Sanjay A.

Sanjay A.

Kenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 22 (Member)
Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Day 22
Program progress:
Day 15

The first week of clean eating was a little impacted over the weekend but all in all it was quiet controlled. The workouts are going well and after the first 2 weeks on not getting my exercise time sorted, I am back into my rhythm of working out in the morning.

I have always enjoyed the Kettle bell workouts and this time its no different...

Turkish get up is still my nemesis though.

Day 11

The active recovery day is a good break from the intensity of kettle bells. Much needed.

Day 9 - Intro

Hi all, I am based in Singapore and my Wife and I have been a part of the Kenzai community for a while now. I have done various programs and this community has helped me improve my fitnesses levels which greatly enhances my quality of life with every passing year.

On why kbells, I just finished iron so I thought it was a good idea to revisit kbells 2. I enjoy the intensity of working out with Kettlebells and I hope the full body integration aspect will help increasing functional strength.

Day 4

This program does not have an easy start...the usual aches and pains....but my body needs that push to get things going.

Day 2

Good to be back in another round of Kbellz 2. I have enjoyed working out with kettlebell in the past and I don’t see why this round will be any different.

Best wishes to everyone on the program.


I am travelling and I did the last day of iron in Bangalore, so will keep this short.

It’s been tough last 2 weeks and I had to adjust workouts to cater to aches and pains but managed to scrap through. Working with weights was interesting and I had more fun than I anticipated. Thanks you Scott for taking me through the program.

As always, a big thank you to all my wonderful teammates....your support and companionship on the blogs was very useful. And I will see you around on the blogs.

Well done team kenzai for another great program .... bring on Iron 2 now.

Day 86

It was after a few days gap i was able to push through a complete workout session. I am going a little easy on weights for certain workouts and hoping there is no show stopper for the next few days.

Day 85

I have been taking it easy for the past 3-4 days. On the workout front i have adjusted for my hip and shoulder strain and I hope to be back on track today. Diet has been tight and I hope i can finish strong.

In the last week, I wish everyone a strong finish.

Day 79

The good is that diet and workouts are on track .....

.....the bad is that I seem to be straining some muscle or joint in the past few days. Today something started acting up around the hips so will see how that feels tomorrow morning.

Day 72

Another intense session........failure and deep burn had me grunting in the last few sets.....

Day 71

I rested the shoulder and skipped the workout on Saturday and did an extra cardio session with some lower body workouts. The shoulder is still sore so will make adjustments as we go along.

My indulgence was a Thai green curry with some garlic prawns. I pigged out on the rice which helped in sorting a huge carb deprivation I was feeling.

Cracked the workout session today and I am sure will feel it in a day or two.

Day 67

I have strained my left shoulder joint...and its impedes workouts where I have to lift or rotate the shoulder joint...

I am planning to take it easy for a couple of days and see how it goes.....

Day 65

Into week 10 and i am reaching the point when i have a strong urge to go slightly off diet and take a bite here and a sip there....and that is something i need to fight and keep in control. Into the last leg, I need to focus on keeping the diet clean.

Workouts are going well and I wish everyone all the best for the final push.

Day 61

Brilliant lesson on open and closed chain just brings in a different perspective on working effectively and safely. So well done team Kenzai.

The workouts this week have been tough and has it left me sore and a bit frayed at the edges. But the good thing about working with weights is that the intensity can be scaled by adjusting weights. Its been interesting so far and for someone who always trashed weight training, i think i am still enthused to carry on.

Day 57

The legs felt like jelly after today's workout....I pushed up the weight on the squats and I think i will be sore tomorrow.

I continue to do the cardio and workouts together and its been fine so far. I use to mix skipping and running for cardio but now to save time I have restricted it to just skipping.

I am enjoying the protein powder after the workout....I think i am getting addicted to the sweet vanilla flavor.

End of Week 12



Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Kenzai Kettlebell 2


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