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Sara S.

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Goal picture

This is where I will be skiing in exactly 10 days! Hoping it has snowed enough so we can experience the famous Niseko powder.

Ski boot intro

Hello team,
Sorry for the late intro but here it is:
I'm a happy Swede living in Hong Kong for the past 5 years with my family, husband and 2 very active soccer playing boys. Started Kenzai almost 1,5 years ago now and loving it, hitting one program after another! My life otherwise consists of playing competitive ladies tennis, driving my kids around to various soccer trainings and matches but foremost enjoying the simple life in beautiful Hong Kong!

I grew up in Europe where we skied, A LOT! Moved to NYC 10 years ago and had my babies so didn't ski a whole lot but have a trip coming up where we will head to Niseko Japan to hit the slopes and the famous powder. The whole family is really looking forward to this trip so Ski boot program came perfectly timed. Hoping if I keep the workouts and diet tight this program will give me a good base to stand on for the skiing.

Picture is from when I skied last, Lake Placid.

Beach almost ready 

Did the last workout today and it felt good! I really enjoyed this program even though I missed 7 days due to a bad cold in the third week! So annoying, but I came back, kept the diet clean and did the workouts accordingly. Besides the Kenzai workouts during this last week when I came back after the cold, I of course have been hitting the tennis courts hard as well to get back into match form. Since I missed 1 week of the beach blast I'm considering doing it all over again!

I'm back....

but not strong! This cold really knocked me out for a whole week. I rested up and I did workout for day 15 today so a bit behind but will work hard the last week and see if I can graduate a week later. Not ideal but nothing I can do about it!

My turn

I have been dreading that this would hit me as well. My two sons have been coughing and sneezing for a week now and after my tennis match and a nice dinner with friends I relaxed and boom the next morning I woke up with sore throat and coughing and sneezing. Thanks kiddos!
In bed hydrating and resting to be able to be back up on my feet soon!

I don’t get how 50 seconds during the blast workouts can feel so so long!?!? 😅

Blasting away

Still here doing the workouts and trying to keep the diet as clean as possible, 90% compliant right now.
Went a bit too hard on some of the exercises together with a lot of tennis made my neck not feel very comfortable. Saw at physio yesterday and he said it’s not good. Too much hunching forward and not enough curve on my neck means a lot of pain in the neck. Have to really think about posture and not looking down at phone too much! So, did some switching of the exercises for the workout and feel much better.
Beautiful weather in HK keeps the mood up!!


*Why have you chosen this program at this particular time?
After the summer I hit my 1 year celebration of doing Kenzai and after a summer of not working out as hard and being very easy on the diet I felt this would be a great program to challenge myself. So far I'm loving it, just don't understand how 45 sec can feel so long.....

*What's your goal for this month?
Being in HK where the weather is beautiful and still shorts and swimming gear I want to trim of that extra layer of fat that crept back on my body during the summer. I am determined to stick to the diet like crazy and the workout as well.

*What will be a challenge for you over the next few weeks? The big challenge for me is to not kill my body doing this program, since I play competitive doubles tennis as well. This means I practice 4-5 times a week (2hrs sessions each) and play a match every Thursday. The matches can vary in time but usually around 3-4hours long depending on the opponent. Thursdays I am dead after the match, both physical and mentally so will see how I will get the Thursday work out in my schedule and making sure I'm not in too much pain from the workout for my tennis. Fine balance there!

*What's one thing you love to do when you are feeling strong and lean?
Enjoy life. I am such a workout junkie, if I don't workout I am the biggest B**ch to be honest. I need those endorphins from working out so I can be a good mom, wife, daughter and friend!

*Will you/have you dressed up to celebrate Halloween? What was your favorite costume?
Being Swedish (we don't really celebrate Halloween) but having lived in NYC for some years and now in HK where Halloween is more for the kids, I have never really dressed up as anything. It is all focus on the kids dressing up and them getting sugar high from all the candy.

tough start

Was not really ready for the intense start of the Beach Blast today. I did my usual 2 hours tennis match practice before and that had to be my cardio but then the rest of the workout just killed me! Wow, that was tough but so much fun. I love the latter parts of the workout. Bring on the next 4 weeks!!

Another program done 

I really really enjoyed this program. It was the perfect program that I could do along my intense tennis training. I loved the short but yet effective workouts. This is exactly what I'm looking for right now. My tennis training takes up a lot of my time and I need a rather simple workout program on the side which is not going to kill me and thus impact my tennis negatively too much. I was thinking of giving the beach blast a try after this but afraid it will be too tough. Hmm, any thoughts?
Otherwise I'm happy to say that I have completed 24 out of the 28 workouts and been pretty compliant with the diet except for this last week. It's funny how my diet always slips up a bit when my normal routines are not in place. My kids have had a fall break so weekly routines are out the window. This always throws me off. But, the kids are back at school on Wednesday and then it is back to good old eating routines for me again.
I do hope the Kenzai app is fixed soon since it has been very frustrating not having it working as it should! It really go to show how dependent I am on the app working as it usually does!
Thanks Sara and team for a good program!!

Weekly challenge



My jump rope is now so worn out it looks more like a barbwire than a jump rope.
If I get sloppy and miss a beat I get the nasty punishment of the wire sticking into my legs! Maybe time to get a new jump rope!

Busy busy

I'm still here sticking to the diet and shuffling around the workout to fit my tennis schedule. I play tennis 5 days a week, each session 2 hours so when I have a late start with my tennis, I do my Kenzai before the practice since it works as a good warm up.
Today was the big match day. I have moved up in divisions in the tennis league so I was a bit nervous to play much better players but after almost 4 hours out on the court my partner and I ended the match with a big win!! It was brutal, 30C heat and sunshine but we fought hard and did not give up and the reward came in the end. So will see todays tennis match as my Sunday free cardio session!
Now I have bathed my legs in Magnesium recovery spray and I am sprawled out on the bed, exhausted!!

Hello rebooters

I'm Sara, live in HK and around this period of time marks my 1 year anniversary with Kenzai. Got hooked on Kenzai after a fellow soccer mom recommended it (turned out she is a mean kick a%@ trainer at Kenzai, Elissa) and I have loved every workout after that! After a leisure summer of some indulgences I needed to get going again so perfect with the Reboot. I love the short and simple workouts in the beginning which boost my confidence and doesn't throw me off getting fit!
28 days and I am aiming to nail every workout and keep a clean diet, how hard can it be? ;)


So this is my place I go every morning after dropping my son of for the school bus. It's a small outside gym belonging to the club where we live. Nobody ever goes here so I have the small space all for myself and those mountains in the background are very soothing when the jumping roping gets longer and more boring :)
My other gym place is the tennis courts, sorry no photo of that yet. Will post one next time I remember to take a photo. I play women league tennis which means I practice at least 4 times a week, each time for 2 hours. We have our first match coming up soon so need doing the reboot comes perfectly times wise.
The heat is unbearable in HK right now so doing the reboot and my tennis knocks me out for the day until the kids activities start in the afternoon. My life is now, Kenzai reboot, tennis, eat, nap and then repeat! Very fortunate to be able to live this life, yes I know!!




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