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Day 62 Back in Honkers

Jetslag a b*tch but oh we'll... Glad to be back on track with diet and exercise.

Sunny day and bank holiday in HK means only one thing- beach and BBQ. Off to work out and see old friends from Paris who are in town and then to BBQ.

Have a great day Kenzai peeps!

Day 58 Kenzai on holiday

Hey gang, I must admit being on holiday was not easy for my diet and exercise. I confess I did 2 indulgence days while in Napa. Wine tour was just impossible not to actually drink the wine and even if it was just a sip, I felt guilty actually throwing precious wine away and not to be able to enjoy the experience of this trip so I have decided (albeit with Kenzai guilt) to indulge on the wines and a dinner at a very good Napa resto called Bistro Jeanty (a must, if you can get the chance to visit Napa). In keeping up with Kenzai spirit, I requested for no added salt on my food. Still yum! Next day feeling guilty, I added 2 extra sets of 4min skips and added one extra set for each of the work out + 8 min ab man.

My friend's wedding was yesterday at an amazing venue called Calistoga Ranch. Half of a posh burger, truffle fries, a bit of Mac n cheese, a couple of glasses of vino and 2 tiny choco cupcakes were consumed with indulgence. I crashed to bed after an evening of dancing.

I woke up today puffy and with a tantrum. I realized the after wedding brunch this mornimg was at 10am and I woke up at 8:30am when I initially wanted to wake up at 7am. There came the dilemma - shall I go to gym and exercise and skip my friend's brunch or shall I just shower, pack, check out, brunch and skip working out today? I was so tempted to skip working out and so I threw a tantrum (to the shock of my girls staying with me - sorry girls for the morning drama) on why I need go work out on my holiday? Holiday for me means not having a schedule and not working out and totally just chilling out. Why do i have to work out again today? Then it hit me I just did two days of indulgence at the very crucial stage of my Kenzai training. Dragged myself out the door to the gym and decided to skip after wedding brunch. I feel bad not making it to brunch today but I am sure my gf will understand (Mrs. PCP, dont be mad at me) that there was just not enough time for me to finish an over an hour work out, shower and then join them for brunch. I wanted to be back on track with diet ASAP after these two days.

I am now back in San Fran and in much better control over work out and diet. I will fly back to Honkers tomorrow midnight. Looking forward to being back home. Not looking forward to jet lag though.

Will be packing apples and veggie sticks. Gluten free meal already ordered for the flight. Now off to grow the muscles.

Have a good weekend gang! Looks like you are all enjoying progress with your bodies. I wish I can say the same for me. Will try to catch up with y'all!

Day 55 Jetlag

Hi from Frisco! I got here around 11pm last night local time after 12 hour journey from HK (slept the whole 9 hours, I was so tired). I crashed in my hotel bed at midnight. Jetlag is a b*tch and woke me up at 4am today. After tossing and turning I finally pushed myself to get up and go to the gym. Good surprise- hotel gym was packed when I came in at 5:50am. I am impressed with these Americans. Crowded gym meant that I had to squeeze myself in for my jump rope and resistance band exercises. Not easy but I find Americans are quite friendly. I found a quiet room to do captains chair, rolling pin (still no good with this). Rewarded myself with 8 min abs. Low fat milk already ordered. My lovely gfs got me boiled eggs last night. Will be adding cardio/walking around San Fran today and then off to Napa this afternoon. Have a great day guys!

Day 54

We survived the super typhoon in HK. Hopefully no one got hurt.

All packed for America. I am going to San Fran and then to Napa for my friend's wedding (remember Wonder Woman?). I am a bit worried about the diet for this trip. Bouchon is booked for lunch, wine tour, wedding dinner... Will try to be as strict as possible. I will need to really spit out the wine during wine tasting... Wedding dinner is going to be my indulgence night and I am so looking forward to this! They say the US is the best place for Kenzai diet. Americans are so used to people making loads of request when they order their food. I wonder if my hotel will let me order 4 hard boiled eggs and deliver to my room...

Have a great week everyone!


I woke up really sore today, back, arms, and butt. I went for a 2 hour hike yesterday morning and then to the gym to work on my Kenzai body. Sounds like a Ninja.

What's up with the rolling pin? I got a lot of stairs at the gym doing this. I looked like a confused pretzel being rolled on the floor. I have to looked at the training video again to check this out. But I guess, there is no way you can look elegant rolling on the floor... So might as well have fun.

Long weekend in HK can mean waiting for a super typhoon that is supposed to arrive tonight. I was supposed to fly out tonight but had to change course to Monday evening. My first time to see you America and you are playing hard to get... Anyway, all sorted out. I should make this trip. It is for one of my best friends wedding after all. Keep calm and fail on (had to steal from Andy H.) ;)

The calm before the storm - Honking view from Mt. Butler yesterday. Have a good Sunday everyone!

Day 51 Burn, baby burn

My biceps and chest were on fire today. I thought my arms were going to fall off doing outside curl. Plank to fail mode 4x40. I need that core!

Day 49 Milk

With my quest for social balance, I swapped my cardio day to yesterday so I can come out for dinner (well, veggie snack) last night with a friend. First time I ordered milk in a cool HK resto, and they gave n to my request albeit with a weird look from the bar man's face since I specifically asked for 80ml milk. FYI, it can be done. A glass of milk is HKD20. I was tempted to push further for a hard boiled egg...

Day 48 exercise finally done today. Yesterday's cardio day was a full on 6 x 3mins so today's 8 x 2 mins was a piece of cake. Tried to do advanced jump rope variations but only managed to trip in doing so. I've decided to better stick to my basic two feet jump/ 3 jumps per second. Captains chair was surprisingly easier to do tonight. It might be I am finally losing fat in my a**!

Looking forward to week 8 exercise. Bring it on!

Day 46 Half way there!!!

Hey 'gang,' we are half way there! Such a good feeling to say that. Legs, arms, back and abs are really sore today. Added an extra session of dancing with Rihanna last night in Macau. Riri looked amazing! I want Her body! Ruru will be thinking of her when she does her 8mins abs today.

I've been milking it at bars in HK. Literally milking it. I had to share a photo last Friday at one of my favorite bars in HK called La Cabane. It was their first anniversary in HK and there I was in the middle of organic wine mania, with my after work out milk ;) we had a good laugh. Have a good Sunday everyone!

Day 43 Legs

7 x 2 mins jump rope felt like eternity! Thought that will never end. I want to take back what I said about frog jumps, that was so tough tonight after jump rope. Lunge was definitely longer than usual. Legs was jelly after that. I forgot to go back to docs to pick up cough meds so was barking like a mad dog between sets. Good thing I was in private room - dog was in a cage guys! What a set tonight! Definitely feeling work out is starting to climb a peak...! Woof woof!

Day 42

Who let the dog out?? Woof woof woof

Oops, that was me. Started out alright with the skipping until I started doing pelvic floor lift when the dog started barking like crazy. I thought I won't be able to finish the whole set on the floor. Day 41 on Day 42, all done. Still recovering from the weekend sickness and now just simply barking. Beware of the dog at Pure. Bring on week 6!

Back on the horse today after skipping the work out for 2 days to get better. Still on meds but feeling better especially after work out. Off to bed to grow back my muscles!

Day 37, 38 & 39

Day 37 - Feverish, shivering with sore knuckles and sore throat - that was Friday for me. I had to skip working out since I got so sick. I hate it, I don't usually get sick and then suddenly just like that my body gave up on me last Friday. I managed to stick to diet though. Ate all the fruits, milk, eggs and veggies I needed to eat for afternoon snack and dinner. I took it all in and slept early.

Day 38 - I woke up feeling better but still with a sore throat. I did day 37 work-out but only half of the sets and skipped to 800. I didn't want to put too much stress on my body by pushing myself to failure.

Saturday night was a friend's hen night which I promised to go. Ate dinner at home and I requested for veggie snack at the party. I wore an old white low back dress. And oh, hello back muscles!!! The dress fits like a glove! Felt really great wearing my last summer's white dress. Hen party was fun. I did have one shot of pure vodka which burned my throat like hell!! That was the only drink I had the whole night and I had to give in because of a game. This is the second sober hen night I've ever been 2 months in a row. While it is weird and strange being sober whilst everyone else got so drunk, I must say I did not envy them. The white dress motivated me to stick to the program and my goal!

Day 39 - Woke up with no voice!!! Must be the damned vodka! Trying to rest right now. Looking at Day 38 training sheet and they looked manageable. I just need a bit of energy to tackle this later today. Going to docs tomorrow to get stronger meds. What a week!

I wish I can go to the beach today... but I have to rest. It is such a beautiful sunny Sunday Honkers! Have a good Sunday everyone!

Day 36

Amazing how a good night sleep can do to you. Feeling better today. Got back the energy. I am starting to really appreciate frog jumping these days. It's short and efficient and gives a great boost of energy for me to continue to the next work-out. Off to drink milk!

Day 35 Up & Down

Today's training guide was just what I needed to be reminded of. Energy has been really low this week, which was a combination of being really sore, tired from all the double set work-out as well as stress from work and not enough sleep. It has been a really tough 2 weeks and I had been working late on most nights. I had to really push myself every single night this week to make sure I don't miss a work-out. Glad today was only jump rope. They say the next two weeks is going to be crucial for this program. Need to push myself up and sleep early tonight.

Read some blogs of the guys who recently completed PCP. They all looked very happy, healthy and toned. 90 days of hard work and discipline - RESPECT.

Now off to week 6! I wonder how the rest of my team doing? Hope they had a much better day than me.

Day 31 Ironic

I'm sore but I'm happy...
Isn't it ironic... Don't you think?
A little too ironic... And yeah, I really do think

Here's my breakfast with a capital R.

Have a good weekend everyone!

End of Week 12





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