Sally E.

Sally E.


90 days done ✅

I found KB2 challenging mentally more than physically, especially when I didn’t see the same gains as I did on KB1. On reflection however my fitness is unrecognisable: I never would have thought I could skip continuously for 20 minutes. Now, I can’t think of skipping any other way! And going for a 40 minute run in 32C+ would have made me laugh out loud, but every weekend that’s what I do and I have created quite a little routine now which I will keep up.

Best of all I have really changed my habits. Everyday exercise feels normal and saying no to alcohol or that extra glass of wine, processed foods and desserts doesn’t feel like such a denial any more but the right choice for my health, fitness and waistline!

Thanks to the Kenzai team for helping me make sustainable improvements to my everyday habits. Looking forward to 2020 and my continuing Kenzai journey.

Finish line

We’re nearly there. Go team!

Had a great time in the UK last week catching up with family and friends. Took the opportunity of a drop in temperature (by about 30C between Singapore and London!) to run instead of skip. Just what the doctor ordered: a renewed enjoyment of training. Managed to take nearly 2 minutes of my pace, thanks mainly to the cold weather - whoop whoop!

Still going strong and looking forward to putting on my dress for the Christmas Ball on Saturday!


Had a really good week. Felt strong doing the exercises. Have eaten well and looking forward to the final two weeks of KB2. Flying to London tonight to spend sometime with family, friends and colleagues before Christmas. Normally I’d be concerned about sticking to the diet, but I feel I have found my groove in knowing how to say no and when to flex the rules so I am compliant enough without being difficult.

Onwards and upwards! Keep it up folks!

Day 69

More apologies for a late post. Sorry 😐 While I might not post regularly I do enjoy reading everyone’s posts - from the Ash team, as well as all those folks who were part of my KB1 team. It’s amazing to see how once people become part of the Kenzai community they continue to be committed to improving their fitness and trying different programmes. It is truly awesome!

As I reflect on the last few weeks I am disappointed that I haven’t been as good on KB2 as I was with KB1. There are no excuses, I am just struggling with the duration - I have found 12 weeks too much this time.

On KB1 I stuck religiously to the diet and exercise, lost 8kg, built muscle and experienced a level of fitness I don’t think I had ever had previously.

This time round I have kept up with the exercise; I NEVER thought I would be able to run 40 minutes in the 32-36C and humidity of Singapore, so I am immensely pleased and proud of how my fitness and strength has developed on KB2 from finishing KB1. Even the diet I have been compliant in the majority, BUT, a glass of wine has snuck in here and there and I can really see that this is where I need to manage my diet post-Kenzai because as a result of even a glass of wine once or twice a week, the leanness (and weight loss) I achieved on KB1 is still elusive...

I’m looking forward in 2020 and to embarking on some of the 4 and 6 week programmes which will be more manageable, allowing me to train on and off over the year, cumulatively building results.

Kenzai really works for me and I’m excited to see the Nutrition and Fusion programmes being added to keep up with my developing needs as I am learning how to train and eat better!

Good luck team - the finish line is in sight!

Day 60

Hey Team!

Apologies for the late post. I’ve had friends and colleagues in town and I’m pretty chuffed that I have done all exercises and been 98% compliant to the diet. Absolutely exhausted though - socialising and pushing myself harder on the resistance exercises means that I am seeing muscles gains, sleeping better but needing more sleep than I am currently getting 😴😴😴

Two thirds of the way through. Keep it up folks!

Highs and lows

Highs: my 40 minute run this weekend went well - I felt a good balance between comfort and challenge and enjoyed an iced coffee on my cool down walk home. Skipped for the full 20 minutes, yesterday and today, without tripping! Feel like I’m nailing the exercise.

Lows: with friends staying and a weekend of exciting rugby (for some!) the diet faltered somewhat (not as badly as it could have done though) and I did drink. Got back on track yesterday and trying not to punish myself too much as it was good fun!

40 days left and already thinking about how I can maintain my new found fitness and strength in 2020.

Good luck team Ash for the remaining days. It’ll sure be tough, but we’re in it together!

Nearly a BOOM

So today I was sure I was gonna get 20 minutes without tripping. I got to 18.47 and got distracted and that was it: no BOOM!

Four days into my sabbatical. Got up at 7am. What a sleep in! Can’t believe there’s still so many days ahead - especially now I have seen my future: 30 minutes skipping and 1 hour free cardio. Not enjoying this as much as KB1, way too much cardio and not feeling the level of resistance is building the muscle.

Anyway. Onward and upwards. Very much trust the process!

Digging deep

I’m tired. I ache all over. I really didn’t want to do today’s workout. Got it done and pleased that I did, especially now that I am really starting to see the effects. No significant weight loss (compared to KB1) but my muscle tone and fitness are better than ever. A day off the exercise wouldn’t go amiss though 🙏 Just a thought Kenzai gods?!?

Quick question?

Is anyone else having problems with the Kenzai App? It’s very disheartening when you hit that “I did it!” button, only to find next time you enter the App it looks like you haven’t done anything for five weeks!


You gotta be kidding me!

Edit: my skipping rope broke at 7 mins 20 seconds. I am in actual mourning: it has been with me for over 18 months. We had a routine.

The lessons over the last few days have been perfectly timed to battle the voice inside my head which has been doubting my progress to date, especially when I look at the photos I have posted. This reflection made me look back at the photos and blogs from my experience last year and I realise that it wasn't until week 7 I really saw the big change physically, and week 10 when I felt like a different person (and still do!) This knowledge and the timely lessons have me highly motivated: can't wait to get the next 3 weeks under my belt so I can reflect on my progress, physically (shape and fitness), emotionally and mentally.

How's everyone else feeling??

Konnichi wa!

In Japan this weekend for the rugby. Sticking to the diet best I can - it really makes you very conscious of the food choices available. Being away from home means no packed lunches and boxes of fruit weighed correctly. Doing ok though. The alcohol is tempting, especially when out with friends and colleagues. “I’m not drinking at the moment” doesn’t go down well with a rugby crowd!

Keeping up the exercise and surprisingly all the aches in my left ankle and Achilles’ tendon vanished 13 minutes into my first 15 minute set on Monday and I’m back to form and really enjoying the skipping (with no tripping, finally!)

Keep up the good work everyone - week 3 is nearly down. It’s going fast!

Day 11: can’t believe that the second week is nearly done. Week one was more challenging than I had anticipated to keep on track with the diet, I did have a couple of glasses of wine, but managed to keep to the exercise plan. This week I feel I have found my stride.

Feeling a little anxious about the coming weeks when I reflect on how much the exercise ramped up in KB1 - finding the workouts pretty quick and easy at the moment and know that it will change, but know that we’ll do it together as a team!


Hey team.

I’m Sally, based in Singapore. I did KB1 this time last year and loved it. Looking forward to seeing how KB2 can help me build my strength and fitness further, in addition to helping me drop those 2kg that crept up over the last few months!

Good luck guys - can’t wait to see the results!

I did it! 

Congratulations to everyone in Hydrus for making it to day 90! I have enjoyed every moment of it (even the early mornings, give or take...)

Thanks to Kenzai I have establish a great routine of daily exercise, good eating habits (quality and portion size!!), kicked my dependence on alcohol to relax and refound clothes in my wardrobe I only imagined I would be able to wear again!!

A big thank you also to Jim and Malia for their steadfast support and timely words of encouragement throughout.

So, onwards and upwards: I look forward to Christmas and relaxing and celebrating with my family and then identifying new goals to achieve in 2019!

Whatever your plans for the future - good luck everyone!




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