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Ryan H.

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Its been a pretty solid week. Squeaky clean on the diet front down the stretch. And burned the midnight oil to “complete” day 27.. in my interesting new workout closet. Getting ready to crush tomorrow. Onward.


I have worked out the last 14 days. That brings the streak to 56 days. Proud of that but not the diet n sleep discipline. Hoping to lock that down in the final stretch.

12 of the last 14 days have been on the road. I had to really scramble last week in NyC to get the workouts done. But I did find a gem location to workout. At 6am, took a yoga mat up to the 18F (closed) hotel rooftop bar. Perfect weather and intriguing view to study during the 15min skip session. That was nice.

Skulpted 42 for 42 

Solid on the workout front. Enjoyed the low impact exercises and excessive leg work. Definitely feel more strength and control when running or walking up stairs.

The diet and sleep was a total mess From week 3. 28 travel days, fiscal year end, overseas moving preparations, blah-blah .. everybody faces challenges. I let them win most days.

With my workout streak alive, I’m wondering if I can jump tracks to BLAST today and stay on the K-Train?!?

First and last belfie.

Sculptin' 38 for 38

Workouts that is. Including 28 overseas travel days. Which is my (lame) excuse to struggle on the diet front. Sleep has not been good either. But at least I have tightened up the lower half!

Heading out for some Barre and #39 now.

Skulptin' .. day 28

The workout streak is alive at 28.
The diet was fractured over the weekend .. but not broken!
There is a reasonable chance that I will crush it this week. Onward.

Day 25 Sculpt

An early rise to knock out the 25th workout. That streak is alive. Although there have been a few “de-sculpt” days along the way, but net-net .. winning. Definitely feeling a difference when walking up stairs. Looking forward to some quality workouts this weekend.


Not to be denied.. the streak continues.

How about those ‘Lunge to High Step’? Lit things up.

I AM Sculpting..

TEAM Firebrick,
I am here and I AM 'sculpting'. A very solid 8 day workout and squeaky-clean diet streak is full ON.

in terms of the overdue intro:
1. About me.. I live in Hong Kong, but I have been on the road at least 2 weeks a month recently. It has been challenging to get into any workout routine and stay disciplined on the diet side. But I think the time has come.
2. Goals... give the program a solid effort and I know I'll be pleased with the results.
3. Barriers... Business trips. End of May is end of our fiscal year. Thread the needle to find the balance.
4. Love to watch dancing.. my two lovely daughters.

Chizzle Fizzle.. 

I had a great 36-day workout streak.. before I got off the wrong exit somewhere between Roppongi-Akasaka-Haneda-Hongqiao-Jing'An. Many excuses, but none of them justified. Now re-grouping and preparing for the next K plan. My schedule is an absolute train wreck the next few months but I still need to find a way back on to the K-highway. Will meet up with a K-legend this eve and looking for some K-inspiration.

The rest of TEAM BALOR did excellent work. Onward.

I'm Streaking

28 for 28 workouts. Had to rally hard a few days during the business trip. To close out W4, I ran 3km to the park, cycled all 3 challenges, and ran back 3km. But then I went to the The Steak House @ Intercontinental for an amazing dinner. Well, that's just the way its been.. at least I got my workout streak.



Apologies for the weak (zero) blogging effort. No excuses..

the good news -- I am 18 fir 18 on the workout front. The longest streak in 7 months and more workouts than the previous 100 days! And I started WK1 squeaky clean on the diet front while on a business trip (see photo for weeks breakfast and snacks) but then...

the not so good news -- I rationalized an early indulgence which threw me off track. Now this Chizzle program has become more about getting myself into the workout routine. Eventually, the great workouts become the core motivation that takes me to the next level. I'm rationalizing while the diet is somewhat relaxed. I know -- Chizzle is all about DIET-DIET-DIET. Expectations are adjusted. And I'm still rolling with the punches. . Lets see how it goes..

Since I still haven't introduced myself yet, here goes:

I live in Providence Bay Hong Kong with my wife and two daughters. It is a very active neighborhood and once I get in the K zone, it is a great place to train. And the weather recently has been wonderful -- ideal to get outside and bang out some cycles.

Last year, I had a really solid run of K programs from mid Jan to mid Jun. That started with a full cycle of Chizzle, into the custom RANGER Challenge, then Bellz2, followed by a Chizzle "Jack" of the last 19 days of the program. As usual, I held up over the summer and then faded (horribly) into Q4. I plan to spend the majority of days this year thru Jun in a K program. Hopefully, stepping up the intensity soon.

Good luck team.

Operation Chizzle Jack 

I closed out Chizzle with 19 for 19 workouts. The diet was squeaky clean and I really tightened the screws down the stretch.

It been a solid 5 month run completing Chizzle, Ranger Challenge, Bellz2, and then a 19-day Chizzle Jack. If I hadn’t started the year in such bad shape (see “before”), I might have been able to melt down to the abs, but I did pack on some decent muscle during Bellz2.

I’m going to punch maintenance mode for the next two months (famous last words..) by mixing Chizzle + Bellz workouts and also some muay thai sessions. Then I’m looking at giving K Reach (or KFB, if avail) another shot from mid Aug.. Muay Thai side kicks have reminded me how dreadfully stiff I am.

Big shout out to Ward for enabling the Chizzle Jack. It was just what the doc ordered.


Solid Chizzle week

All 7 workouts++ complete. Diet was squeaky clean.

After poor zzzs last Sun night, I had to prioritise “sleep training” over the morning workout. That pushed day 29 chizzle into the evening. After that, 4 morning workouts including 2 at the Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao. I was pumped when I toured the hotel gym to not only find a exercise eqt area, kick boxing room, battle ropes room, but also a large studio (pic attached). A perfect place to Chizzle and circuit skip all over the place. Nobody bothered me either morning— except for a brief run-in with the morning shift cleaners..

On Sat, I had an afternoon Muay Thai session. Shins got battered (see pic) with repeated leg kicks. Coach just said if it doesn’t break the bone — its good. On to Super Sunday— 6km cycle to the park where I grinded out day 34 strength exercises.. in 32C direct sunlight. Like last week, stopped by another park on the way home for the day 35 challenges. I did 3 sets of 10 pullups, 20 v-sits, 20 lunge jumps. Out of gas and time.. but still decided the struggle wasn’t over just yet and did 8-2-3-3-2-2 pullups to at least complete that challenge. Rode the final 3km home and then jumped in the pool with the kids..

Diet was on point except for some undergramming during the business trip. I survived 2 business dinners where adult beverages were flowing all around me. The will to Chizzle proved stronger.

All things are queued up for solid final week. Its getting close to pay day and I plan on cashing in.

Good luck fellow Chizzlers — with your metabolism cranking, day 36-42 workouts qualify for triple points. Finish Strong.

The Chizzle 'Jack is ON

Right or wrong, fair or unfair... I jumped tracks from the end of K Bellz2 right into the last 19 days of Chizzle. 42 days of heavy metal just wasn't enough and I was craving "program mode" for a few more weeks. I already Chizzled earlier this year, followed by the Ranger Challenge and Bellz2. With a decent muscle base, it's high time to sizzle some of the unnecessary..

So I finished Bellz2 last Sunday. Took a two day hiatus. Then on Wed, I ramped up with 2 cycles of workout B Day 23, then did Day 25 and 26 on schedule. I think the best time to Chizzle is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach -- with no carbs the previous evening. So I popped up at 5:xx these days to catch the sunrise (see pic) and Chizzle. That is the go-forward weekday game plan. I planned to flip Sat & Sun exercises as I have a Sat Muay Thai lesson. Then came Super Sunday.. I rode my bike 6km to my new Chizzle playground (see pic) and then did the day 27 strength exercises. Outside at 2pm in the Hong Kong heat. A Total Sweaty Mess. On the bike ride back home, I got a 2nd wind. Stopped at another park. Time for the challenges, cycle-style: 5x10 dips 10sec breaks, 50 floor jumps, 3min Superman, 5x10 dips 10sec breaks, 50 floor jumps. I crawled back to my bicycle..

The outlook is good, except for a brief but manageable business trip to Shanghai this W-F. The diet will be locked down tight. Carbs will be further scaled back: breakfast 100g to 60g, lunch 150g to 100g.

TEAM Basilik -- very pleased to Chizzle with you. Let's make every day count.

Bellz2 post-game show

Still had some Bellz2 business to take care. After knocking out Chizzle day 26 yesterday at sunrise (more to come on the Chizzle ‘Jack), I briefly hit the gym at lunch to challenge the week 1 baseline:

12-KG dbl clean n press (2min): 24 >> 35 reps
16-KG squats (60sec): 42 >> 52 reps

I thought I could rep more clean n press, but then again, lifting 840KG in 2min is not too shabby.

Now, back to the Chizzle ‘Jack.

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