Sarah J.

Sarah J.

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Can’t seem to access old programs.
Or view the current ones. I am getting a message that says AYA on a hot pink background. Can someone guide me on how to deal with this? Thank you ;).

Hope everyone is enjoying their 2020 fitness goals with kenzai


Chisel is always good! Hope everyone got whay they were looking for


Not doing that great on the diet.. wish I was


Kenzai team, what’s your take on the bulletproof coffee, intermittent fasting and keto for health?


Would like to loose 3 more kilos n her super fit.


Can’t stand kenzai feed anymore. Help?

Messed up my diet the past few days. Don’t want my effort to go to waste 🤦‍♀️


Congratulations to all. Thanks for the support it helped me push through!

Last week

Lost 2 kilos . Am finally 59 kg! Am very excited as it’s been 3 or 4 years since I saw that number on the scale, am at the point where I don’t really see the difference much but I trust the scale, especially when it delivers good readings :). I would like to loose 3 more kilos and by that I would have reached my weight loss goal.

I have been somewhat struggling with protein, I was able to follow chisel to the T and the result was amazing. But after that i found it difficult to continue on meat twice a day and so many eggs. Therefor am really glad that kenzai is offering solutions to that like the base protein chart. Am very excited to try it. I mean really hands down best fitness program I have tried. I just find it to be the most realistic diet When it comes to weight loss, u eat good quantities and from everything. And by the time food is reduced ur sick of eating so much anyway.

I must say am sad that the program is finishing as am getting on a good streak 🤦‍♀️. Hope everyone is doing great

Is tofu allowed

Stuck to the diet since my last posts and have been exercising more. I feel so much better. I haven’t been eating my full portions though. I wonder if under eating or not finishing ur food effects the weight loss negatively?

And is tofu allowed

Been on and off

So I haven’t been totally committed had some good days and had some off days. Am hoping that I can continue in my good streak starting today.

Day 2

Did my workout today! Basically what I can and am happy about it. Eating clean..

Kenzai t-shirt

Am scared! I went on chisel and did so well lost 5 kilos, then jumped straight into beach. Was out of town most of the time and obviously didn’t stick to anything. So now, am on kenzai t-shirt! I looked at the workout program and am freaking out a little. Am Having alot of self doubt! Not sure wether I can do it or not. I have been junking out lately. And a bit stressed with-in different areas in my life. So today am making this commitment to work on my physique! I hope it works.. and am totally sick of eggs and meats that’s the other reason am fining the diet hard.

Good luck to all

Last day 

Beach holiday here I come 💃🏼

See u,


Been traveling quite a bit the last 2 weeks. Now am finally back home! It wasn’t easy being on the program and I wouldn’t say I commuted like I did on chisel but am happy at least I wasn’t messing up my diet too much.

Hope everyone else is almost beach ready..

Hello day 6

I did exactly what kenzai said I shouldn’t do! Not post on day one. And kenzai prediction is correct. I have not commit to diet yet. A bit upset.. I am celebrating my goal way too soon. After 6 weeks of being on kenzai chisel and loosing 4 kilos (half my goal) I feel like taking it easy.. which is not a good idea.. I need strength

With love

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