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Sameer D.

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It unraveled in the last 2 weeks 

So not the best way to end the program as fell off the wagon in the last 2 weeks. Have some travel before I decide to sign-up for the next program.

Day 21 _ Chisel

Very much alive & Chiseling. Did 27 mins jump rope session for the weekend cardio today. Need to remember to put up a week 3 picture tomorrow.

Chisel - D8

And the chiseling has started....Had a strong Week1 and through with the Week2D1 routine. Time to start tightening the diet. Have set some clear physical goals for this program and want to ensure that I achieve them. Not much work travel for the coming few weeks so will be easier to keep the diet tight.

KB3- Upwards and Onwards 

Finally a successful finish to yet another KB3 program. Managed to stick through the routine and diet despite travel, house move, house guests and million other temptations in the world End result: I am a full 5 kgs lighter than what I started. I plan to continue with the routine for another 6 weeks as the missus is on KB1, so will be giving her company. One final thing...I am back to my hand stand routines, shedding that extra weight has helped as you can see from the gif. One thing I have been guilty of is not being a good team member, just wasn’t proactive enough to visit all other team member blogs. I g uess just keeping on track was a struggle for me this time around so sincere apologies to other team members. Hope the rest of the crew had a great time training and hope to see you all on the blogs soon. Over and Out!

KB3- Day 84

All set for the final week. Diet, exercise, blog and picture in that order. More after next 5 days.


Settled in the new home but unsettled by all the house warming parties. However, been a good boy with strong control over the diet. Restarted my yoga after a 6 months break and it has been rejuvenating! 2 more weeks to go and all hands on the deck now. Started getting back to elevated pushups and should be able to finish with handstand push ups by the end of the program.


The Good - significant shift in the weight. I started at 89.3kgs and am down to 83.7kgs today morning. This has been despite a monstrous house move. We moved homes from an apartment to a villa after 8 years and it took some serious effort to stay focused on the diet and the workouts. I managed to pretty much keep everything together.

The Bad - My workouts have been around 85% and diet around 90%, Need to correct that in the final leg of this course.

The Ugly -The weight scale does not lie, the weight has moved but a lot of toning to do still. teh mid-riff needs some serious ironing!!!

If I can get closer to 80kgs at the end of the course, that would be an incredible outcome. So all hands on deck to make this last leg count now. Time for The Eye of the Tiger baby!!!

KB- Day 49

Got pulled up by the blog police. It has been a start stop week. New place, new schedules and a few late nights watching the cricket world cup. Getting into Day 50, so looking forward to the ramp up now. Need to remember to post the new photo as well.

KB3 Day -35

Was a difficult week as was in midst of a house move. Missed 3 workouts last week and was reasonably compliant with my diet. However, the move is over and now looking forward to gaining back the rhythm once again.

KB3 - Day 22

So far so good. Dropped 2 kgs since the program has started, goal is to shed atleast another 5 kgs. Had a quick look at the workout and like what I see, breaking the jump rope into 2 sessions, before and after routines helps as frankly it gets quite monotonous. Diet is good but not 100% tight, that is the aim for this week.

KB3 - Day 15

Training progressing nicely. Had my first exercise miss on Saturday, not too pleased about it but the schedule just went haywire and I was unable to make up. Otherwise no real hiccups. Loved today's routine, my favourite Gekko push-ups are back and enjoyed it ( through the pain of course). Need to remember to post my Week 3 picture today.


So it is a public holiday in Singapore and I thought it would be a great idea to go and down and workout in the park. I usually workout early morning before sunrise when the weather is at its coolest. Since it is a cloudy day with no scorching sun, I started my workout at 11am.. the result— I am freakin roasted. The temperature is 32 C but the humidity makes it more it 39C. The air was so heavy that I felt I was carrying an additional 10kg on my chest!!! Laboured through the workout but completely toasted!!! Hope rest of the crew had a better workout in more pleasant conditions.

KB3 - Day 7 - Intro Blog

So back in Singapore and looking forward to starting week 2 with a bang.

Here goes the intro blog:

- Been a Kenzai regular for the past 3 years.
- Doing KB3 third time around
- Home is sunny Singapore

Very simple objective.... to get back into my best KB3 shape by keeping things simple - DWB - Diet Workout Blog

Look forward to training with all you wonderful people for the next 3 months. See you all on the blogs soon.

KB3 - Day 3

So landed in Mumbai today morning and ending the day with a workout. Sharing some lovely pics of the Mumbai skyline.

KB3 - Day 2

Here I go again on my own.... back on the grid and so looking forward to making this program count. Have a bit of travel for the next 3 days, packing all the gear to make sure that no workouts are missed.

End of Week 7





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