Sabrina A.

Sabrina A.

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hi. it has been a week and the app is still not working for me... any suggestions?

hi. i can't access workouts or lessons. i have uninstalled and installed it already with no success... thanks

new challenges!!

hello team!
I just finished KB3 and now i am looking forward to keep my muscles moving!!!
lets enjoy the ride together....
have a nice day!!!


i loved the previous to last workout!
it was an enjoyable ride.... it will never be as the first time... but not too bad :)...
thanks for your support!!


Hi team,
we are in the 80.....time flies!!!
Every time I do another program it goes faster and it is less difficult, it is part of my life now... My friend says I am a "kenzai addict" hahahah, my friends now accept that I drink less as a fact hahahhaha not sure that it is good overall!
I am flying to Mexico tomorrow and I will not follow the diet...I need to confess.... I will continue exercising and finish but....
See you in the final line!!

i am still around!!

i have been very quiet... but here I am, being good with diet, exercise (less with sleep) and finally noticing a smaller belly hahahah!!! thanks for being there.


how are you ? things are moving and I am in action. I am a bit tired and I need to sleep more :(..... I am craving anything with cheese and cream ... and we are in month 2.
I also realized that as much as I wanted the program to finish tomorrow...that would mean we are in April....and the year has just started.... so I will enjoy and make it as looooong as I can!!!

another killer trip...

I am in SG... behaving.... better than expected. I am carrying my own food whenever I can and eating the best possible... however..... local & and theme park food are not kenzai friendly at all....

I have a lot of gases....hahah. the rest is working well, thanks:).
btw, I have been working out...getting more tired than before.
I have broken the diet big time on the weekend as I was in Vietnam and I couldnt resist having a beer.... and local stuff.. then we didn't have time for nice lunch before the flight and we ended up having burger king ....I avoided fries, soda and half the bread and bacon (almost compliant!!!)... but not ketchup and whatever else it included....

good morning!!

yes, I have been quiet. But I am following the program. Doing my exercises. I feel that my abs got stronger already and the other exercise (like shoulders or chest) became easier :)!
I am following the diet, around 95%.yesterday I eat in a vietnamese restaurant and it is difficult to avoid oil in soup and sugar in dressings....but that is about it!! :)
This weekend I am goin gto vientam,.... so let´s see :)
Have a great week!

Organizing my pictures, planning my days.... and yes, it takes more energy than time..... and space in my daily stuff....

my body my body...

I don't like my big stomach (I have ordered a posture corrector already as my shoulders are falling to the front).. and my wide waist... also my wide back but there is little to do there, but lose weight so it does.not look bigger.

I am back!!

hiM i am sorry for my absence...I am going crazy with life but getting the trainings jn place and the diet...more or less.
everything is mostly ok, however I was in China for 2 days last week and I sinned... the minimum I could,but I did.
We arrived and an amazing dinner was waiting... We had been starving as flight got delayed... (and my fruits for 2 days had been kept at the airport), so I eat more than I should have, but i focused on salads and veggies.... but being Chinese...some.oil was in there..
I couldn't avoid having a noodles soup that was great but super oily.... I left most of it.
and the tragedy was that i had 2 glasses of bad wine for Chinese toast...was unavoidable with top management of my company.... I have to say that having been in the of my company, karaoke, celebration for a transaction....this was very moderate and I am proud of myself... it could have been worst. this was my indulgence I guess....

buenos días!

I am very happy to be back training and feel light eating smaller portions and leaner food!
Workout seems longer and heavier than I remember. (I did KB3 1 year ago)...I am already doing 50 mins or exercise.... I guess It will get longer and I will have to get more efficient!
How are you doing??
how are you feeling?
how long are you taking???


Hello Team!!
We made it!!
And I am happy I finished those 10 kms in "one go"....
To be honest I stopped every 1 kms or so to take some air...I didn´t achieve running without stopping...
I didn´t achieve running fast outdoors....the thread mill still rules my running...
The amazing thing is that in treadmill, I am not afraid to run 10kms!! I DID IT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE....I was about to quit at would not have made any sense at all.
The other amazing thing is that I went from runnning at a 8km speed in treadmill, to 10.4 as the "new 8km pace" and in my last run I ran at 11 in average!!!... I am running faster, I feel lighter, I feel taller....and It did not hurt at all (no pain in my knees, I was afraid of that)!!!.
I ran 10 KMS in less than one hour (57 mins)... I am so proud of me.
I AM NOT AFRAID OF RUNNING 10 Kms....not in the treadmill, I need to change be bale to run 10k outdoors and at the same challenge,
Thanks for all your support!

End of Week 2





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