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Samantha D.

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Hi everyone!

Sorry this post is a little late.

Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your time? 

I live in South Melbourne, Australia with my husband. At the moment I spend most of my time working, or travelling for work, but hoping for more balance in a few months!

Why Kenzai body... Any specific goals? Why now? What will success look like for you? 

I need a “re-set”. This year I’ve fallen into bad habits (a block or two of chocolate a day) to cope with work pressure. I don’t drink, so chocolate is my thing! My husband and I both did Kenzai before our wedding 2 years ago, but I never finished (I fractured my ankle). I tried two more times but work & work travel got on top of me and I couldn’t keep up. This time I’m focused on getting through it. I’m in Melbourne for the whole of June before I start travelling again. So I’m hoping the first 4 weeks will set me up.

Success for me will be feeling less tired, stronger…and being able to fit into the clothes in my wardrobe again (I’m at least 1 dress size bigger than I was 6 months ago!)

What obstacles do you anticipate to succeeding in this program? How will you navigate these? 

My work travel. I need to figure out how to be ok with doing 50% while I travel and not giving up because I feel like I’ve failed. I’m usually a 0 or 100 person.

What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? 

Is anyone else a chocoholic? :)

What has surprised you most during the first week of training?

That I’ve been able to stay away from chocolate for 9 days in a row. :)

Unfortunately last night I aggravated my hip/ glute and my osteopath says no training for me for a couple of days :( but I'm sticking solidly to the diet and looking forward to exercise again hopefully on Thursday!

Hope everyone is having a great week 2.

Birthday Cake

My amazing booster husband made me a Kenzai compliant birthday cake!!! :)

They are the worst!!!!! I fell into a crumpled heap on my last set.

Hope everyone is having a great week. :)

Tech issues


Sorry to do this as a blog post but I've just realised that when I login on a computer 1) my diet hasn't updated and 2) I'm not getting any emails (I haven't received any emails since re-starting with this new group last week).

My diet is showing on my iphone app, but not on the computer.

Could someone in admin please help me? Thank you so much.


I'm back. So happy to be home and to be back eating yummy, compliant food! I got home 24hrs ago...and although I'm back on diet, I haven't done exercise.
Spent yesterday working from home, shattered from an overnight flight with very little sleep. Then went to my osteopath end of day because my knee is still unhappy.
Turns out I've strained it and have also put my hips out. Apparently I shouldn't have kept skipping :) and should have rested it.
Soooooo now I have to rest it. No skipping til Monday and if it's still no good then I have to go back on Tues.
I had to rest yesterday but today I'm allowed to walk and then do all the resistance exercises. Sooooooo I'm getting back on track.
I've also just caught up on all the daily lessons I've missed.
Not sure I want an indulgence. I feel like it might be a slippery slope for me...but maybe that's the point?
Has anyone else had theirs already? How did you go?

Food struggles on the road

I absolutely love travelling and working in Asia. I'm lucky that my role is global and I get to meet amazing people and experience new cultures all the time.
But the flip side is that sometimes I'm lost in translation. I'm now in Penang and this morning for breakfast I asked my waiter for poached egg on rye and some steamed or grilled vegetables with a side of avocado.
This is what I received! :) So close!!
I'm about to have 4 days of finding it v diffficult to control my food. So I'm trying to let go of any frustration at not being compliant!

Today is Day 4 of travel....5 more to go! On Tues night I was so exhausted when I got to the hotel, I tried to skip but kept tripping, my knees hurt and my whole body ached. So I put it all away and went to sleep: the only time I've ever injured myself is when I trained exhausted... So I decided to learn my lesson. Wed night I did everything as planned, last night I was shattered again but got up early this morning and did 650 skips then the modified workout that Scott suggested and am going to do today's full workout tonight.
I don't like the fact that I haven't been able to do it all properly, but I'm trying to be kind to myself and take comfort that I'm doing everything I can, given my silly work schedule while I'm away. I've managed most meals that have just been a couple where I haven't had time to eat everything or the room service chef has decided that I didn't really mean "no salt"! I've been eating room service so I can weigh everything on the scale I brought with me! :) The fruit snacks have been trickier...but eating them whenever it's possible and really missing them when I can't!
Can't wait to be home again and skipping on our Terrace with gum trees and lorikeets...

Damn that hurt!

The last set of crunches really hurt tonight!
Probably doesn't help that I started my workout at 11pm and now am going back to work for a while...
But at least I did it.
I may struggle to fit it in tomorrow. I have a full work day and then an 8hr flight. I don't want to miss a day so I'll at least do skipping!

Easy and hard...

Just finished my Day 13 exercises. I swapped my Day 14 rest day to yesterday as I was feeling exhausted. Such a change to how I was feeling only days before when I was skipping on air.

I feel better today, but have been thinking of chocolate and these awesome chocolate cookies (with coconut flour and coconut oil ) that I used to make. It's the first day I've almost felt tempted...not a strong feeling just a niggle in the back of my brain that won't quit. Today was also the first day since starting Kenzai that I had a chai latte with soy milk. I don't drink coffee but have become addicted to soy chai latte since moving to Melbourne. Since Kenzai I've just been drinking hot water with lemon and using my dairy credits for yoghurt with my morning and afternoon fruit, which has been great, but this afternoon I wanted something different. I got home with my takeaway chai and instead of just drinking it all without thinking, I found myself pouring it into a glass beaker to measure out the 110mls I had left in my dairy quota. :)

Yesterday and today have been the first difficult days. I think I'm also a little disappointed that I have to travel this week. I'll be away for 9 nights. I'm going to do the best I can but I know it will be difficult to eat properly.

In the end, the easiest thing has been being able to eat all the food! In the first couple of days I was really struggling to eat all of the lunch. But now I'm cleaning my plate every meal. Which is wonderful. I know I'm feeding my body properly. And a shout out to my amazing husband who makes all of it...except the fruit. I chop the fruit for both of us (I know it's not a fair exchange).

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! Bring on Week 3. :)

In the zone!

For some reason tonight skipping felt effortless...I ended up doing 160 skips in a row and an extra 80 in total because it felt so zen.

Haven't had that before! Loving the daily practice. Feeling a little cult like as I'm telling everyone about how good I'm feeling and how great kenzai is. :)

Also yesterday we went out for a team lunch at a local restaurant. I took my Kenzai lunch in my Pyrex and ate it quietly. Surprised that I didn't feel like any of the food on the table. Totally happy with my compliant lunch :)

Hope everyone is having a Happy Friday!

Just finished all the exercises. It's 10.40pm. I really need to sleep earlier and wake earlier and get home from work earlier...

Not sure how I break this pattern!

PS Did anyone else find the triangle stretch really confusing? :)

Sooooo much salad!

Just got home at 8.30pm and I'm starving...even though I ate my breakfast, both fruit snacks aaaand lunch (although I couldn't eat all the salad, so much food, so many bites to eat it all).

Tonight I won't be able to train until at least 10pm. But am still going to get it done. Feeling so grateful to have support at home in this. Don't think I could do this on my own with my work schedule.

A day late...

Yesterday, I reflected on what surprised me the most, but by the time I finished my day I was too tired to write. Soooooo the answer was...that I was surprised by how easily I'd been able to fit in all the workouts. I've spent months being "too busy" to get to barre or pilates by 6.30pm and yet this last week I could fit it all in. The fact that I can do it all at home when I get back from the office is awesome.

Even tonight, when the workout took twice as long and the pushups almost broke me, I could still get it done. Aaaaand in exciting news, tonight was the first time that my back didn't hurt when skipping...and the first time my calves hurt. :) Thank you sooo much for the stretches and the technique tips! I've been doing the stretches and also modifying my technique and it's obviously helped. Can't wait to skip more.

My issue now is the food. I have a pretty intense job, and after today I know I'm going to need to focus on eating regularly and properly. I rushed home at lunchtime today to pick up my lunch. I am very lucky, I live close to the office and Brendan works from home and is an awesome chef (and has really taken to the Kenzai diet and has been excited to find ways to make tasty & compliant food). I rushed back to the office, ate about 1/5 of my lunch before I was in meetings again til 6.30pm. So no afternoon snack, and no lunch to speak of.

Dinner was awesome. But I noticed in my workout that I could have done with more energy. So today is a lesson.

I am so happy to be doing this. I was very stressed when I arrived home from work, but realised a few minutes ago that doing my workout when I got home was a circuit breaker for the stress. I had to concentrate so hard to get it all done well, that my mind cleared. Thanks Kenzai! :)

Hope everyone else is going well.

PS I will try to balance these to write less more often, rather than one giant post.

A skipping question...

Just finished my Day 4 exercises. :)
And I have a quick question...
Has anyone else experienced pain when skipping? I love skipping and I'm lucky that returning to it now (after a few years of no skipping) is fairly easy (although if you asked me to do 100 skips in a row I'd probably be on the floor!). But since Day 2, I've been getting a pain in my lower back on my right side just at or above hip level. Just my right side and just while I'm skipping. It's annoying because otherwise I'm really enjoying skipping.
Lindsay and Scott, do you have any suggestions for stretches? Or maybe a change in technique? Thanks so much!

Day 2...and my first post

Today was the first day where I remembered to leave 1/4 of all my meals...and by the time I got home from work I was starving! I'm hoping my body adjusts soon. :) I'm doing this with my husband and we've just finished our Day 2 workout together. Today's lesson was good for us as a reminder to show up every day, even if we're tired from work or it's getting late etc... I liked the message that it doesn't matter if it's 11pm at night there's no good or bad time to train, it's about consistency. And I'm loving skipping! I used to skip a lot for exercise but haven't in ages. Glad that I can still find my rhythm. Bring on Day 3!