Ruth B.

Ruth B.


So I've been struggling with food - as in not being inspired and eating the same thing daily. It's easy not to make as much effort this time. A new low was probably when I considered having salmon, white fish and chicken together in my bowl to make up the protein portion at lunch..eekkk! Saved tonight as I stared to vary the veggies again. Yum.

the last egg

And I dropped it on the floor as I was making breakfast. Combined with the fact my avacado is a bit brown and it's a sad day in this kenzai household! On the plus side, I love my lunches. I missed them :-)!

Back in the game!

I wanted to do reboot as a fell off the end of KB1 a month ago and since dropped into bad habits particularly with food. I enjoy the structure that comes with kenzai and get very motivated by it. Once I'm off to a start I tend to be ok. In saying that was a bit slow on the workouts last week but progressing at a pace I am happy with and beginning to feel good again. My photo is not quite kenzai workout but some alternative cardio from Sunday when we did a 15km relay swim race round the south side of Hong Kong. Against the current and in big swells my arms are paying for it! Bring on week 2 :-)

The end but not really the end! 

Having dropped off the programme in the final 3 weeks for many different reasons, I confess I kept my head down and ignored that fact so that I wouldn't feel so bad about it as the programme closed. However, having been encouraged to write this post I need to confront it. First off, Kenzai is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Results exceeded my expectations and that's coming from someone who missed almost 25% of it at the end. I've taken many things away - the fact that effective and efficient exercise can be done with very few materials and at home will stay with me (no excuses!), and that I love love love vegetables and have a new found understanding of what food works for me. I can't wait to get home and to get stuck into my routine again. I have no doubt I will join another programme in the future to give me another kick-start. Congratulations to all graduates. It was hard work but we did it - I'm proud of what I have achieved and am ready to do more! I hope you are too!


So, a few life curve balls were thrown in the week before I headed to Europe meaning Kenzai took a bit of a back seat then I landed in the land of potatoes, stew and fried food with a 3 year old and have also struggled. Diet and programme exercise totally off track. Am still doing plenty of walking, lifting (a heavy kid) and swimming about 1km a day , maybe more. Took a while to find a supermarket with vegetables, and the holy grail (avocados) were only found yesterday. Am also on my second tub of sour cream which I thought was natural yoghurt. Good news is I feel a bit rubbish and miss my awesome lunches.

My plan - get back into the skipping tonight, and go forward from there. Hit it properly next week when I can. Maybe repeat the two weeks I missed. Overall, I've lost weight and was doing ok with the 'living kenzai' i.e. just making good food choices. I want to get that back and I know I can. I am super impressed with the programme and how it makes me feel, and am very ready to follow the principles in life in general.

Hope all my fellow Kenzai'ers have been doing great - I need to catch up on how you've been doing and see all your six packs to motivate me :-) x

write off

This week has been a disaster for me - it started with the break in routine being out delivering youth programmes, then headed into a late night at the hospital with my little one to my indulgence on sat with friends, more out of office plus it's my last week at work - the time has flown and I've not worked out and it's Thursday! Have done two alternative cardio sessions but it's time get stuck into the skipping. There is nothing I can do about to now but it's hard not to get annoyed / discouraged. Writing this is my way of forcing me to stop ignoring it and to get stuck back in.

work lunch

At a work event today with a group of young people who've headed off to find lunch. Eating my lunch in the car in the car park :-)

noticing the change

For all my frustrations, it's working. I'm stronger, leaner and 3.5kg down. I feel great, love the food I am eating and can't believe I look how I've wanted to for the longest time. In short, I'm delighted. But it's not without the hard work- I still have a mental barrier to skipping and motivating myself is hard (till I remind myself this is what gets results). I sweated buckets last night and whacked myself on the legs about 20 times with the rope. At the same time, on Sunday I could have done more! So, I'll keep plugging away. I'm about to go away for a month in two weeks and feeling a little nervous about staying on diet track (mainly worried about being with my inlaws for a week and may just have to be right upfront and take over the kitchen to do my prep/ load up the fridge). Advice will be accepted if anyone has ideas!! We got this!!!

new veggies

Tried some sweet potato toast. A work in progress - could have used a bit more toasting!!!

A quickie

Reminded I need to get a blog post up! I've been checking in often to see how everyone is getting on and it's comforting to hear everyone has the same thoughts and similar challenges but just gets on with it. Pulled myself out of the valley on Monday but wobbled a bit today on the exercise front giving up for the first time partly I think as I have some serious sleep to catch up as little man has been waking early, so am off to do that then bring it on tomorrow. It's hard tho as I am developing a dread of the skipping. I think I'd rather do more, fewer times!

Food has been great as I spent lots of time on Sunday chopping, spirlising, grating, roasting and sautéeing veggies for this week. Had a burrito scrambled egg wrap this morn and am already craving mine for tomorrow. Also tried some new mixed grain type quinoa for lunch which was also delicious. All yummy. Could totally eat that right now!

veggie salad

It looks good so thought I'd share :-) (note kiddy plate)

Been reading about peoples least favourite exercises. Have to say I don't mind the metronome (shows how far I've come!) but letg circles - so innocent yet so deadly. I swear one leg is barely off the ground!

Not been feeling great this past two days - I ended up missing a workout Friday and today did a swim (race) instead. Been sticking to diet apart from a work lunch yesterday although food really isn't appealing to me so much this few days either. I did however just have a nice roast squash salad for my veggies tonight. Overall, I think I did well this week which was the aim given I had a few social events last week, but somehow ending it not feeling the way I'd hoped! Need to get on it with those skips again tomorrow :-)


Planning in advance for my evening veggies I decided I would probably like a dip to go with them. Enter the roasted egg plant and garlic dip, accompanied by raw carrots and a side of garlic broccoli! Maybe over did it slightly in the garlic!!!!


Mummy do exercise! Becoming a common shout around the house.




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