Sachin M.

Sachin M.

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session at airport

For the first time I did my exercise at the airport lounge. Easy quick and helpful.

great so far

Bang on diet bang on exercise great 2 weeks lost 2 kilos !!

back again

I am happy to be back again. My last program was a little incomplete. I hope to make Up this time. Good luck to everyone.


Happy to have completed the program. Look forward to the next one with not discipline

Fundamental changes

I missed about 20% of the program due to a bad shoulder. What I realise now after being a Kenzai fan is that some changes are permanent. 1. I skip almost 300 days out of 365. It makes your day beautiful to start with. 2. Every meal mostly will have loads of vegetables. So in a way my exterior might not change due to my love for food, however, I do know that I am much cleaner inside than when I started... 3. I can touch most parts of body. Looking forward to my next reach program with 100% attendance!!


PNF by the far the most enjoyable and the most painful. Depends at what stage one is.

Great question helps you reflect. I do waste a lot of time mainly on unproductive meetings. What has helped me off late is a list of to do things that I make every evening for the next day. And I only put down a list of 3. But I will try this new method. Over the years one does realise that most time is wasted on least required tasks people or things. Always time to change that.

Injured shoulder

My shoulder pain flared up this week. Thought it was gone. Bad pillow I Guess. Will have to sit out a few days. Will follow my diet strictly though.

Evening stretch

I am finally able to fully do the evening’s been tough..and still is but getting better with time.

Perfect week

Great week... sweet aches but mind is tranquil and I love it. On a more serious note have decided to focus on stress removal... and one way to do that easily is to throw away my phone for some time..Everyday.


I missed on the initial 5 days of the program completed it by combining a few days together. Don’t know but find this program to be healing. A few sweet aches but mind is calmer and face is radiant. Luckily no more travel for next 4 weeks and I can ensure full follow up.


Great 2 months. See you guys again on the next one soon. Healthy living is great living!


I have been a Kenzai alumni since 2016. It fundamentally changed my views of my own self and my body. Well a program is never completed. It just adds to your list of what to continue to do.. its one program where you don’t really want it to end. I have been a bit slow in around 3 weeks out of five..will give it a better shot next time. Happy Healthy Living.

excellent week

After 2 slow weeks had an excellent run.. followed the food and the exercise to the tee. Feel strong fell good.

Still Here

Yes, everything is fine. thanks ward. Have been on the road for the past several weeks. More soon.




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