Sachin M.

Sachin M.

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Kenzai Run
Program progress:
excellent week

After 2 slow weeks had an excellent run.. followed the food and the exercise to the tee. Feel strong fell good.

Still Here

Yes, everything is fine. thanks ward. Have been on the road for the past several weeks. More soon.

bad week

Too many flights too many time zones... managed to do all workouts but food went for a complete toss... finally back home.. back to good living from today.


Well non stop a bit of challenge... did manage to walk run and complete in about 41 min. Will push for non stop ... am but concerned about my heart rate that ok? Or am I a bit over concerned..


It’s been 2 weeks and I have finally started running. Did my first 2.5 Km nonstop run yesterday. Excited

Running for Fun

Hey everybody. Good to be a part of the group. The last 2 programs were a wash out due to health issues. Looking forward to making most out of the program this time. All the best to everyone.

totally missed it 

Hope all you guys had fun.. had to sit out completely due to a medical issue. Fit now and waiting for the next program

Healthy 2019

Looking forward to a healthy 2019 after an unfit 2018. Clean food and stretching is making me feel great

first time running

I am late to the program. But very excited as this is the first time in my life that I want to run.. look forward.

Back on

Hello All, sorry a bit late to the program. Happy to be back on Reach. It’s been 5 days and I am already loving it.


Not as disciplined as I would have liked. But completed the program feeling great about myself. This was a perfect refresh for body and mind.

Great week

Was on the road, managed to follow my diet and exercise beautifully. Luckily in Israel they eat healthy.. lots of salad and salad and salad..

good week

Missed a day on a flight... don’t know what feels better in the morning after my work out ; Brain or body; I Guess both. Finally starting to lose weight.


Finally I could stand still in the tree pose and on both sides... amazing feeling!

great week

Finally the first week where everything went fine. I could complete my evening stretches. 7on7. Travel again from today. Let’s see how I keep up for the next 7 days!