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Kenzai Body
Day 59
Program progress:
Day 90 C'est FINI!!!

I can't believe I did it! I am so HAPPY :)

Congratulations to everyone who completed Day 90 today!

Final blog to follow...

Day 87 What's next?

I was asked this golden question this week - "so what will happen after day 90?"

I shrugged and said, "I don't really know!" For sure I will go out and celebrate next week Thursday and Friday and the rest of the weekend. I think it is VERY likely I will have Kenzai withdrawal symptom come Monday, IF I do not plan well.

For 87 days, I have been religiously working out every single night, grocery shopping, cooking, blogging, prepping my lunch and snack pack and reading lessons every morning. So the BIG question is: what will I do now after day 90 without all these? My body and mind had been set to operate in a routine like this for the last 3 months (and I kind of like it). I liked the fact that I do not have to think very much what I will do next. Everything was already pre-programmed and I work like a very efficient robot everyday - measuring my grams, eating 6 times a day, thinking of my workout after work (repeat). I like that after every workout, I feel like I can conquer the world. I like that I have been managing stress like there should be nothing to stress about in my life. It feels like I am on prozac everyday. Everything is fine, everything will be fine. I like that I can sleep very well at night. My thoughts are clear and my mind and body are for once - balanced.

I also wonder if I can still have a normal social life post-Kenzai. I am now so well trained drinking 5-6 bottles of Perrier when I go out. I am amazed how I am surviving going to bars and clubs in HK with just a glass of sparkling water and lime and still manage to have fun. It is bizarre and SCARY. I am now so used to requesting to remove all forms of salt/sugar, raisins, cheese, nuts, and creamy dressings on my food whenever I eat out. I have gotten used to stripping down what's on the menu and ordering my own version which can be annoying to waiters/chefs, but something I've gotten accustomed to doing. I do NOT want to be a monk at all but I do know I will need a balance. I love a good vino after all. I love and miss going out to try new restaurants and trying on new recipes for cooking. I love food so much that I know I will have to be very conscious about my choices after day 90.

For 87 days of my life this year, my life revolved around Kenzai. I know I gotta have a plan in place with both my diet and regular exercise after day 90. Otherwise, I might just slip back to old habits which will be very sad. The last thing I want is to fall back to those old habits after learning so much. I will hate to waste what I have learned and still learning. I have this weekend to contemplate and finalize an action plan for after day 93. For now, I will carry on with reaching failure and deep burn until Day 90 :)

I wonder what the rest of my team thinking as well post-day 90? I hope everyone doing well.

Have a great weekend gang! 4 days to go!!!

Day 82 Final Push

V-sits to failure?? How is that possible? When every V is a failure for me. Can someone help spell that for me please?

For the first time, a guy came up to me and asked me if I am doing PCP. He noticed the unusually long skipping and then to creep (omg feel the burn!!!). He got me really excited when I told him I am now on Day 82 and he screamed "yeah!" I guess it is indeed very exciting :) I can almost see the finish line... Taste the finish line... almost there but not yet. I need to keep pushing hard - harder! Alright I am an endomorph and stores fat easily than others but I can get good muscles IF I work hard enough. I have accepted the fact that I will need to double up my work and I will not look like other women. I wonder if I can at least have JLo's booty? Will keep pushing it!

Final push team! Good luck to all on our last week!

Day 80 Feeling better

Woke up early for a workout. Feeling better after the stomach pain yesterday. It's amazing how a good night sleep can do wonders.

Jumped rope 5x7min. I felt bad not completing my workout last night so had to repeat Day 79. All good. Plank to failure 6x1min (I can't believe I can do up to 1 min!!!). I added another variety of ab workout (as per training guide today)
--> Targeting the lower abdominals, lie on your back and raise both your legs straight, pointing to the ceiling. Lower down to the floor, keep the leg straight. Make sure your back doesn't curl, and feel the burn on your lower abs. Do 5x10 reps.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 79 Arrgh!!

I had to stop working out after chest dip. Suddenly I felt a strong burn in my stomach while doing the dips. I rested for a bit to see if I will feel better, unfortunately not. It was really uncomfortable feeling that burning sensation (wish it was just the fat in my belly super burning!) I went home instead to call it a day. Argh!!

Ok, I already felt a bit hungry when I started skipping even though I had my before workout banana. Alright, I was supposed to get off work early but got stuck in phone calls and didn't leave the office until after an hour of that banana. It must be hunger or was it the change of grams in my diet?

My breakfast carbs is 80g and my lunch carbs and protein are a lot heavier with 120g each compared to last week 80g. That was a lot of food for lunch! I started the 120g carbs/protein today since I had to go to lunch yesterday for work (I used last weeks grams). I don't remember eating anything bad. Well, everything I ate today was from my fridge so now I wonder if my stomach was just adjusting to the new grams or was it really just 'hunger?' Does anyone feel they have to eat more this week too? I wonder how much I can still burn with a heavier diet plan?

Feeling sluggish not to be able to finish my workout today. Stomach feeling a bit better after dinner, still burning a bit (let it be the fat!). I will have to do repeat of day 79 tomorrow... I am not happy not completing today's workout :( I guess I will just sleep this in.

Day 78 R.I.P. Jumprope

Jan 2013 - Oct 2013
Died painfully after the 2nd set of Day 78 skipping (3x7mins). He burned at least 3kg of Rouella's fat and released 78 days of stress from her mind. He was a loyal meditation tool especially after work. You will be replaced.

Long weekend in HK was a busy weekend especially with visiting friend in town. It doesn't mean though that I have slacked on diet and exercise. In fact, I even went on a junk boat trip last Saturday with my breakfast & lunch box, fruit/egg snacks in tow. Strictly complied with the diet. Jumped rope in the morning and strength workout after the junk boat trip in the evening. This was my first sober junk boat trip ever and it was not too bad at all. It was such a good sunny day with chilled friends. It helped that I was with 5 boxers on the boat and they were very healthy and I did not have to explain to them much why I had to bring my own lunch. They respected that I was doing something healthy and did not push me to drink at all. I went on a sprinting match with them at the beach and I did not do too bad at all. Must be all the extra jump ropes and leg workout I am doing. I do feel my legs and quads are a lot stronger and firmer.

I've been out twice this week until quite late, way past Kenzai bedtime and I know this is no good for me at all. I had to entertain a friend and her colleagues who are in town for biz trip. I went out twice for dinner and drinks with them. I stayed as PCP compliant possible. This is when I noticed myself breaking down what's in the ingredient of the food on the menu. Doing this made me realize how I've learned so much from PCP diet through out these 75 days in this program. I found myself checking for salt, sugar, processed food used in the menu. I am no longer very attracted to creamy, deep fried, salty food which is weird since I used to love them. I think I will still eat them after this program but it will be in very small quantity and only during an actual indulgence day. My plan post-PCP is to stay eating clean for 5 days and with two cheat days a week. When I say cheat days, it means indulging on my craving during lunch or dinner and having a bit of sweets. The most I miss during these 75 days is having a good chocolate cake. I love chocolate. Period. My plan is to let myself indulge in a chocolate during my cheat days but not on the clean days. Hopefully I have learned by now how to control potions and I will not let myself go off the rails just like that. 'Fatty bom bom' is what my bro-in-law used to call me. How sweet my BIL. Now my 'bom boms' are looking pretty tight these days ;)

'Drinks' meant 5 bottles of sparkling Perrier until 1:30am. My Brit friends visiting town were amused and somehow confused how I stayed on until 1:30am with just water when they drank wine and porn star martinis like 'water.' It is what I call - desperation. Haha

I am feeling light and tight these days. I lost 3kg so far. Still working on my abs. Flab please go away. 8MAs see you later.

15 days to go team! Keep going Errai! We are almost there!

Day 71 New Diet Plan

Lesson about stomach today was spot on. I was wondering why my new diet plan is heavier than last week, then there goes today's lesson. Interesting lesson on how my stomach works. Now I understand why after my indulgence day last month, I felt quite sick after the meal. Not because of the food, but because my stomach was just shocked from eating food which was processed and has salt in it. It's all about the ph level in my stomach and all about the chemical breakdown happening after a meal. Interesting to know that strengthening our stomach is also part of this program and we are not just focusing on growing muscles. Off to grocery tonight to buy more fruits and eggs!

Day 70 Frog jump

I had to switch cardio day to Day 71 today. A friend is in town so I have to catch up over dinner tomorrow and I do not want to rush the workout at all.

Day 71, what can I say? I almost died doing set 4 of frog jumping... V-sits 5x13 was a killer. Rewarded myself with 8 min abs to complete Day 71.

Looking forward to cardio day tomorrow. Keep going team!

Day 68 Niccolo

Congratulations to Niccolo group! Impressive results! I've been cruising around your blogs and you guys rock!

Big shout to my PCP buddy - Andrew H. AMAZING result! You inspire me to keep going, work hard to failure and most of all to have fun and not to forget to smile. I am already missing your comments and your humor. Looking forward to catching up with you and Wiks over bubbles - after October ;) - jazz hands xx

A MUST read - Scott B. September 24th blog on Survival's Guide to Kenzai. I was thinking of writing something similar but you wrote it better and funnier. Congrats Scott!

Inspired by Niccolo group - I've been working out to failure mode. Tonight 5 x 5min skips up to plank to failure 5 x 45secs.

Fail on Errai! 22 days to go!

Day 64 Intense

What a set tonight! I can't believe leg circles, frog jumps, Da Vinci and v sits are all in this one sentence. Looking forward to saying 'hi' to sore tomorrow.


I almost did not work out tonight. I suddenly felt so tired, sleepy at 7pm during a meeting. I had to shake myself up to have a proper conversation. I managed to get out of work just before 8. Little voice was telling me to skip working out tonight since I am too tired, jet lagged and need an early sleep. I had to really fight hard with naughty little voice so I compromised to do cardio day (Day 63) instead so I skipped 4 x 5 mins. After fourth set, my body wanted more (such a weird feeling to be so pumped up!!!) so I checked out Day 62 and started working on my back. Long story short - I completed day 62 & 63 + 8 min abs!

The only thing I did not manage to do was side captain's chair. The bar i am using at the gym was just a bit too high and dangerous to do it. I am too afraid to fall. I wonder if there is an alternative exercise for this? I have to tell you, I have no dining chairs at home. I know. No chairs. Instead normal captain's chair was embraced tonight. The lesson on abs made a big difference on the way I think about v sits and captain's chair. I no longer moan in doing this, I simply just get on with this two thinking this will help me get the result I want. I am trying to work on my relationship with my abs and hopefully it will love me back in day 90.

I am so proud I did not listen to naughty voice. My small win tonight. Roarrrrrr!

Day 62 Back in Honkers

Jetslag a b*tch but oh we'll... Glad to be back on track with diet and exercise.

Sunny day and bank holiday in HK means only one thing- beach and BBQ. Off to work out and see old friends from Paris who are in town and then to BBQ.

Have a great day Kenzai peeps!

Day 58 Kenzai on holiday

Hey gang, I must admit being on holiday was not easy for my diet and exercise. I confess I did 2 indulgence days while in Napa. Wine tour was just impossible not to actually drink the wine and even if it was just a sip, I felt guilty actually throwing precious wine away and not to be able to enjoy the experience of this trip so I have decided (albeit with Kenzai guilt) to indulge on the wines and a dinner at a very good Napa resto called Bistro Jeanty (a must, if you can get the chance to visit Napa). In keeping up with Kenzai spirit, I requested for no added salt on my food. Still yum! Next day feeling guilty, I added 2 extra sets of 4min skips and added one extra set for each of the work out + 8 min ab man.

My friend's wedding was yesterday at an amazing venue called Calistoga Ranch. Half of a posh burger, truffle fries, a bit of Mac n cheese, a couple of glasses of vino and 2 tiny choco cupcakes were consumed with indulgence. I crashed to bed after an evening of dancing.

I woke up today puffy and with a tantrum. I realized the after wedding brunch this mornimg was at 10am and I woke up at 8:30am when I initially wanted to wake up at 7am. There came the dilemma - shall I go to gym and exercise and skip my friend's brunch or shall I just shower, pack, check out, brunch and skip working out today? I was so tempted to skip working out and so I threw a tantrum (to the shock of my girls staying with me - sorry girls for the morning drama) on why I need go work out on my holiday? Holiday for me means not having a schedule and not working out and totally just chilling out. Why do i have to work out again today? Then it hit me I just did two days of indulgence at the very crucial stage of my Kenzai training. Dragged myself out the door to the gym and decided to skip after wedding brunch. I feel bad not making it to brunch today but I am sure my gf will understand (Mrs. PCP, dont be mad at me) that there was just not enough time for me to finish an over an hour work out, shower and then join them for brunch. I wanted to be back on track with diet ASAP after these two days.

I am now back in San Fran and in much better control over work out and diet. I will fly back to Honkers tomorrow midnight. Looking forward to being back home. Not looking forward to jet lag though.

Will be packing apples and veggie sticks. Gluten free meal already ordered for the flight. Now off to grow the muscles.

Have a good weekend gang! Looks like you are all enjoying progress with your bodies. I wish I can say the same for me. Will try to catch up with y'all!

Day 55 Jetlag

Hi from Frisco! I got here around 11pm last night local time after 12 hour journey from HK (slept the whole 9 hours, I was so tired). I crashed in my hotel bed at midnight. Jetlag is a b*tch and woke me up at 4am today. After tossing and turning I finally pushed myself to get up and go to the gym. Good surprise- hotel gym was packed when I came in at 5:50am. I am impressed with these Americans. Crowded gym meant that I had to squeeze myself in for my jump rope and resistance band exercises. Not easy but I find Americans are quite friendly. I found a quiet room to do captains chair, rolling pin (still no good with this). Rewarded myself with 8 min abs. Low fat milk already ordered. My lovely gfs got me boiled eggs last night. Will be adding cardio/walking around San Fran today and then off to Napa this afternoon. Have a great day guys!