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Thanks so much to Sharmali for her amazing support over the last few months. I was so sad not to be able to complete my kenzai experience. I hope you all had a fantastic result and feel brand new. I’m looking forward to being able to participate fully in the future. Good luck everyone 😋

Blogging break

Unfortunately we’ve had an unexpected death in the family. I’m trying as best I can to stick to the food and exercise but I’m afraid the blogging will be taking a backseat for a while.

Day 31

Home again and cancelled our next holiday due to a family member who is unfortunately, extremely unwell. Sticking with the program.


Gorgeous day here by the beach. Did a two hour hike through the National Forest, beautiful. Food on point. Loving Kenzai 😍


Oh my goodness yummy dinner. Chicken breast coated in Italian herbs, poached in a little water, roast pumpkin and broccolini, delish!! Getting the yums in before the egg white, apple, banana dinners. I hope everyone is going along ok.


I’m away for nearly a month and I’ve just read the dinner menu for next week, yikes! I’d love to see the waiters face when I ask for an egg white, apple and banana 😂


I’m struggling a bit with the little dinners 😩
I just have to keep all the fruit and meals up to dinner time. I’m loving the exercises!!! I hope everyone is going well.


So I’m away for a month, yikes!! Equipment with me and my kitchen scales. Food and exercise on point, but have had alcohol on the 3rd night. Aware and trying to balance it all. Life is good though 😊

Tennis day

It was HOT today, played 3 hours of tennis, absolutely knackered. Lost the tennis but stuck to my eating and also did kenzai exercises except for skipping (not loving it anyhow) so won in other ways.
Off on holidays for a month, let the challenge begin!!

Busy days

Been busy, lotsssssss of exercise (kenzai, run group, tennis) helping sick m-i-l, general life stuff. No trouble with food but have missed some fruit and carbs in the morning which is sure noticeable. Fun days though, times flying by.


Food done. Had a gym workout today and sure felt it. Great start to the week.


Had a wedding on Saturday so unfortunately the eating plan got left at the door 😩 but all the drinks snuck through 😜
Back on it today and looking forward to the week.


Great day today!! Feel on top of food and exercise. Looking forward to the weekend. Have a great one team 🤗

day 11

Been doing some meal prep. Egg and vegetable frittata for breakkie, easy to grab if you’re on the run. Two hours of tennis and kenzai exercises done. Figuring out you need to be super organised. Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep 🤪.

Day 9. & 10

Workout done day 9 but missed day 10 as I was travelling 😩. Managed a quick run though. Eating on point both days.