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Rouella L.

Kenzai Body | Day 59 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 59
Program progress:
Day 5 - Eat Right

Left work early to work out. Thought I am going to eat well tonight - ok half portion but will eat what I want. Say hello to my friend Dena on the pic - she ate half of my portion of halumi burger.

Push-up on TRX

After a busy Monday, I was so looking forward to get through my exercises. I noticed you guys are slowly and steadily increasing the sets which I like. The training message that i receive every morning is helping me to plan and understand this program better, not to exhaust myself too much on the first week which is supposed to be the warm up and building up phase. Do you advise that we do push ups using TRX? I am not sure if the results are going to be the same. I really need to watch the videos. I can't seem to make it work on my iPad and I do not have the push-up bars yet.

Day 4

Morning work-out - check
Healthy breakfast - check

Otter kicks kicked my a**. It was so good to do it with my very good friend Nagisa on the work-out sheet. She is the girl on Day 4 otter kicks.

Liking the routine. Now off for some catching up with friends.

Toxins off

Work out done. I used the TRX today to do the squats which was helpful. I pushed myself to double the sets since I was really feeling sluggish after a big Friday night. Feeling so good after the work out. Now having an apple and coconut drink for snack. Have a great weekend guys!

D-2 - I love Friday

Jump rope, lunges, otter kicks and rowing pumped me up for my Friday night, and oh I am sore after that! Squeezed in some more cardio after that set. But what's up with Donna Hay cooking show and exercise machines? Got me really hungry after working out. I love you Donna Hay, you gave me a very good idea in cooking my pasta next. Friday dinner at Salon 10 was yummy and very PCP half portion friendly. Met the super cool chef Austin which was a good post dinner combo. I found it very tough to say no to drinks though which I paid for this morning with a little headache. Skinny b*tch will have to part ways with you for now.

First Day!

I received loads of messages from friends who know what i am doing today, which was very encouraging and at the same - PRESSURE! I have to be sure I am focused! I know I have to have fun with this too so hopefully I will laugh/learn/burn and enjoy sharing my experiences with the rest of my PCP team. 

Day 1 exercise not too bad although I think I need to watch the video to make sure I do correct push ups. I am a yoga girl and I usually do push up cobra style. Feeling good to get through first day. Looking forward to getting really fit and learning how to eat and be creative with healthy cooking. This will be an interesting 90 days. Bring it on!