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Sarah Y.

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Day 25!

Looking forward to my indulgence- thinking a nice glass of wine tomorrow night!

Seiza- ouch!

I clearly have tight ankles!

Week 3 Already!

Wow where have the first 15 days gone!
The exercise is going well- but I fell of the wagon food wise! Sugar is my nemesis and today I made the mistake of going shopping when I was hungry- somehow I managed to consume a whole bag of sweets- oops! Oh well now I have that out of my system I will do my best to stay on track!

Not the best start!

Week 1 day1 I managed to roll my ankle falling off a pavement and land on the opposite knee (yes-I was sober!) So I have had to skip the skipping and have been doing 5km dog walks instead! My 'injuries' are on the mend so look forward to starting the skipping this week!

This morning has been devoted to online meat ordering, going grocery shopping and catching up on lesson reading, menu planning and blogging- I'm getting there!

Week 4 and 5 Assignments

My diet and exercise regime has never been very consistent. Until recently I didn't really need to diet to loose weight and have always been a bit hit and miss with my exercise. I was probably at my worst when I was at university and living on beer and toast!

After having my first child the weight came off fairly quickly. I saw a nutritionist who pointed me in the right direction and I started doing quite a lot of running and really enjoyed getting fitter and faster.

After having my second child the weight just stuck- I really struggled to get rid of it! I saw a photo of myself at a family function and I was HUGE which I found very depressing! I tried to diet and get back to doing exercise but kept getting injured!

I then caught up with some friends who had done the then PCP and they looked great so I signed up for the following month!

I was very happy with the results of the PCP and really appreciate how it changed the way I eat (generally) and see exercise.

My general aim for future is to maintain a reasonable level of fitness and make sure I fit in at least 3-4 workouts a week. In the next 6 months I would like to work towards running 10km's and half marathons again. And maybe some time in the future I will manage a full marathon!


One of my favourites and fairly compliant. Chicken caesar salad with the dressing on the side.

Pommel Horse....

I seriously need an 'or' for this exercise as it is physically impossible!!

Where is Everyone??

Week 1 Day 1 I was around 186th to do my workout. Week 2 Day 1- I was around 60th. Today I was 18th!!!!

Where are you all we still have 4 weeks to go- stay motivated!

My Workout Space

Most of the time I workout in my living room. I like the convenience of not having to leave my flat!

My main concern is how long before my downstairs neighbours complain about the thudding from my non too dainty which point I will have to relocate to the gym!

Not the best start

hmmm not a great start- missed a few workouts and food a bit hit and miss but looking forward to a better week next week!!

no wonder that workout hurt so much!!!


Congratulations Kyanites!

Thank you to everyone behind the scenes especially Thomas for his encouragement and words of support and to Indus for their banter.

This has definitely been a process of realisation!

I have realised I do still love salt, sugar and wine but 90 days without them and they no longer love me! I have also realised that I no longer have to have all or even any of them on a daily basis and that I feel far better without them.

I have realised how much better I feel now that I am fitter, stronger and lighter. Skipping has now become my cardio of choice- it is so time efficient that no matter how busy you are you can still manage to fit a short burst in! The resistance bands and variety of strength training have been great and so effective and I LOVE the fact that I can do them at home as then they stand half a chance of getting done!! So these are all here to stay!!

Stats: I have lost 6.5kgs (I know no scales!!), my clothes fit better and most of my shorts have had to be donated to charity. I have lost 7cm off my hips, 10cm off my waist and 6cm off my chest. 

On the downside my body fat has only come down 3.5% and I still have no visible abs!  But without sounding too 'tunnel vision' this something to work towards and is keeping me away from the saucisson, salty butter and cheese in France this summer!

Thanks again- it has been a great 90 days and good luck to all future PCP'ers



Day 89

Nearly there!

9 days left!

When we first started the PCP it felt like it was going to take a lifetime to get through the 3 months now with only 9 days left it actually seems to have flown past!

I am looking forward to getting 'complete' next to my name but I am conscious of how much work the past 3 months has been and that going forward I don't want to undo all the hard work that has been done!

While I am considerably lighter (yes I got on the scales) and stronger than 3 months ago I am still definitely a work in progress - I may even find those abs eventually- if I manage to stay off the wine and chocolate!

Until this week I had only missed 1 work out!! But this week I have been flattened by illness first a stomach bug which meant no work out on Tuesday and now a cold/flu which meant no workout yesterday and while I managed to skip this morning I think that might be it for the day!! All very annoying when we are so close to finishing!

On the plus side I FINALLY seem to have come to terms with the diet (only took 75 days!). I no longer feel that I am missing out when the kids are having a treat or feel the urge to try everything on the buffet or even have those salt, sugar or wine cravings!

Todays lesson was once again well timed as I don't feel like indulging in anything inparticular (this could be my cold talking). With the first indulgence I literally inhaled my chocolate and wine this time might need more thought!

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