Sarah R.

Sarah R.

New Year


Happy New Year to you all!.

Sorry for not being in touch. New Zealand was amazing and we were very sad to leave. I had to admit I didn't really stick to any plan whilst we were away, as the food and wine were just too good to pass up. Now I am back, so its time to pick up the bands and start up again.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

We should be so proud of ourselves as we are done! 

I can't believe today is Day 90!.
I have just completed Day 8s exercises, I remember thinking how hard they were and how faraway Day 90 was.
To start, I would like to say a massive thank you to all my team mates for all your support over the past 3 months. I would also like to say, thank you Kenzai for helping me change from a person who had to take pain relief every morning due to continual back pain to a person that can actually leap out of bed!. I was never overweight, but I was so untoned and so unfit. I would look into the mirror and really not like what I would see, but looking back at my photo of Day 1 to my last photo I am a completely different person. I am so proud of myself , not only finishing this marathon, but for whom I have become.
I can't say I have loved every exercise but I can now understand how important they were / are. This isn't the end for me, it's the start of a new chapter. We leave for New Zealand on Monday so, in between packing, finishing off Christmas present buying etc, I will try and put up a photo, otherwise I will post one when we get back in January from somewhere amazing in N Z.
Thank you again everyone, it's sad that we are saying a sort of goodbye as Kenzai has been my life for the past few months. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sarah xx


89 out of 89 is done!.

Last week

Now I understand what taking it to Failure means!!...typing it quite interesting as my arms feel like jelly!
Wishing you all a very successful last few days.

Day 81 and 82

May of pushed myself a tad too much yesterday as I finished off Day 81 with quite a tough run. Wasn't sure I was going to complete the workout today, but I did even though everything is still a little sore!

Week 11

This week was hard and OK!. Everything hurt and my arms and shoulders are still sore, but I did it and I am really pleased with myself.
I switched Fridays exercises to Sunday due to family commitments. The plank took every bit of willpower to complete...6 x 50 sec was painful...there was a lot of deep breathing and wishing for the clock to speed up.
Wishing you all a really good week 12 xx


was hard!, my legs, shoulders and arms are really sore.

Funny week

This week started really well. I have always mixed up the cardio, so I decided that I was clearly fit enough now to run for 35 minutes on the treadmill at 7.5 speed on a 3.5 gradient...I managed to run the full 35 mins, high-fived myself with the achievement as I haven't run like that since my Uni days. I was on a massive high, until the next day where I felt like I had been run over twice!!
Johnny then left for a 10 day trip back home to the UK and both our daughters became ill with this hilarious cold / tummy bug the school is currently sharing with all the children at the moment.
I still managed todo all the stretching exercises, but I have done less cardio than I would of liked.
Next week should be easier as I am hoping the girls will be back in school by Monday.
Wishing you all a good week 11!

End of Week 9

Had a good week this week. I mixed up the cardio to include swimming as the weather here is now wonderful.
Jonny has started to join in on the exercises which is great. Its nice to have someone doing them with me. Its also nice to see that I am actually quite fit and I can keep up with him...he completed the Kenzai programme a few months ago.
I know this may sound crazy, but I can't believe we only have 3 weeks to go. When I first started on this road of fun, Week 10 seemed so far away and looking back at the photos how much has changed.
Wishing you all a good week.

Week 9

Week 8 was really good. The exercises were tough and the increase of reps were interesting but I did them and even though I was exhausted at the end, I'm really pleased with myself. Still don't like the leg circles or the V sit-ups.

Final month! and I hope I end this week as confident as I am starting it.

Wishing you all a good week ahead. X

Week 8!

I still can't believe we are already at week 8 and I'm still going. As the weather here gets cooler, its all becoming slightly less sweaty and horrible and so exercising is ok and walking outside is a dream.

After my little dip last week and our indulgence at the weekend I feel I can move up a step again. Finding the exercises ok and after a little research I have found some pretty good ideas to help me with the diet.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and a very good next week. x

New week

Feeling so much better. I think I needed that little dip of reality. This is a hard course but a very rewarding one. I'm / we are nearly half way and I'm / we are still going strong.
This weeks workouts are going ok, I am pushing myself and so far I have managed to do all of them to the max, apart from the 'V' things. I can't quite manage to coordinate my legs and head. Hopefully I'm doing them right, even if it look and feels very odd.
My brother arrives tonight on his way to see my other brother in New Zealand. It should be a fun week.
I hope everyone else has a great week xx

Day 40

I think I can say, this week has been my toughest. Like everyone else I have found it really tough to get motivated and the little voice in my head has tried its upmost to provide me with any excuse not to exercise.
The crazy thing is, when I have finished my daily set (and I am doing all of them) I feel ok, its just getting the motivation to start them.
I have mixed up the cardio, as its getting cooler here. Walking and / or cycling with the dog is a nice a change.
The good news is, I am not alone and reading everyone else's blog it seems that this must be our 'dip' week. I hope next week will be better as its still quite away to the finish line!

Not so bad

I started this week under a cloud of doubt, I thought that with all additional reps / exercises this week was going to be a killer. Don't get me wrong, some of the days were ok and some were really tough and I defiantly felt it afterwards, but I did them all to the maximum and it was OK (except the creeps and the metronome...they are just horrible) I think I'm getting fitter and my back doesn't hurt anyway near as much as it did 5 weeks ago. (A totally new phenomena for me).
The only down side is, I do find the diet dull. One of my passions is cooking so I need to investigate more interesting menus.
I hope everyone else is having a good week. x

Week 5 has arrived!!

Wow! It's definitely stepped up a notch or two!
The leg circles are killers and my circles definitely got smaller as the reps continued.
I'm hoping the last 4 weeks have done enough for me to get through the next 4.
Other than that, I'm still smiling and taking one day at a time. Roll on tomorrow am...too scared to look at what's in store.

Hope you all have a lovely day. x

Final Photo





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