Sabrina A.

Sabrina A.

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Final week????

how did this happen? I will miss this program!! it is so enjoyable...and goes so fast!!!
I need to confess proudly this time that I missed two trainings last week....last Friday& Saturday!!. In HK we had the dragon boat celebration and I participated in the races...the most amazing was that...OUR TEAM WON FIRST PLACE of the championship!!!!! 💪💪💪💪💪 friday I was busy and Saturday I took it easy after celebrations..... yes. a lot of indulgences there....
it was spectacular!!

in the last week or so I have really felt the workouts....not even during but at night or the following legs feel really tired..... I was trying to run to complement...but I feel tired 🤣🤣🤣

hello!!. i am impressed on how quickly this is going!! and how busy i am.... time flies... Workouts going, less so...

happy Monday!!

hi. I had a bad kenzai week last week. I was traveling and I didn't quite follow the diet or workout. On Thursday I ran 8k + swam 1k instead of kenzai. Friday I swam. satuday I did 1 hour of dragon boat and yesterday 6 races.... I am exhausted... and I have exercised but race and trip took me out of routine...back on track today!!!

What is up?

Staring my diet after some excesses on the weekend in my sons birthday party, mothers day and others...
:)...some discipline is needed!!!


This is my second time in Sculpt. I did it 2 years ago and I loved it... last year I got drifted by running and others but I need this.
My butt is becoming some how longer.. part of my legs... and I need to change that if it is still possible... there is no definition and it is falling :(...

well done!!

another KB3 done!!! it feels great!!! happy to go back to some wine and fatty - deep fried - cheese food :)!! but I will certainly lose the discipline, focus and commitment that KB requires...
I Love the Kenzai lifestyle everytime more and it becomes easier and easier to have this 3 month routine at the beginning of the year.... it is true that my social life suffers a lot.... so it is unsustainable.... but balance is the key. :)
Just because I don't want to let the challenge go, I will start training for a sprint triathlon on Monday!!!! (but with wine..... if my body allows it.... It might not).
see you next year! or next program.
thans for your support


we are finally in the last week.... it didn't go far this time, but now it is about to end!!! I love it!!

almost done!!

and i need to do what is next!
I am complementing my KB3 with one yoga session per week and an extra hour of Dragon boat on wednesdasy (beside the 2 hours training on saturday that count as my cardio on sunday).
Next, I will enroll in a sprint thriatlon (very very short...), not sure which program to take., I can "easily" run 5K ...need to train swimming and I will start cycling in the gym, but the Kenzai structure always helps...I think I will do sculpt :), I love it!!
where can I find coming programs?


yes... end feels close... I have started allocating all those dinners that I have been deferring hahah...
excited to be close to the end and know that there are still things to do before the end and make the most out of it before I go back to sin hahah.
And you??

Hi team!!

Hello all!!. I am estilo around. nothing much to say. I have been good with work out, diet, sleep and even added a couple of yoga classes last week... I still feel there is so much to do and so little time.
how are you?

my kryptonite...

French fries, the tip of the croissants... tequila. :)


i answered yes to a lot of them... After Kenzai B3... I will "go back" to life and will start judging myself and my eating ways.... I will break the rules so many times but feel guilty... go to a restaurant and evaluate the ingredients and potential "damage".... see people eating huge / unhealthy portions and evaluate their bodies (judging).... so...? am I?
I have stopped eating birthday cakes long ago (always try them, but unless they are very good... I skip them)... I don't drink cheap wines in event hahaha, if I am going to face the calories,needs to be good....
am I????
how are you after KB3?

morning team!!!

oh yes.. I do look like the dog in the lesson.... I am super tired.... it seems like same diet and 10 minutes more of training... but I guess we are doing more than that as I am exhausted and wanting to take naps.... my usual 6 hours are not enough and 7 only make it...
recovery YES!!!

Last week...

I had a very tough week.... with jetlag sleeping short hours...
Saturday I had a very tiring session of Dragon boat (2 hours) + a long walk home when escalator was closed.... I couldn't sleep as I was too tired.... fueled only with adrenaline.
In spite of all my efforts to sleep early last night, I woke up at 3 am....
I need to go back to normal and rested....
Diet and trainings are up to date!!
how r u doing???

End of Week 2





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