Sanjay A.

Sanjay A.

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I congratulate you all for completing this program.

For me this has been a tough one. I have not been able to get the diet on track though I had fun doing the workouts. The final workout was a killer and maybe I will need to do another round of KB3 to nail all the centuries.

Ward - thank you for your encouraging words. It kept me going.

I wish everyone a very happy new year and I will see you all on the blog’s in 2020.

Final week

I would give myself a 6 on 10 in this program. Not proud of it. However, I will try for a 10 in the final week.

Day 80

Nothing much to say.... the diet has been a bit off for the past 2 days but the workouts are going well.

Day 74

Plodding on ...and taking it one day at a time.

Day 64

The combo was a killer....felt a deep burn and struggled in the last set.

All in all a perfect week 9 for diet and workout. Keeping it tight for week 10 as well.

Day 60

Needless to say it has not been a perfect 60 days for me. The last 2 weeks had its ups and down with both the diet and workouts. But that is in the past.

Now that I am back in more familiar settings I shall aim to keep things tight over the next 30 days.

Day 58

Back in Singapore in familiar and controlled setting.

Aiming for a sting finish.

Day 51

Just came back from a run and workout session that is going well.

Still on the road so using the 80 percent rule for diet as Ward suggested.

Day 43

Hello from the road.... the diet has been a bit off. I am trying to manage portions but getting the right stuff has been challenging.

On the workout front I have been able to tick all the boxes and get it all done. I am adding some running to the routine as well which is more to explore the place as I travel.

Day 36

A good week....the diet and all the workouts done.

Week 7 and 8 i will be travelling to India and it will be challenging to keep the diet on track. But I have done this before so really no excuses on that front. What needs to be done shall be done.

Day 32

Midway into week 5 - the diet has been tight and the workouts are on track. I am still enthused and that is good.

Day 29

The knee started acting up in the middle of last week so decided to take it easy for a couple of days. By the weekend, it felt better and I could skip and go on a a run as well.

The diet was a little off but in my mind i have counted it as 2 indulgences..:). This week will be about focusing on the diet and ensuring the knee does not act up again.

I hope everyone else is having fun.

Day 23

I am still around and very much into the program. The diet has not exactly been 100% over the weekend but that is done and dusted so moving on to keep things tight.

The challenging full body workouts are back, but I am slowly getting the hang of it so all in all....its going steadily.

Day 15

All in all a good week. The workouts all done and the diet has been tight. Now the plan is to replicate this over the next 11 week....

As expected, carb has disappeared from my dinner..I will probably feel hungry from a few nights till the body gets used to it.

On the question of the week - I would love to knock off many more inches around the waist.

Day 8

It feels good to move on from the full body workouts to the more familiar workouts.

Diet shall be my primary focus this time around and I am looking forward to eating clean for the next 12 weeks.

For me, the best advice from a Kenzai perceptive is to show up and punch that 'i did it' button' everyday.

End of Week 12





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