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Sara S.

Kenzai Run | Day 10 (Member)
Kenzai Run
Day 10
Program progress:

Hey gang!

I’m still here, just been extremely busy the last days. Spending the week with my sons soccer team from Hong Kong competing in the worlds largest youth soccer tournament in Sweden. 75 nations compete and there are around 1600 teams all playing soccer. It’s massive and it will keep me very occupied this week! Will try hard to get my workouts in!!
My sons team was chosen to represent HK for the opening ceremony doing the traditional lion dance! Absolutely amazing!

Let's do this!

A month gap between my Chisel finish and the Run start has left me in limbo. I feel totally lost when I don't have a set workout/diet and group to follow in my life!!
Feels great to be back at it and I'm ready to get running. Having been a runner all my High School years, I had enough of competing in cross-country running and track/field running so running has not been high up on my activity list. Decided to give it a try again, tons of years later..... ;)
Spending my summer in Sweden where the air is crisp, a bit on the colder side but I guess that is good for running compared to my hometown Hong Kong. So far so good! Love the easy phasing in into the program, I have to admit I do get very eager to do much more than set out so I throw in the 8 mins abs (leaves the abs sore and a smile on my face when I see the 80s workout gear).
Let's do this, let's rock the Run program!!

Yeah, done and dusted 

Body aching from a party last night dancing in high heels (did not drink so I could be good for the last workout this morning) but I got up to do the last workout. The sun was shining (hasn't happened in a long time in Honkers, see picture) and I was sweating through the last workout!! Boom, done!!
After having started being sick first week of Chisel I am so very happy it is over. Whoa, what a program. My body is stronger and fitter than ever but also very tired. The abs are coming along nicely just as I wanted, got a few weeks to work on them before we fly off to Sweden for the summer!
Thoth team, the best!! A big shout out to all of you for being so encouraging through your blogging and commenting! It is really needed in a program like this!
Next up I'll hit one of the running programs. It will be great with the cooler temperatures and the clean crisp air back in Sweden. Can't wait!

Digging deep

Got the email about not having written a blog post for a week, wow, felt like yesterday I wrote my last one. This time of the year is hectic but so much fun. Happy parties for the kids, sad parties for close friends leaving HK, parties because tennis season is over, it's all just parties right now! I have been very disciplined about the workout combined with tennis so that side is good but a few glasses of bubbly and a few good food has slipped down! Im not panicking about it since I feel so much stronger than before Chisel and life happens!
Will dig deep this last week and end with a bang!

The Wall

Yesterday lesson comes at the right time (it’s incredible how these lessons are so well timed 😊)!
I’ve hit the wall big time! No motivation, I do the workouts and I feel so tired! I follow the diet and again, I’m so tired! Napping during the day is now a routine for me (yes, I have this luxury to be able to take a nap during the day so I shouldn’t complain)! Besides, I don’t see a huge difference in my body after all the workouts!! 🤬

Sorry team for a rather low motivational blog post but had to get it out of my system!

Will do my best to dig deep and just grind onwards!


Started the week off strong only to be reminded not to work out so hard straight after a stomach bug. Lesson learned!

Back to normal routines after my parents left, having visited for 2 weeks. Always mixed feelings; love seeing them but hard to keep normal routines.

Due to sons soccer tournaments my boys surprised me with a Mother’s Day brunch on Saturday at one of my favorite places, Zuma followed by “Avengers; End game.”

Loved both of them!

Diet is on par except the glass of bubble at Zuma.

Bring on the 3 cycles workouts!!


Unfortunately I wasn't able to avoid getting the stomach flu which my son came home with, YUCKY! One day totally wiped out and one day to get back, but feeling awesome today!

Did todays (Day 15) workout and also the Viking longboat from yesterdays workout (being Swedish I felt this was a must)!

I'm happy to share that my mom has joined Kenzai Silver after she was impressed with my progress. My parents are here visiting so perfect to start the Silver program so I can assist her in the Kenzai mindset! Go mom go! I'm relying on Ward to help her through the 8 weeks ;)

Weird week

Having the day of yesterday (wednesday) really threw me off. Suddenly Monday felt like a Thursday, Tuesday felt like a Friday, the Wednesday felt like a Sunday, today Thursday feels like a Monday and tomorrow is Friday! Weird!!
With having the day off I challenged my husband to some good 2 hours of tough tennis (who is way better than me and of course has to shove that in my face so we battle it out pretty hard on the court). Did my workout after, tired but felt very strong. Tired being the word for the rest of day I decided to get a lot of sleep. Asleep by 9.30 and ready to top up some zzz's when my youngest wakes me up at 10.45 and tells me he has vomitted in his bed. Oh joy! Good bye good nights sleep. With not a lot of sleep, I still managed to drag myself to tennis practice this morning. 2 hours doubles coaching and then 1 hour of single coaching, so today became day 7 in my workout (hope that is ok?). Why not mix up the workout this week while we are at it? All to make life as easy as possible.
Back to the grind tomorrow with the cycle workouts!!

Ready to take off tomorrow after having missed the first week due to my cold! Pumped and very eager to do the cycle workouts!
Even though I’m one week behind, watch out, I will catch up to the rest of you guys very quickly 😂🔥


Who are you?
I'm Sara, a happy Swede, who joined Kenzai September last year after hearing about it from Elissa and wanted to give it a try. Now I love it! Did KB1 and KB2 right after each other and loving the result not only physical but also in my tennis (I play women tennis league here in HK and my tennis has soared)!!

Where in the world are you?
In Hong Kong for the last 5 years with husband and 2 sons (11 and 8 years old) - all very active and sport competitive. Prior to that NYC, Stockholm, London and Frankfurt. I like to move around.

Why did you sign up for Chisel?
With KB1 and KB2 I lost the 10kg I never dreamt I would loose, ready for a new program, shorter preferably and something that would tone up the body and make the muscles pop! Tennis season is over so now I can give my 110% and tire myself out with chisel (once my cold disappears).

What do you want to achieve by the end of the program?
To feel amazing to jump into the swim wear for summer break back in Sweden and to compete with my sons about who has the best abs ;)

When was the last time you tried a new activity - what was it?
Wow, this one really had me thinking and realizing I'm not that adventurous! I really can't think of anything right now, does that make me super boring? I like my life with strict routines.....

In bed with a bad cold after spending the long weekend in Singapore watching my two sons sweating it out on the soccer pitch (with Elissa who is my Kenzai inspiration)! So furious that I couldn’t start yesterday! But nothing keeps me away from a good workout, once the cold is better I will got at it hard!!


I had to push the day 90 workout one day ahead but loving the last workout that really showed how strong my body has become. I am so happy to be done. I have not been 100% compliant but I feel that after having done KB2 straight after KB1 I have a strong and amazing body (and a need for a new wardrobe, having lost around 10kg)!
Kenzai has really worked for me and having done 180 days practically in a row, I realize this is how long it takes for a fundamental change of the mindset. I have changed my approach to eating and working out but at the same time I feel this is a program that I can live with.
Bring on Chisel!!


The heat or rather humidity has hit HK! It always comes as a surprise and even though I should be used to it, I’m always amazed at how much I sweat.
Grinding through the last days. Really making it count now. On par with the diet as well, have dinner out tonight and tomorrow but will make good Kenzai choices!
Ps Do note that the T-shirt was light blue when I started the workout. Only the bottom part is still dry after done with workout 😅🔥💪

2 weeks to go

I'm definitely feeling ready to be on day 90 now, the workouts are very long and take so much time. I feel great doing them but there is a small hesitation right now for me to hit the gym, but I will put my head down and grind through.
Only 14 days to go and then done!! Come on team Yew!!

All good

Sorry peeps for not being the most supportive group member. I am hammering away with the diet (95%) and the workouts I am shifting around bit to fit my tennis schedules. Played a match yesterday (won all 4 matches , yeah!!) in almost 30C-degree with blasting sun so lost a lot of water and ran around like crazy so that was my Sunday free workout. Have to keep up with these last days, not long to go, I can see the finish line and I'm feeling great. The scale is definitely reacting to my clean eating and workouts, past my goal weight so have set a new weight goal. I know, we aren't suppose to have weight goals, but it feels so good when the clothes are loose and the scale is showing lower figures and I feel AWESOME!!
Promise to post a weekly picture tomorrow or Friday!!