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Sabishi S.

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Photo forget!

Completely forgot to upload my starting pic as well as the first week one. Anyway, i finally did and i am a little pleased at what i see.
Had a brilliant workout today as i did some skips and the strength workout of the day.
Feels good to feel strong:)


It's been very hard for me to stay on track for Reach and I am not even going to try and make excuses as I've made none to myself. Messed up, I accept it and hope I can do this program in my own way at some point.
On another note, whatever I did manage to do and continue to do, which is the morning opening movements and stretches as and when possible have shown me that this is an awesome program which is so scientifically designed that it's impossible not to see results . In spite of not being consistent and motivated, I've seen a marked change in my streches and fluidity of movement.
That's my latest picture below.


Happy and excited to be back on a Kenzai program!
I definitely don't want to put on any fluff, so maybe I'll give the strict diet a go!
Also, will I be able to manage a workout as well as the program? I've built up a good strength level along with endurance and would hate to lose that.
Even if I can manage a forty mt daily workout, I would be happy.
Is that recommended?
Hi Kim! Happy to see you leading Reach :)

Back in the game

Post kb1, I took a break from Kenzai but not the workouts. Continued with the workouts and made some of my own, according to my personal requirments. I have a weak shoulder and now I know that if I work at it consistently and correctly, I can change that.
For the first time ever, went on vacation and I worked out two out of the three days. Not out of confusion, but just coz my body was asking for it. Food was also controlled after a day of eating junk and hating it!
Happy to be back to my blogging and the daily workouts by Kenzai. Loved my workout today, it was different and challenging.
Look forward to doing Reach in 3 weeks and learning to handstand as well!
Breakfast was two eggs, one toast and veggies with a side of veggie juice ( blitzed not strained)
Happy day everyone 😊


Unwell due to a bug I picked up on my trip. Was being Kompliant and loading up on veggies but raw vegetables in India may not be washed well and that's what upset my tummy.
Luckily I did some great workouts all of last week. Managed to get in some cycling as well.
I hope to get back to the plan by Wednesday once I get my strength back. It feels awful to miss my workout as I was doing so well.
Food will also be compromised as per kenzai as I can eat very light food.
Should I cover up days that I missed later or should I just restart as per the program?
Really upset:(

Off to Kerala

My husband is from a gorgeous state in South India called Kerala and we are leaving for a short weekend to its capital Kochi to attend an art festival.
Woke up early and finished a short walk/ run followed by the Kenzai workout.
Hope to be as good as possible with my diet and be absolutely brilliant with my workouts. My issue has always been consistency hence it will be a test to keep up the motivation when on a break.
Have carried all my required gear as well.

Fixing the machine

I feel like the last few weeks have been a consistent attempt to fix a machine that was not working to its full potential. The consistency is paying off in tiny doses. And as great as this sounds, I also keep reminding myself that it's easier to get waylaid in a split second, hence the daily grind must be dealt with.
It's a grind that I am enjoying so far😊
It's a super day in Mumbai city! Have a good one everyone

Pushing it

So yesterday was really exhausting for me, post workout I felt so tired and just drained out. That continued this morning as well though I was well rested.
It took a whole lot of psyching to get into my workout gear and lay out my equipment. Once that was done, I couldn't turn back so I powered thru and finished the workout and even added two from day 10 that I had done only partly.
I know that wasn't reqd but I didn't feel right till it was all done!
The past week has been great except for the last two days which were not that bad once I got started on the workouts. Food has been good in parts, easing in so that I don't rebel madly later.
Including a lot of greens in my diet but find it hard to get thru the amount chicken sometimes.
Is it OK to eat extra fruit to kill cravings or just satiate a sweet tooth? I had 3 small oranges yesterday!!!
Look forward to next week and evenings without carbs!

Oh no!

Travelled for an overnight trip to a city nearby yesterday after completing my workout in the morning.
I even carried my equipment to do the workout this morning but I could only manage a 40 Mt walk and the skips.
I had planned to get back to my home and finish the second half of it.
Unfortunately, due to the weather change between cities, I felt an uncomfortable pull in my mid back and didn't want to aggravate it further.
Not sure if that was the way to go but did not want to land up with an injury.
Pretty upset about missing out, could make up on rest day pls?

Skip master

The focus today was to learn how to skip with good form. Watched loads of beginner skipping videos and figured I would go slow and easy but get the double jump out of my comfort zone. It's easy for me to whip out the double jumps but for long term efficiency I should learn the absolute correct way to do so.
This whole exercise of doing kenzai is an attempt to get out of the cosy nest I've created and aceing the jumps seems like a good enough place to start.
The skipping videos online are so cool and really motivated me!
The diet hasn't been precise as I am travelling out of the city. Learning to eat while travelling is also something that will come with practise and intent:)

What surprised me

Consistency has always been my problem. Finished 7 days of consistent exercise and felt better and more motivated each day. For me personally, exercise is actually medicine for my mind more than my body.
I feel extra positive, more energetic and simply happy after 7 days of regular movement.
This hasn't surprised me actually, it's just shown and proven to me something that I already knew, but chose to ignore. Being at my work out routine daily for a week has been rewarding to say the least. Want to hold on to this feeling!

Feeling the burn

A few extra counts made today's workout that much more challenging. Enjoyed it !
Am unsure about the food training as I have travels ahead and would like to be well prepared to stick to the plan.

Waking up to the post on the food plan was exciting and scary!
Food is so much more than a thing to keep your body machine functioning. It's something we enjoy, celebrate and savour. I was happy to read about the freedom that we would be having as regards our nutrition in this program. Making good choices is the key to healthy eating and if one can make that a habit then it would be super.
Diets in the past have been very strict and restricting and it's refreshing to see the flexibility of this one.
Hoping and committing to make it work in my favour
Day 5 already! Look forward to 85 fabulous days of building good habits💞

Lull before the storm

Today's workout was a repeat of day 1 and I pushed my skips to 300 doing 3 sets of 100 each.
Trying to stay on top before the storm hits next week onward.
Not great at push-ups at all but going for the best possible.




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