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Sarah N.

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Program progress:
week 3

All good on the work out front- feel I am making some progress. Diet a bit derailed since away this weekend for a school reunion. Which has been fun but tricky to get the scales out and bring home made food. It has been amazing to catch up with old friends however!!

Feel that I am hanging in there- just need to keep going and refocus when I get home!!

week 2- nearly done

Wow- this week has been a real rollercoaster full of ups and downs.
Ups- skipping is getting much easier, enjoying the work outs ( although one part of the body is always aching at some point!!), the diet is getting easier- the weighing out less of a hassle when you know approx what things weight. Also realising that you can cook a lot of veg/ rice/pasta and just use a different mix of ingredients. The kids are also starting to take the veg off my plate esp at breakfast- so I must be setting a good example!!

Downs- my timings regarding workouts are awful- working out at 10/11pm after the kids are at last in bed and I have eaten is NOT good. Especially when I then need to prep food for the next day- I am not getting enough sleep!! Although not a morning person at all- going to try to shift the work outs to the morning before everyone wakes up.
I am shattered by 5pm and get a headache (think that was the case prior to the programme but it is worse). Have identified that I need to drink more and is worse on the days when I end up eating lunch at 3pm- so going to try to work on both. Doesn't help that post 6pm is when I need to switch from work mode to kids homework bed etc!!

All in all surviving- have had moments of feeling great and others of panic that the programme is not sustainable- trying to focus on the former!!!

Good luck everyone... no one said this was going to be a walk in the park!

day 4

Cut the skip rope and things much better!! Yippee!! Not smashing the skipping but much easier😁

1st day

Excited about the programme. Skipping was harder than I thought- working on my technique!