here is a photo of a traditional CNY dinner at my friends place. Yummy food all cooked by my friend except for the abalone which cost her two arms and a leg. I have no idea why the Chinese love abalone so much. The black stuff is apparently considered very lucky and you have to eat a lot of it if you want more money for the new year. And so I did. It's called 'Fat Choy.' I got fat after this meal for sure, I wonder if I can get rich now...?

Diet hasn't really been great after this dinner. I had a couple of indulgences here and there since the whole week was all about eating to be 'lucky' and to be with family. I did not have any of those Ferreros though. I resisted. I did have two 'tong yuen' which are these glutinous balls with yummy sesame inside cooked in ginger and sugar soup. I felt lucky eating this yummy CNY balls. But yes, it has been a challenging week to say no to friends and family visiting town. One thing for sure, I managed to stay active. I mixed it up with boxing, bootcamp, weights and a 3 hour hike + Kenzai, of course. Please tell if I can be absolve of my CNY sins? I got back to clean eating since yesterday.

Day 25 - Monkey New Year

Workout done early morning today . I went to bootcamp and we did loads of skipping and squats. I think we did about 170 squats today. Feeling so good that workout is out of the way! Great to know today is indulgence day too :)) I have been waiting for today.

Wishing everyone a successful, healthy, happy new year of the Monkey! Kung Hei Fat Choy!!

Day 18 - Cravings

I was craving badly for a chocolate today. You know that feeling of cold, grey winter February weather in HK, and Monday blues. The whole day, chocolate and cafe mocha was on my mind. It's terrible. I decided to pick up lemons instead to try to suppress the cravings however, I almost got drowned in a wall of Ferreros while I queing up to pay for my lemons. Worse 2 minutes wait of my life today!! It's CNY in HK and gold chocolates are just all over the supermarkets. Gold is the color of money and luck so every CNY we have to eat a box of Ferrero (just kidding!! That was just my own made up CNY tradition). Ferreros are one of my all time favorites... BUT I cannot eat them right now due to Kenzai. I wonder if this will affect my luck in the new year of the Monkey... ? When is indulgence day again?? Day 25 did you say?? It better fall on CNY holidays please!!

Anyway, the point of getting a lemon was to drink it with hot water. I usually do this when I am trying to get over a craving. I have been trying to do this every day recently as I am trying to alkanize my body. They say drinking lemon with hot water can help a lot with firing up digestion, weight loss, and inflammation. So here is a little tip for you guys in case you are not doing this yet. This helped me fight the urge to buy those gold chocolates today. Lesson of the today: surfing the urge!


I am still here but I have been busy with a friend visiting town this week. To be honest, I haven't been working out every day this week. I worked out x4 times this week if I can count a 1.5 hour hike up the Peak today too (as maybe cardio). I have been doing a combination of boxing and strength training + Kenzai workout at the end of my sessions. I discovered boxing and I really enjoy it. 25 mins of jump rope was too long though especially after all the workout. My calves were on fire!

I don't want to stress out too much about not getting all 7 day workout done like the first time I did Kenzai. One thing I know for sure, I need to keep an active lifestyle so I have been doing a lot of walking and whenever I know I cannot take in a workout for the day, my diet is kept perfectly clean. Rest assured, I have been on point with the diet and nutrition.

The real challenge is resisting not to drink when you have a friend visiting town. FOMO can easily creep in and it's not funny sometimes. It's not always easy to justify why I am doing Kenzai to my friends (second time around), so I figured I should just stop justifying anymore and just keep drinking my sparkling water. Keep the focus on the goal.

Day 7 - Back at it

I am happy to get some ab work back in my routine this week, however I find the cardio really long. I mostly do HIIT/bootcamp workout so the cardio is part of metabolic conditioning and they go like a flash.

I haven't skipped in a long time and last time I did I had very sore calves. I cannot walk properly for 4 days. So like Bart I do 10 minutes halves and I try to get through 5 minutes four times. I wonder if anyone is doing the same as me?

I had a peak of what's in store for next week workout, seems I need to add another 5 mins for cardio... 😁

Good luck to all for week 2!


2015 was a full year of cheat meals. Sadly I will have to say goodbye (for now) to Le French diet (cheese, wine, croissant). No more croissant diet (you hear me Wiks?). I am looking forward to eating clean again and not drinking for 90 days and focusing on my health and fitness, this start of the year.

Dusted off my jump rope and resistance bands after 2 years of ignoring them. I am happy to be reunited with my first love which is skipping. First day of workout done for today.

Wishing everyone a fun 90 days! Happy skipping!

Strong is the new Skinny 

That's right. Well, I cannot be skinny so I might as well be - strong. I am definitely stronger after day 90 and I am proud of what I have achieved so far:

Height: 158cm
2008-2010: 62kg (yes, I know)
1st Aug 2013: 52.6kg
30th Oct 2013: 49.5kg
Muscle Mass: 20.6
Body Fat Mass: 12.5

I must say, I am addicted to my endorphins. How can you not be addicted to this powerful feel good drug? Every workout puts me in a state of high. Every jump rope I do clears my head and helps me balance off the stress in my every day life.

Eating clean, portion control, exercising regularly, getting 7 hours of sleep - this is not rocket science, you will for sure feel good if you do this every day and this has become a very good habit for me now which I intend to keep.

I am not where I want to be yet, but I am definitely in a much better place compared to yesterday. Kenzai for me is not all about the abs (although I must say, I am still working hard in getting rid of what's left of the flab). It is really more about learning a new healthy lifestyle and getting to know myself again. I now know that if I commit and focus myself into doing something like this, I can achieve it. I understand that my body is made up differently compared to other people and I just need a bit more work to do to get to where I want to be. I now know that my willpower is stronger than before. If I want to say no to drinks or unhealthy food, I can do so and at the same time, still have fun. I always have the option to choose the best for myself and I choose to feel good. I feel great overall and definitely happy that I managed to complete this project this year. One project down, off to continue to the next one!

The plan:
- 5 days of Kenzai lifestyle - 5 days of eating clean, 6 days of workout (4 days of crossfit & weight training, 2 days yoga), 1 day for rest
*Jump rope - I cannot never part ways with you again. You have been instrumental in keeping me sane for this whole 90 day experience. Every time I jump, I feel great. You have been a very good meditation tool for me especially after work (paired with music = nirvana).
*Fruits and veggies - you guys are my new best friends. You kept me company when I feel like reaching for a digestive biscuit. You made me look forward for my evening after workout smoothie.
- 2 cheat days a week - when I can indulge on my cravings and properly go out for dinner and drinks (which hopefully, will all be in PCP moderation).

Patrick - what an amazing program you have here. Everything was well done: the impeccable timing of all the lessons, the variety of workout and THE diet. You made me look at carbs in a different way again. I am no longer scared of them. I simply burn them off during my jump rope! What I am more scared about is really the processed food. Kenzai has really changed the way I look at processed food and I will try my best not to get sucked in the middle section of the supermarket again. I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone I know.

Gus- you are the man. Your goodbye message got me a bit emotional. Thank you for all your support and for always being a good sport! Ok, you busted me once with my Tabasco and believe it or not, I never had it again. I wish you all the best in life and congratulations for being a father once again!

Errai team/Opal - 'Hey Gang,' you guys were awesome! Your humor, motivation and encouragement was what kept me going. I enjoyed reading your everyday stories. We all rocked this project together and I wish you all the best!
*Honkers - perhaps a little drink to celebrate sometime this month?

A special thank you to my Wonder Woman- Nagisa Y. You kept me going every time I see your face in the workout sheets but I still wonder how can YOU do your leg circles that high up in the air?? Thank you so much for all the messages and for bearing with me when I moan about my grams and for missing your wedding brunch (I had to get back on the rope!). Babe, we have come a long way from our Mogambo days and what a 360 degree turn we did! Your abs was what got me to sign up into PCP ;)

Commitment and focus to my goal was what kept me going until the very end of this journey but without the support from my family and friends, I wouldn't be able to do this on my own. I must say, I am very lucky to have such an amazing support network. Thank you all so much! Now, I can properly hang out with you all again - 2 days in a week!

90 days of Kenzai had been an amazing journey this year. My body, mind and heart are definitely in a much better place. Kenzai has set the foundation for me and it is now my responsibility to continue and to keep going. This is not the end, it is just the beginning of a new healthy ME.

All the best to everyone!

Signing off from Honkers.