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Day 29

Leg circles are really not my cup of tea. A guy had a grin when he saw me doing this tonight. I can't coordinate my body and my legs properly and I am starting to think I am hopeless with this...

First evening of banana, apple, milk and egg whites for dinner which I turned into a smoothie. Yum!

After working out, I went for a peak hike to catch up with friends. I must say, jump rope and hiking are really two different things. I thought I should be better with hiking since I have been doing a lot of skipping every day and should have enough cardio exercise, but I do not think so... Gus, can you help explain
please? I was panting on my way up the mountain... I wonder if I should actually add running and hiking to my usual work out too besides jump rope.

Anyway, I made it to top and tonight is a lovely summer evening in HK. I had to take a pic.

Day 28 Fruits

Checked out the new diet plan for tomorrow and I must say I will miss the evening fruit snack. I've been enjoying some delicious kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and cherries after dinner. Now it's all about veggies for evening snack. Not sure I will enjoy the veggies as much as fruits... The good news is I am making new friends with my local supermarket ladies with my new found hobby of grocery shopping - every night.

Inner thigh sore from yesterday's frog jumping. Is that the correct part of my body to be sore? I am not sure...

Day 27 Floor jumps

Definitely had a couple of stares at the gym doing floor jumps. Wondering why I was jumping like a frog which ain't pretty for a lady. Nailed it but it was tough. I guess no pain no gain...

Day 25-26 Indulgence

As you might have guessed, I was glad to see yesterday was indulgence day since I did indulge myself during my friend's hen night. We went to a nice French restaurant for dinner called Chez Tomo in Ginza.

The brown spikes below is their signature amuse bouche of uni (sea urchin) with lobster bisque which was yummy. I knew there was no way I can have a normal PCP meal after this serving. The only PCP thing about this resto are the portions which are tiny as you can imagine a French resto in Japan. Veggie portion was hardly 30g (see pic below). The desert was a quartet of chocolate - all tiny portions and you bet I enjoyed it very much and cherished every bite as you can imagine!

Nothing crazy on the drinking front. Only had a glass of champagne and stayed on water the whole hen night. Ha! Glad I was sober since I had to carry the hen back home who was dressed as Wonder Woman ;)

I checked my weight this morning and I gained a kilo back. That was quick! So I worked extra hard again today on my sets with 1100 skips. The double katana was a killer and I still looked like a confused pretzel!

Day 24 Tokyo

I've missed you! I am so glad to be back in Tokyo to catch up with old friends and colleagues. I always feel the love here.

First day of trip was a fail in terms of diet and working out. I went out for dinner to catch up with friends and I thought I planned it well choosing an izakaya for dinner when it downed on me that it is not easy to eat out in Tokyo at all while I am on PCP. Japanese are not really flexible in taking requests. I felt like I offended the chef asking for no salt, no butter on my yakitori and grilled veggies. Felt bad so I ate some of the skewers with salt in it. Felt guilty eating them but I did manage to stick to no alcohol though so that's a win. However I was so tired after the flight and catching up with friends so I crashed back to my hotel without working out at midnight.

Second day, was a lot better. My gf helped order a steak with no salt and salad on the side. However Japanese portions are quite small so I had to order 2 plates of salads for my veggie portions and this costs me an arm when I saw the bill. Oh well, at least I managed to stick to my diet.

Currently staying at the house of Mr. & Mrs. PCP. My girlfriend and her fiancé are both doing re-peak before their wedding and their house is equipped with loads of healthy food and tips for the rookie in me.

Managed to work out again last night and this morning. Started with day 22 yesterday and I must say I am lucky to have my my gf teach me which muscles to work on, correcting me on my exercises and reminding me to breath while doing the sets.

Going out tonight for my friend's hen night. She has no idea what is in store for her.

Have a great weekend guys!

Day 21 Hump Day

It has been a very busy first half of the week and was please to find today is cardio day. Skipped to a 1000. The jump rope tips really made a lot of difference in my skipping these days. Really feeling the energy when I skip and really liking it.

The revelation: 3 weeks down minus 2kg!! Amazing! Really pleased with this. I have never worked out like this every day of my life before and definitely made a lot of changes in the last 3 weeks with working out every day, fitting in my cooking and resisting cravings which was surprisingly not much at all. And tonight, one of my friends asked me to come out for a 'virgin' skinny b*tch and I said no. I said no to hump day drinks! ;) well, I gotta pack, eat dinner and write this blog. Got my reasons.

I am flying out to Tokyo tomorrow morning and just read my protein is 10g less for dinner, which means I have to be careful not to eat too much sashimi and yakitori! Keep going Errai! Gambatte!!!

Day 17-18 The Aftermath

Birthday drinks didn't turn out exactly as planned. I underestimated the power of birthdays and the power of my friends on my birthday vs. my willpower. What can you do if your friends order drinks for you and even the bar man gave us loads of free drinks because - it is my bday? So I decided to enjoy 1 night and had a bit of wine, vodka soda and bubbles. Cheated with most of it with only 3-4 small sips (didn't finish any of them) except for shots which I cannot just sip! Terrible me but oh well, it was a fun night out. Made sure I drank loads of water so no hungover the next day but was a very slow start and had to skip my lunch carbs due to timing.

Last night I hosted the family at home for dinner. I can't eat out so I decided to bring the party to my home instead. Cooked healthy stir-fry veggies and chicken with brown rice. Simple and easy. No alcohol and cake for me, although my sister made sure I did blow a cake. They had the cake and I ate my cherries and pineapple. It was a good chill family catch up.

Guilty of my birthday crimes - I worked very hard and skipped to a thousand with extra sets on my work-out this weekend. But what's up with the pretzel lift? I looked like a confused pretzel!

Overall, I was very pleased how my birthday weekend turned out. Birthdays I always find myself being really trashed and sick but this time around, I feel really good, happy and healthy :)

Day 16 Pineapple

My birthday pineapple

Day 16 Pineapple

Is the new birthday cake ;) It's my birthday today and my lovely team who thought I was crazy being so strict with my diet even on my birthday gave me a pineapple instead of cake. PCP has officially taken over my life!

Birthday work-out was A breeze today. Having my PCP meal at home and then off for drinks with friends tonight. I just hope I don't accidentally order vodka soda when I actually mean soda water ! Have a good weekend everyone!

Day 14 Sore

After putting myself up to failure last night, I am seriously sore today. I can hardly skip properly. Tripped a couple of times. Pushed myself to complete 1000. Dozing off early to 'buff sleep.' Proper rest day.

Day 13 Stimulus

As per training sheet today, I added extra work until I reached "failure." Only one thing - I suck at leg circle. I looked ridiculous doing it.

Did a big steam after that and now really tired. Off to bed to grow my muscles ;)

Day 12 Carbs & Cravings

I have a love and hate relationship with carbs. I love them but at the same time I am scared of eating them. I know you guys have a plan for us that's why you have allocated carbs as part of our diet, however as someone who has done a no carb diet for over a year, I feel uneasy eating carbs especially at night. In the evening my carb allocation is half of my lunch which is actually not much, however I have been finding it really difficult to swallow all my carbs. I feel the portion for dinner is really big since I don't usually eat full dinner. I do feel good though that I am eating a lot of veggies, protein but the carbs. Eating carbs makes me feel the need to increase my skipping. Like tonight, I skipped 1000 skips. I guess this is not bad for me at all, since I skipped more than required for this week. I do feel guilty eating carbs, really. Let's blame it on Dr. Dukan for brainwashing me. It will take a while for me to get used to eating carbs. Tomorrow, will skip 1000 again.

Craving - today is the time of the month when I get massive cravings. This afternoon I had a massive craving for sweets. I was pretty restless at one point even though I was already drinking coffee (without sweetener). I had to eat my fruit in take even if I was saving it for later in the afternoon before working out. Thought it will help get my mouth busy but no, it didn't help. So alas, I gave in to a teaspoon of honey. It seems honey is gonna be my new best friend.

Day 11

Woke up and wet straight to the gym this morning. Felt guilty eating out yesterday so I did 1000 skips. I found the forward shoulder rise pretty hard on my lower arm. I don't think I am doing it right, I did feel the burn on my shoulder though. Need to check out the training video again for this. It's my first time to do the ski jumper and I like the fact that it is working both my arms and abs. Have to make sure my abs are engaged the whole time. After watching all the training videos last night, think I have a much better form overall on my work outs and I had to remind myself to slow down and breath in each sets. Overall good Sunday work-out.

On my way back to Honkers. Have a good Sunday everyone!

Eating out

Is that even possible at all with PCP? For today's lunch, we struggled thinking of a good healthy restaurant to go to in Singapore. The best we can think of was PS Cafe where they serve salads, good clean burger, sandwiches, and pasta.

I settled on a beef bolognese pasta (for carbs and some protein), greenhouse salad for my veggies. I made sure to tell the waiter to inform the chef not to put salt on my pasta. On the other end of the table, my gf ordered a burger and salad on the side.

However I struggled figuring out how much amount of carbs, protein, and veggies I should have on my plate. I know the number of grams but I still do not have any idea on the actual amount of food I should actually eat. I wondered if I should have a portable weighing scale with me all the time? Can you even get a portable scale that can fit my clutch bag? Thinking my trainor will freak out of my food choice today, I decided to eat half of the pasta, half of the salad and half of the beef pattie from my friend's burger for my protein intake. Tell me if I am in trouble eating out today??

Second question: can we use ready made tomato sauce if we want to cook pasta? Of course, I will make sure there will be steamed veggies on the side ;-)

For dinner, we had yummy stir fry veggies, peppered chicken breast and rice - at home without vino. Hopefully I bailed myself out of my lunch choice today!!!

Day 9 -10 Singapore

I escaped HK to go to Singapore yesterday to spend a healthy weekend with another gf and to really escape the party scene in HK. I am glad I did it. My gf is in a health kick too so this weekend of eating healthy and not drinking feels like its too good to be true. I arrived in the evening, went to do grocery shopping with her. Shopping basket was filled with veggies, fruits, chicken with no chocolate bar or cookie in sight. Got home and had dinner with her with no wine. Ha! Then went for a work out around 10pm. I must say, I found it really difficult to work out last night. I was already really tired with the flight and work in the morning but glad I went. I had a good night sleep.

Woke up this morning early to do the exercise and then a healthy breakfast of sunny side up egg, toast with mashed avocado on top, squeezed in some lemon and pepper. I added a bit of tomatoes on the side. Yum! I must say, PCP breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Have a great weekend guys! Stay strong to my teammates who are on the junk today!

End of Week 12





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