Sanjay A.

Sanjay A.

Kenzai Run | Day 50 (Member)
Kenzai Run
Day 50
Program progress:
Day 44

Hot and humid ..... but a nice run....all the cycles in sync I guess.

Day 43

I had a very late night on Saturday, so swapped the workouts and did the distance run today. I am hitting the 9.5-10 Km mark but feel tightness in my knees if i increase will listen to the body and keep keep that in check.

The last 2 days of the program i will be on a boat diving off Komodo I will need to swap some workouts and finish run by 30th.

Day 37

A long weekend in Singapore and it became difficult to stick to the diet though the workouts were great.

Getting into the final phase I will focus on getting the diet right.

Also over the past week I am seeing my timing drop off a little....wonder why ?

Day 30

Past the halfway mark and very little to say....was feeling a little ragged so read all your blogs and I feel better.

Thanks for being around....lets finish this.

Day 23

Today's lesson details the emotion i feel every morning before my workout. I get all sorts of imaginary aches and discomforts before I start off.

So my mantra before every run is - "just 10 mins"...

Cause 10 mins into the run i am all set to complete.

Day 17

3 great lessons...

I am still trying to figure out my breathing pattern.

Day 14

The running and workouts have been smooth and am getting into the rhythm of things. I am running a little extra and I am comfortable with it so will continue to do so.

The diet needs to be more controlled and that shall be in focus this week.

Day 8- Intro

Hi Team,

I am based in Singapore and I work in the Financial markets. My Wife and I have been a part of the Kenzai community for a while now. I have done various programs and this community has helped me improve my fitnesses levels which greatly enhances my quality of life with every passing year.

I dont know how to specify running experience, but I am trying to get back to road running after a gap of 2 years. And the last time i did the 10k program (3 years now) i ran a max of 14 km for the final run.

My challenge will be sticking to the diet. I am generally more disciplined about diet in a 3 month program. But will try to keep it clean for this program.

I wish you all the best and I look forward to training and interacting with all of you on the blogs.

Day 4

Got the runkeeper app working after a long time...
Note to self - cut the volume on the phone - kept announcing 'speed' 'time' and 'distance' to everyone out for a morning walk or run...

Day 3

An easy start, but its just what i need. I have been pushing myself and running a little everyday. The cleaning up of diet has been little challenging with the Cricket World Cup and all. But that will be over by the weekend when the diet kicks in.

Day 1

Hey guys, good be back on the blogs after resting for a while. I had strained some muscle around the rib cage and had to drop out of the KB 2 program. I am now easing back into the Kenzai world with the run program so will take it slow and easy and see how it goes.

Final blog

Hi All,

I have strained something around my rib cage and the doc has recommended complete rest. So sadly will have to leave this program midway.

I wish you all the very best and I look forward to coming back with a bang once I have taken care of the injury.

Have fun and I will see you all on the blogs.

Day 23

The indulgence was a few beers this Sunday celebrating India’s win over Pakistan in the World Cup Cricket match. Other than that the diet has been quiet inline.

It’s all going well ....

Day 15

The first week of clean eating was a little impacted over the weekend but all in all it was quiet controlled. The workouts are going well and after the first 2 weeks on not getting my exercise time sorted, I am back into my rhythm of working out in the morning.

I have always enjoyed the Kettle bell workouts and this time its no different...

Turkish get up is still my nemesis though.

Day 11

The active recovery day is a good break from the intensity of kettle bells. Much needed.

End of Week 12



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