Rusty Y.

Rusty Y.

so happy

Very happy to conclude this program and to begin a new approach to eating and exercising. Traveling to Taipei this afternoon and bringing my kenzai gear!

looking ahead

I’m excited to finish the program. Can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned into an ordinary life routine

The numerous work to failure sets are sometimes making me feel the workouts are taking longer; sometimes discourages me from beginning the workout but I do it and feel good I got through it. Only a few more weeks I tell myself - then what?

birthday boy

Today is my birthday and I’m drinking a martini and having yakiniku for dinner. Tomorrow tennis then back to the exercise regimen. I got new fancy jump rope for my birthday!

Back to Reality

I’ve been playing lots of tennis lately and exercising as much as I can. Tennis club member asked me yesterday if I played any other sport besides tennis because I am so built; he figured I played rugby; wondered why my calves were so big (because of all the jump ropes I do). I’ve been getting a lot of that lately; I have never considered myself “built” - still working to get rid of my gut!

Phuket holiday

My Phuket Thailand week long vacation ends tomorrow so back to kenzai then. Between Thai food, beaches, snorkeling, mopeding around my beach town, swimming, cleaning and feeding elephants and seeing a drag show cabaret, my kenzai routine has suffered. Sorry!

spring break

I take off for a week of vacation tomorrow; brought my Kenzai bag of equipment with the expectation that I’ll continue to exercise. There’ll be lots of beach time; here’s to looking fitter in my swim wear!

Feeling good

My body shape and weight are all improving for the better. I feel like I’m getting real results now - hope to keep it up. Working also to lower my blood pressure and seeing slight improvement there; staying optimistic. Kenzai like any worthwhile endeavor requires dedication and while I’m not perfect at that, glad some good things are happening!


I discovered the otter kicks’ evil twin: the metronome. These two exercises have revealed a significant weakness and stiffness in my abdominal/hip region.

otter kicks

I think otter kicks are the most evil thing in the whole wide world.

Hello everyone. I’ve been delinquent writing in my blog. Sorry about that. Working to stick with exercise plan but sometimes I miss a day or so in the week. I’m as compliant as I can be. I have friends from out of town visiting and sometimes I stray from my diet.

feelin good

Finished day 3 workout. Feelin good. Could do better with the leave 1/4 on the plate but trying to make it up by eating smaller portions. Not yet perfect!




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