Sandra F.

Sandra F.

Kenzai Silver | Day 51 (Member)
Kenzai Silver
Day 51
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Still Here

I’m sorry, but with my two parents at the hospital it has been very tough. But I’m still following the diet.
And also despite my pain related to fibromyalgia, sometimes I do some of the exercises.


I'm in the shadows, doing the diet, dealing with family stuff. Best to all.

Bad day...!

Today I had a bad day! Couldn’t even make my brisk walk!!! I really want to make it, but what I’m living assisting my old parents is so hard, so tough...! I’m tired but so exhausted that I can’t sleep... and this is not me! I’ve always been a person who could sleep without any problems. I’m not that person anymore...
Hope tomorrow is going to be a new better day.