Sally E.

Sally E.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 11
Kenzai Body 2
Day 11
Program progress:

Hey team.

I’m Sally, based in Singapore. I did KB1 this time last year and loved it. Looking forward to seeing how KB2 can help me build my strength and fitness further, in addition to helping me drop those 2kg that crept up over the last few months!

Good luck guys - can’t wait to see the results!

I did it! 

Congratulations to everyone in Hydrus for making it to day 90! I have enjoyed every moment of it (even the early mornings, give or take...)

Thanks to Kenzai I have establish a great routine of daily exercise, good eating habits (quality and portion size!!), kicked my dependence on alcohol to relax and refound clothes in my wardrobe I only imagined I would be able to wear again!!

A big thank you also to Jim and Malia for their steadfast support and timely words of encouragement throughout.

So, onwards and upwards: I look forward to Christmas and relaxing and celebrating with my family and then identifying new goals to achieve in 2019!

Whatever your plans for the future - good luck everyone!

We’re heading back to the UK and London for three weeks to spend Christmas and New Year with family and friends, so here is my top three things I’m going to do (and enjoy!) post programme:

1. Savour Christmas and all its treats, but be conscious not to over indulge and make sensible choices about my food and drink.
2. Go clothes shopping and reward my achievement of the previous 90 days with a special Christmas outfit (or two, or three...)
3. Find a new exercise normal for 2019. Exercise has always been part of my routine but I realise I need to up the frequency. My plan is to keep going to the gym three times a week, but skip seven days a week - I realise it is my meditation time (and it gives me that daily endorphin kick I relish which sets me up for the day ahead!)

Hardest part: getting up earlier and earlier to fit in the exercise before work. My alarm now goes off at 5.40am so I can get it all in by 6.30am! Some mornings it is tough to get out of bed. So tough. Having everything set out the night before makes it easier to avoid finding an excuse to roll over and hit snooze!

Easiest part: toning up and losing weight. I have been 100% committed to Kenzai from Day 1, and while there have been a couple of events along the way which could have derailed it all I have endeavoured to stay on-track with the diet and haven’t missed a day’s exercise. And because I exercised regularly to start with, and saw the results quickly, it gave the extra motivation to stay committed.

20 days to go! I realise I’m going to miss Kenzai and I’m already considering what programme would be best to continue the transformation of my diet, body and mind...

And like that, 60 days are behind us with only 30 more ahead, and I am starting to think about how I will maintain and sustain the discipline of the diet and exercise once we finish.

If I’m really honest, I am starting to feel nervous. Very nervous.

I am just loving my new body: the fact I feel confident in anything I now wear, not having to worry about sucking my tummy in. I am loving the certainty of my diet, no need to think about lunch and what’s the healthy option. Best of all is being told what exercise to do to have an overall impact on my fitness and muscle tone. How will I manage when I don’t have this guidance any more?!? Any tips will be gratefully received!!

Seeing the results!

Being a management consultant and scientist at heart - so love a little experiment - anything I undertake has to be tracked with data, not just a feeing that things are improving. I have definitely noticed that I can now wear clothes that haven’t fit me for a while, but what’s going on inside? Am I making improvements to my overall health? What has changed?

On Day 1 I carried out a body composition analysis at the gym. I take everything with a pinch of salt (or not, now I’m on Kenzai!), but this morning, at just over the halfway point, I did the analysis again and was AMAZED by the results...!

My body fat has dropped from 23% to 16% (a drop of body fat mass from 15kg to 10kg). My muscle mass has increased by around 1kg and overall I have lost around 3kgs. My waist-hip ration is still high, but I think that’s just physiological: I’ve never really had a waist!

Most importantly, for a long and healthy life, is that my visceral fat area (how much fat is accumulated around the internal organs) has dropped from 69.3cm squared to 45.0cm squared! Pretty good for my age apparently!!

Onward and upwards. Looking forward to seeing the results on Day 90!


Bangkok. Fresh fish. Fresh vegetables. Wine. My family. A wonderful indulgence. I will slightly regret it tomorrow when my belly is bloated and the scales aren’t as kind, BUT, a truly wonderful night with my gorgeous family!

Kenzai is having such a positive effect on my mind, body and spirit, why would I quit?

I feel like a better version of me: more settled, more in control, stronger, fitter. I sleep better. I don’t have cravings or suffer hunger pangs. I enjoy listening to my music while the skipping gets easier and easier as the days go by. I am toned. My clothes fit me well. I have had complements on my “glowing” skin and “bright” eyes. I am alert. Less frustrated. Less anxious. Less stressed (even though work and kids conspire against me, often). I am, for the first time, in control of myself and I am loving it. I feel powerful!

Onwards and upwards

I had a good week. Stuck to the diet. Got all the exercises done and I’m starting to see the results physically (strength and tone), emotionally (far more even tempered) and mentally (much greater levels of alertness) all of which are very motivating and helping me stay on track when temptation comes a-calling.

The diet is really having a big effect on my energy levels too. I’m finding that I am no longer tired in the afternoons which used to make me reach for the snacks. I no longer crave chocolate, alcohol or carbs when I get home at night, and my quality of sleep is better (still could do with a couple more hours a night, but the client is quashing my best efforts!): I go to bed tired, but wake up refreshed and ready for my workout.

I am super excited to see how Kenzai continues to have a positive effect as we move towards the half way mark...

30 days down

I can’t believe we are already 30 days down! It has gone quickly and with a lot less effort than I had anticipated. I am really enjoy Kenzai, though I suspect it is because the structured exercise and diet play to my control-freak tendencies. The early mornings are tough, but the sense of satisfaction once I’m done sets me up for a good day at work.

The indulgence was anticlimactic, and my disappointment was exacerbated further by the weight gain which made me feel like my hard work of the previous days had been undone. And if I’m totally honest, I didn’t really feel like I needed an indulgence and had it because we were allowed. I’m not sure I would do it again. The headache I got from the little sugar and alcohol I had kept me awake most the night and only went when I started skipping on Sunday morning.

What’s happened to me?!?! The old Sally would never say such things...

Food porn

Doesn’t this look totally awesome. Hands up if you would like to share a slice with me!!

My realisation this week is that I am surprised by how much I am not missing alcohol and chocolate (my two biggest vices!)

Seriously though: I am finding I am really enjoying the anticipation of (and actual) taste of food at meal times, where previously I ate because I had to because it was breakfast or lunch or dinner. That goes for coffee too. Previously it helped wake me up, now it is an important part of my “taste sensation” every morning.


So the UK team have been in town this week and I have had three dinners. I have done ok at keeping to the principles of the diet, but really notice the amount of salt in restaurant food: both in taste and bloating the next morning! Kept up the exercise (though this morning’s session will happen tonight - couldn’t face getting out of bed so early this morning. I’m exhausted!)

I have been VERY good and not drunk any alcohol (which is alway hard at work dos). However, after drinking 1.5l of sparkling water at last night’s dinner, I spent most of the night needing to pee and had a terrible night’s sleep! Don’t think I have been so hydrated in years! Any tips on how to manage it better?

The workouts, seven times a week, are daunting when that alarm goes off at 05.50, but once I have my headphones on and start skipping, I really start enjoying myself. The bonus is I am already starting to see a big difference (less bloating especially!) and clothes that had started to feel tight in recent months now fit much better!

As for the diet; I don’t particularly like fruit so I’m finding there is a little too much to eat every day, though I am persevering. Otherwise I am enjoying experimenting and finding different ways to add flavour: jalapeños, fresh herbs and spices like cumin go really well with Greek yoghurt to make great, healthy dressings!

End of week 1

One week down. Not missing alcohol as much as I thought I would, even after a busy week at work. Not noticed any changes physically, but the daily exercise has meant I have slept better.

Looking towards week 2 with some trepidation: I’m in the UK as my Mum was hit by a car last week. She will be fine, but helping out as she comes out of hospital this week (hopefully!) Keeping to the diet exactly may add more stress to an already stressful situation so I will try my best and otherwise I will be mindful: no booze, sugar and salt, and stick to the principles of the diet plan as best I can. The exercise won’t be hard to maintain and will be aided by the jet lag - woke up at 5.30am this morning!

Day 1...

...started at the gym. I try and go two to three times a week before work, but have found in the last year or so that it isn’t having the same effect. Whether it is age, diet, too much booze or general exhaustion from our three kids, I don’t find I am in the same shape I used to be, so I am looking forward to Kenzai giving me the boost that I need.