Sarah J.

Sarah J.

Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready | Day 3 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Day 3
Program progress:
Day 2

Did my workout today! Basically what I can and am happy about it. Eating clean..

Am scared! I went on chisel and did so well lost 5 kilos, then jumped straight into beach. Was out of town most of the time and obviously didn’t stick to anything. So now, am on kenzai t-shirt! I looked at the workout program and am freaking out a little. Am Having alot of self doubt! Not sure wether I can do it or not. I have been junking out lately. And a bit stressed with-in different areas in my life. So today am making this commitment to work on my physique! I hope it works.. and am totally sick of eggs and meats that’s the other reason am fining the diet hard.

Good luck to all

Last day 

Beach holiday here I come 💃🏼

See u,


Been traveling quite a bit the last 2 weeks. Now am finally back home! It wasn’t easy being on the program and I wouldn’t say I commuted like I did on chisel but am happy at least I wasn’t messing up my diet too much.

Hope everyone else is almost beach ready..

Hello day 6

I did exactly what kenzai said I shouldn’t do! Not post on day one. And kenzai prediction is correct. I have not commit to diet yet. A bit upset.. I am celebrating my goal way too soon. After 6 weeks of being on kenzai chisel and loosing 4 kilos (half my goal) I feel like taking it easy.. which is not a good idea.. I need strength

With love

Kenzai beach

How can I sign into kenzai beach 🏖 🏝?

Thank u chisel 

Yey kenzai set me on a good path! Lost 4 or 5 kilos and finally got into my jeans which I haven’t been able to wear in 3 years. Now am excited to continue for the next 4 kilos !!!

Hope everyone had a great result too


Can’t believe that it’s week 5 already,

I somewhat messed up my diet in the sense that am barely eating. I am fasting and have been having my first meal at sunset.. so i haven’t been able to squeeze in all the meal, before bedtime which is 4 hours! I lost another kilo on the scale so I basically lost 3 kilos since the begging of the program.. a bit slow?

Am craving nuts, and a certain dessert with cheese, granola, cheese sandwich! And a bit more


So after I lost those 2 kilos I have become super Fixated on how much I weigh on the scale. Not a good idea I don’t see anymore changes! am sure that it’s normal that am not losing a kilos a day but.. 🤣

I wanted to ask if black garlic is allowed? I know it sounds a bit one the random side but I mixed some up with some yogurt and it tasted like a good ketch up replacement. But it was too good to be kenzai friendly. If you don’t know what it is, Its just garlic cooked over low heat over a few weeks and gets really caramelized.


The day before yesterday I attended a one on one yoga class, let’s just say the instructor killed me. I told her I was interested in yoga teachers training and she figured “ok let’s focus on ur technique”.. I nearly cried from repeating the forward and back jumps. I did not feel any kind of “union happening” infact I felt my souls leaving my body as my body just stopped responding to my brain and her words. The result was me Happily skipping my workout yesterday so want to make sure that I got back on track today. and I definitely need to figure out how am going to manage with tomorrows yoga class I think am gonna practice some asanas today then take a salt bath. And tomorrow morning I’ll pop some pain killers before I go to class. Might work!

As for my status on kenzai, It’s been great! As per the plan, the first 10 days of kenzai were passed with flying colors. New mile stone the coming 10 days.



On every kenzai program I have expressed that one of the things I am grateful for is the good mood it puts me in. Natural food truly is a medicine to the body mind and soul! The mood change is dramatic I wonder how the world would be without all the reprocessed food we are so attached to and filling our bodies in.

I started 3 days late on Kenzai Chisel, but I already lost 2kg. My body is beyond sore I attended a very intense yoga class which I think got me covered for today’s workout.

Skipping meals

I skipped dinner last night, and had swapped breakfast with lunch! What does kenzai day about that?

Chewing gum

Still sticking to the diet. Maybe yummy kenzai spaghetti with ground beef and veg.

Having protein with sweet potato for dinner.

Not bad

Day 6, still eating clean and sticking to the workout.

It’s been a festive weekend and so much food flying around, burgers fries with all the yummy toppings, bannoffee pie, cakes, finger food!

Am so motivated that I didn’t even care to touch any of it, especially that this program is getting us right to the point with a strict diet and strict workout. I hope I continue to feel this way as we go on with the program. I just wanna pass the first 7 days on the diet to feel like am in the safe zone. Fiiiingers crossed

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Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready


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